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Elmer elmer I'm on my very last life.
  • .gov statistics: chrome is at 42% ​(mobile+des​ktop)

    , figuerres wrote

    I have not found any other place that has a free test page like it.

    No, I just meant that the fact Edge scores well doesn't mean devs will support it, as evidenced by Opera scoring even better, and getting almost no support, despite the webkit engine it now uses.

  • .gov statistics: chrome is at 42% ​(mobile+des​ktop)

    , figuerres wrote

    on html5test edge is really close to chrome and closer to chrome than firefox is..

    https://html5test.com/ 458 out of 555 on my work pc, I will have to get another number from home where I have a new build running  but I think it's like 470 ish on the new build.

    Opera scores pretty much the same as chrome (520 vs 521 on my PC) but gets almost no support, so I'm not sure that html5test scores mean much.

  • coffeehouse: a great place to flood with junk

    , magicalclick wrote

    expect the forum to be broken in the next 10 years, especially on mobile Edge.

    Is this an editor issue? (I only read C9 on my WM10 device, and it works - albeit desktop layout)

    C9 is running TinyMCE editor v4.1.10 (2015-05-05) and according to the changelog, there have been updates since then to fix Edge and WM10 issues. Perhaps C9 needs to update it.


  • coffeehouse: a great place to flood with junk

    Edit: Topic sanitizing does appear to have been implemented, fixing that security whole.

  • Microsoft to buy LinkedIn

    , itsnotabug wrote

    it's a brave new world. years back, i remember being concerned that even the people who simply VIEWED my profile was shown to me... that is unless the user coughed up $$ to make that little detail private. who's to say that a higher level service tier ($$) could un-anonymize those profile views... and not only on profile views but also job posting views?

    for all we know, this could already be a buy in option for marketing / hr recruiters.

    If such an option already existed, you know that it would already have leaked to the interweb.

    Having spent $26B on this thing, MS would be crazy to throw it away with some bone-head action like selling private data - it would not only endanger their Linked-In investment, but their entire Cloud-First business plan.

  • Microsoft to buy LinkedIn

    Listening to Mary Jo and Paul Thurrott trying to figure it out on the latest Windows Weekly, the only thing even remotely made some sense was its possible integration into Dynamics CRM & ERP solutions, with private/on-prem databases that can extend to the public database.

    Being able to use it to help better target sales, or to resource/deploy skillsets in the enterprise, would be a feature that would perhaps give MS an advantage others (e.g. SalesForce) couldn't match.

    Whether or not it's $26B worth of feature (or whatever that comes down to after tax savings) is another matter, but at least there is *some* product advantage argument there.

  • coffeehouse: a great place to flood with junk

    , figuerres wrote

    shame on Microsoft for not being able to spend some money to manage this site better.

    They have to save their money for buying Linked-In...

  • Microsoft to buy LinkedIn

    , TheTraveler wrote

    The all-cash transaction values LinkedIn at $26.2bn, inclusive of LinkedIn's net cash.

    All-Cash from Linked-In's perspective, All-Debt from Microsoft's.

    According to Bloomberg, MS are borrowing to make this purchase because (as Bloomberg speculates) they will save about $9B in US taxes.

  • IT bricking IE

    Have you checked your IE connection and security settings yet, to see if IT are actually doing anything with security, or if IE is simply auto-configuring itself, or auto-discovering a proxy that you can un-check ?  If there is nothing there, then it's perhaps not a GPO caused issue.

    And FWIW... Edge already has a bunch of Group Policy options available, and is getting more with the "Anniversary" update.

  • IT bricking IE

    It's been ages since I've used GPOs to configure IE, but I thought that you could see what changes are being made (if any) just by looking at your browser settings (particularly security and connection) and if you are being blocked from doing that, then you have a clue there is some jiggery-pokery going on.

    However, it's possible that it's as simple as there being a proxy which IE is auto-discovering and configuring itself to use, and FF is not doing that. If there is URL blocking configured at the proxy, it might be that IT is not even aware that FF is bypassing it.

    Or... another thought... it's even possible that there is a filtering proxy in situ, which is not even intended for general browsing use, but the default settings in IE result in it auto-discovering and using it in error (Connection>Lan Settings) and I don't think FF does that by default (?). Again, IT will be best placed to explain what the issue is.