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Elmer elmer I'm on my very last life.
  • how recent is adblocker?

    , cheong wrote

    @elmer: I think like 80% of non-entity based websites (websites not backed by profitable organizations) would not exist then, consider that even websites as important as Wikipedia needs to put banner to tell people to donate from time to time. Sites like W3Schools will shutdown, or goes to limited service like the KineticJS website.

    Bandwidth (and other costs associated with hosting) does not come for free. If you takes part of it, you'd better to make sure at least you paid your part (or have sure you have someone else pay it for you). That's what I'd say to behave fair.

    Sorry, but I don't agree.

    Commercial or non-Commercial, ALL sites need to have a VALUE to someone, and ALL sites need to have a business-model that justifies its value to the owner.

    Whether it is marketing value, or unique content value, or public-service value, or just feel-good value to the owner.

    If the only "value" a site has for its owner is its ads, then the site doesn't deserve to exist.

  • how recent is adblocker?

    , cheong wrote


    I think that's not fair. If you use a site's content, it's your responsibility to share some of the cost to support their daily operation, and the advertisers are paying them on behalf of you.

    Unless you're paying the website (like donation through PayPal, etc.), I don't feel it's right to completely prevent the site from getting money this way.

    I do use Ad blockers, but I'll also selectively click on Ads occasionally just to make sure the site owner get funding to continue hosting the site.

    Sorry, but this "readers should help website owners pay their bills by allowing ads" argument is utter rubbish.

    Relying on ads to cover site costs, simply says that the site and/or its contents is not of sufficient value to either the owner or the readers.

    If you need income generated from ads to keep a site live, then you need to re-think whether or not the site should exist.

  • how recent is adblocker?

    I've tried a lot of these things, including AdBlocker... and my current preference is AdGuard.

    Single O/S installation that then applies filtering to any browser you use.

    It can be a bit too aggressive at times, but the UI is simple enough to allow quick exceptions, or to even temporarily disable.

    Personally, I have no sympathy for sites that rely on ads for their revenue.

  • Stop the madness mark 2.

    , wastingtime​withforums wrote

    I don't even think the Pro-version is safe from this.

    Sanity begins probably at the Enterprise-version.

    Nope - Terry Myerson announced that BOTH Pro and Enterprise will offer Windows Update for Business.


  • Stop the madness!

    Terry Myerson - Windows Update for Business

    Although still a bit sketchy on the details, this appears to address the big concern I had with deploying W10 in our business - uncontrolled feature updates of the new update mode.

  • Another day, another locked thread

    I've never liked forums where mods lock/delete/edit threads, as the process is never fully transparent or unbiased.

    A better approach would be a system that measures thread/post reads and [spam] responses, and allows the members to effectively vote the thread/post off the island.

    Similarly, an extension that accumulates "bad" points, and automatically puts members on the naughty step for a while.

  • VS2015-​Community RC

    I am still using VS2010-Pro, on which I let the MSDN part lapse ages ago.

    VS2015-Community-RC looks like it has everything I need, and so I downloaded it and started to run the install.

    As seems to be the modern trend with .exe installers, there is precious little information provided about what it is going to do, and so I have no idea if it will upgrade-remove my 2010 install (my preferred option) or create a separate side-by-side install... so I exited.

    Does anyone know? or does anyone know where to find full documentation on the installation?

  • When will surface pro 4 be released

    Skylake is due to start production June-July

    Depending on what sort of early OEM access MS can get to it, that may be a selling point worth waiting a bit longer for.

  • Tablets are dying

    , Ray7 wrote

    There's simply no reason for people to upgrade them as often as they do a phone.

    I don't even get the need to upgrade a phone...

  • These Windows 10 ​adware/prel​oader patches are packaged with important security updates. JUST WTF?!

    , wastingtime​withforums wrote

    The force appeared quite recently. 

    The force is strong with this one...