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Elmer elmer I'm on my very last life.
  • How to disable IE9 Cleartype

    @spivonious:Indeed... this certainly seems to describe the problem.


    Now I'll have to test it and see... so to speak.

  • My first real Kinect ​experiment..​.. and it's a Theremin :)

    @dentaku:Carolina Eyck is also well known for her skill.

    The guitarist in this clip is not half bad either.

  • How to disable IE9 Cleartype

    @spivonious:As Kettch says, there is a significant %age of people for who both ClearType and various sub-pixel manipulation just doesn't work, and I'm one of those.

    It doesn't matter what monitors I use (at the moment I have a pair of Dell U2410 on my desk, but I've tried many LCD, LED and CRT monitors) ClearType is totally unreadable to me, and can't be "tuned" to a readable state.

    Fortunately I can control ClearType, by switching it off and substituting SegoeUI etc.

    However, IE9 doesn't have an option to disable its font rendering, and for me (and plenty of people like me) text on IE is a blurry mess... like someone just smeared vaseline on your monitor, or you forgot to put your glasses on... trying to use IE9 very quickly gives me a headache.

    All that is needed is an option to switch it off, and use IE8's font rendering (which I have no problem with) but the IE team seem determined to ignore the people complaining about this.

  • My first real Kinect ​experiment..​.. and it's a Theremin :)

    @dentaku:Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love is possibly as well known.

    However, when I think Theremin, my first thought is always the theme to Midsommer Murders.

  • IE10 Platform Preview 2

    Meanwhile... are they actually going to allow those of us who can't live with it, to disable the font-rending introduced in IE9 and return to being able to read what is on the screen ??

  • How to disable IE9 Cleartype

    @evildictaitor:ClearType settings are quite separate to IE9 font rendering. IE9 just does it's own thing, and there is no way to control or disable it. Personally, I have ClearType disabled, but can't use IE9 because the font rendering is totally unreadable for me.

  • How to disable IE9 Cleartype

    Yes, I also find the font rendering on IE9 to be so awful that I uninstalled and refuse to use it.

    I am one of those people who can't live with ClearType, and so have it disabled on my computer, but IE9 is just totally recalcitrant in this aspect, and won't let you switch off its new font rendering "feature" ...apparently MS thinks I'm just holding it wrong.

    I am sticking IE8 for those few times I actually need IE, but have now switched to Firefox as my daily browser, rather than waste any more time with IE9.

  • Getting angry at Adobe.

    @cheong:If that was all it required, then surely the installer could do that for you. Other applications installers can detect locked files and tell you what apps to close, why can't Adobe?

  • Getting angry at Adobe.

    @Bas: I agree, there are WAY too many steps and prompts involved in their patches.

    Why should there be any need to agree to licencing conditions to fix a product you've already installed and agreed to licensing terms for?

    Should just be a single "This patch fixes another one of our f*ups, do you want to install it?" - you click yes and it just does it, minimised... leaving a notice-panel icon if re-boot is required.


  • iCloud

    @blowdart:They are not happy, and already accusing Apple of legitimising pirating.