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Elmer elmer I'm on my very last life.
  • Edge Browser Problem

    , MasterPi wrote

    Strangely, hitting refresh doesn't work.

    Refreshing an error page ?

  • Quick thought on W10M Lumia 950.

    , spivonious wrote

    950XL is out because of size. I don't want a huge screen...even 5.2" on the 950 is a tad big. I think 4.5" is the perfect size.

    Me too... even the 950 is bigger than I want. 

    The 920/1020 was close to the perfect physical size for me, but the screen-to-body ratio was a bit too low (only 62%) and the hard navigation buttons actually made it taller than necessary.

    Squeeze a 5" screen into something about 920/1020 size (they probably wouldn't get away with the lightweight snap-on body design) and I'd buy it tomorrow.

  • Gosh why is C9 so bad with MS browsers?

    , magicalclick wrote

    Actually my blood rise because i think it is probable and it is a poor excuse to have such low quality. priority or money to do a minimum plain textbox and a minimum QA.

    I did a quick test of the demo on the TinyMCE website, using WP10, and it doesn't have the infinite linefeed bug that the version on C9 has, so perhaps updating the script component on C9 to the current version would fix it ?

  • Gosh why is C9 so bad with MS browsers?

    @magicalclick: C9 appears to be using tiny_mce-4.1.10

    The current version seems to be 4.3.2 and the changelogs list bug fixes for MS-Edge starting from about 4.2.3.

    Possibly has something to do with it - or not ?

  • Gosh why is C9 so bad with MS browsers?

    , figuerres wrote

    Ok I will try and explain this another way.

    We do not matter.

    Get it ?

    Now if this site had revenue from selling products MS might care.

    Whether or not we matter is beside the point... what matters is every public face MS presents.

    MS keep claiming that their future revenue depends on winning over developers to their technology, but then spruik their latest & greatest innovations on a site that effectively says to all and sundry - MS is a dinosaur, don't bother with our technology, because we don't.

    You can't have it both ways, you can't be promoting yourself leading technology while using out-dated technology to do that.

  • Quick thought on W10M Lumia 950.

    @Craig_Matthews:I've noticed that WP10 seems to need a soft reset far more often than WP8.1 ever did. I almost never did it with 8.1, but have been resorting to it with 10 whenever it gets too sluggish at a task I know should be much quicker than it is. I'm not sure what's going on, but certainly, the number of background apps displayed by holding the back arrow is much larger than with 8.1

  • Gosh why is C9 so bad with MS browsers?

    @magicalclick: C9 is obviously not a funding priority within Microsoft, and I think that is one of the dumbest decisions I've seen them make.

  • Quick thought on W10M Lumia 950.

    @BitFlipper:It's interesting you get that delay and dialog, and my old 920 doesn't. I know that even the 950 required you to download/update almost all of the core apps after the initial setup has been completed (from the shop hamburger menu) but I assume that's already been done.

  • Gosh why is C9 so bad with MS browsers?

    I've never understood why Microsoft's technology evangelism site is allowed to be so crappy.

    This is Microsoft FFS, so why not use a decent product from one of their partners and just fix it?

    Example - they could wheel in Sitefinity from Telerik and have this mess sorted in no time.

  • Quick thought on W10M Lumia 950.

    , BitFlipper wrote

    I don't know, this isn't my experience. Doing that a few times results in a "Saving..." notification that freezes everything for 5 seconds or so. Also taking a picture then going back to view it, it says "Adding the finishing touches..." for a few seconds so it isn't very fluid.

    Is this with a 950?

    I know that even with my old 920, the camera is much faster to use with WP10 than it was with WP8.1.

    While it's no high-speed SLR camera, there is only maybe a 1/2sec delay after the shutter noise, and then it's good to go again. I can basically take snaps as fast as I can point and compose the subject. I guess that processing must happen on a background thread, as there is no "Saving..." etc etc as there was in WP8.1

    I would have thought that camera is one of those apps that will benefit from the processing power of newer models, so would have expected a 950 to be even faster again.