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Elmer elmer I'm on my very last life.
  • Surface phone

    , magicalclick wrote

    do me a favor. When Surface Phone comes out with flop reviews like 950, please buy it. Because I hate MS trying to please people like you with a Surface Phone a d people like you actually still don't buy it.

    I don't know what your problem is.

    I simply said that owning another Lumia is of no interest to me, and I'll buy a Nexus (or even an iPhone) instead of doing that.

    However, if MS decide to produce an Intel-based Surface phone, allowing me to eliminate one of my devices, I'd be interested, as there is potentially a net benefit there.

  • Surface phone

    , Bass wrote

    Android and iOS had a multi year head start. In the tech industry months can be fatal.

    Yep, there is no way that MS can compete playing the same game as Android and iOS, and expect to be a winner.

    I see no advantage in owning a Lumia-WP and a Windows home computer, vs an Android/iOS phone and a Windows home computer, and although the phone app thing is not a big deal with me, it's obviously a disadvantage in owning a Lumia-WP.

    However, I can see an advantage in being able to place my Surface-WP on a cradle that provides wireless charging and 'continuum' functionality, and have the full W10 desktop with all my W32 apps, USB peripherals, USB storage, etc available, avoiding the need to have both a phone and a separate Windows home computer.

    A hand-held Surface-Pro (Intel) with Phone and Ink capabilities may be a niche product compared to Android and iOS phones, but it's likely a much bigger niche than WP currently has, and perhaps offers another reason to stay with Windows.

  • Surface RT Windows 10 and ...

    , Mbergin wrote

    translator didn't work....

    I think that the summary is that Sinfosky was a genius and everyone since then has f*ed the products... LOL.

  • Surface phone

    , magicalclick wrote


    So, why don't you try out Microsoft Lumia 950 continuum before thinking Intel Phone is necessary? Lumia 950 continuum is basically the same, you should try it right now.

    Lumia 950 doesn't advance my cause in any way, it's just more of the same, even with Continuum. I have no interest in running WP apps on a large monitor, and running W32 apps currently requires that I have a separate Windows home computer. I might as well buy a Nexus and still have a separate Windows computer for W32 apps, rather than buy a 950. 

    An Intel phone does at least change that equation by giving me the option to avoid buying another separate Windows computer (it's over-due) and just have a single device, hence giving me a reason to consider staying with WP.

  • Surface phone

    , magicalclick wrote


    I am just curious what's wrong with your 950? It can already do what you need to do in terms of continuum. Why would you want to really run a Win32 app on it? What's wrong with your 950? So far, all the bad glitches are OS related (calling with no sound), it is not like you can fix it going Intel. 

    I'm curious where you got the idea that I have a 950.

    I actually have a 920 (running the Insider version of WP10) which was bought primarily because I was a long-time Nokia user and needed a new phone.

    I have no intention of buying another Lumia as it has lost that Nokia attraction for me, but I do find the idea of an Intel Surface phone somewhat interesting, as I probably could dispense with my home PC.

    I'm going to wait and see what happens with the 2016 Nexus 5 (rumoured to be outsourced to HTC) and see what the noises are regarding the Surface phone at that time, before making a choice.

  • Surface phone

    I'm still leaning towards MS working on an Intel phone (perhaps 1 of the 3 devices mentioned) for release in 2017, due to Intel's delayed release schedule of Goldmont. Surface-Pro 4 was also tied to Intel's release schedule for Skylake. Hopefully, Intel will get the driver issues sorted before Goldmont's release (unlike Skylake) given that it borrows much of its microarchitecture from Skylake.

  • Surface phone

    , wkempf wrote

    @figuerres: The whole UWP concept falls very flat if phones aren't supported, and that pretty much means they have to stay in the phone hardware business no matter how small a market they have.

    Not sure that I follow the logic of that argument. They have to maintain their non-existent marketshare in phones to justify making software for their phones ?

  • Surface phone

    Surface - Intel
    Lumia - ARM

    The most likely candidate for an Intel processor is Goldmont, which is part of the Broxton platform, because its aligned to the Skylake SOC microarchitecture.

    Latest rumours are that Goldmont has slipped to Q4-16 or maybe even Q1-17

  • Minimal excitement to real PC, aka WM

    It seems that Intel's Goldmont has currently slipped to Q4-16

    If you were planning to build an Intel-based device, this is probably the one you'd be looking to, as it aligns with the Skylake architecture.

    Just saying...

  • Minimal excitement to real PC, aka WM


    Russian - needs translation e.g. Chrome.