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Elmer elmer I'm on my very last life.
  • Windows Phone 7 Games .. Looking Good

    Seriously? Games a selling point for a phone ??


    What are we, a world of 14yo kids ?

  • Oracle suing Google over Java use in Android

    Bass said:

    When Java went open source, the license it went under (like most FOSS licenses) includes a patent grant. Oracle will have to have some good arguments on how this is invalid in the case of Google.


    Java pretty much belongs to the "community". And by "community", I mean major multinational supercompanies like IBM, Google, VMware, etc. Oracle is going to have a difficult time putting this cat back into the bag if that's their goal. It's almost like AT&T trying to assert rights over C-like languages at this point.

    It's my understanding that Sun specifically excluded patent rights, and only handed over copyright.

  • Scrolling in Inactive Windows

    bluescrubbie said:

    I finally got around to trying this.


    Win-XP could scroll explorer windows with the mouse-wheel, just by pointing at them, while Win-7 requires you focus the windows first... and I found the change to be really annoying, as my brain seems to be hard-wired to XP-mode.


    This app seems to do the job and so far no weird stuff encountered, but it does appear to be slightly more expensive on CPU resources.

  • internet cost / speed.  Post yours.

    Australia - 18Mbps down, 1.4Mbps up - ADSL2+AnnexM  60GB plan  -  AU$105/mth


    This is our office connection, and it's a "so called" business link.


    I am toying with the idea of implementing bonded DSL (G.998.1) over 2 links, which would add another AU$80/mth for roughly double the bandwidth.


    Australia has a national fibre-to-the-premise project in place, but it's anyone's guess when that will turn into reality.

  • Ding Dong...​.Microsoft ain't the company it used to be

    TommyCarlier said:
    Ray7 said:

    Microsoft has announced its figures: Microsoft’s Record Q4 Earnings Keeps Revenue Ahead Of Apple… Barely

    Slightly more revenue,  $0.75B more net profit.


    It may not set the investment world alight, but it's not too bad.

  • How do I get bootable windows xp cd?

    cheong said:

    Microsoft policy defers all OEM support to the vendors so I doubt you can receive any support from Microsoft directly.


    Anyway I suggest you try to seek support from the shop you bought you VAIO. Some notebook PRO shops that I know of keeps complete stock of "recovery partition" images for someone like you to clone back to new harddisks. If they offer such service, just bring in your notebook harddisk and give them the model name (in XXX-XXXX format) and they'll help you clone back the appropiate recovery partition.


    Of course such service is not free and price varies.

    Yep, OEM installed versions (effectively everything except retail boxed versions) are the responsibility of the OEM to support, and usually that is managed via their sales channel - which is part of why they get discounts from MS.


    There are plenty of places to download an ISO of XP+SP3, but usually the problem is that the OEM license keys (as per the sticker on the notebook) require the correct OEM version, so a retail version will normally reject an OEM key.


    Assuming the notebook has a valid licence sticker on it somewhere, then the advice about visiting a Sony store is probably the best.

  • is there a way to make a coffehouse word cloud?

    Duncanma said:
    jamie said:

    If you can find a system that will take a text file and turn it into a word cloud, I'm sure I can find the time to dump all the forum posts out for you by year or something similar.



    Might be worth a look

  • The Radio

    dentaku said:
    elmer said:

    Canada had/has one of the best Zeppelin cover artists.



  • Engadged: Windows Phone 7 in-depth preview

    JeremyJ said:
    elmer said:

    You are correct that Microsoft has a long way to go to properly promoting their products.  They are improving (like with Windows 7) but I still rarely see any advertising on other products.


    There are a few advantages that Microsoft does have that the competition cannot compete with is : Office integration, Zune and Zune Pass, and XBox Live integration.  I think that gives them enough advantage to come in at a similar price point as the competition.


    The lack of a couple of features bothered me at first but less so now.

    Cut and Paste:  I used to be in the "has to have cut and paste" crowd.  Then I stopped and realized how little I actually use that on a phone (possible once or twice a year).  I have an Android phone now and I don't think I have ever used cut and paste with it.


    Multi-tasking:  This one I could go either way on.  I don't like that it is too easy to leave an app running in the background and drain my battery.  There are just too many bad developers out there to make this easily a problem.  99% of the time I want an app to quit when I leave it.  Really the only time I can see it to be important is for programs like Pandora.  I have a Zune pass and I would rather use that so it won't really effect me.


    I am really excited for WP7 and I am planning on getting one once they are available.

    I have to say I totally disagree that their few "unique" (almost niche) features will be anywhere near enough to justify a parity pricing with the existing Smartphone competition, or that they will give MS enough ammunition to counter the iPhone/Android marketing forces that have already just about over-run them.


    I see WP7 as dead in the water if MS don’t offer consumers a significant price inducement, but I guess time will tell.

  • Engadged: Windows Phone 7 in-depth preview

    JoshRoss said:
    elmer said:

    I might take that sentiment one step further. If Microsoft wants to get back in to the mobile market, they are going to have to subsidize this phone, like they subsidize the XBox. There has been too much momentum lost to competition over the last three years and twenty days.



    The famous 4 P’s of marketing are:


    -        Product

    -        Price

    -        Promotion

    -        Placement


    If you set your price the same as the competition, then you better be prepared to outperform them with the other 3.


    However, if your price is significantly lower, then you have some room to manoeuvre on the other 3.


    Even if the MS product is competitive with iPhone/Android in all other aspects, if it is priced the same, then there will be no incentive for people to change their buying habits or reject the marketing momentum of the existing products, and MS will fail to gain market-share.


    The only way for MS to succeed with this, is to bring the product in with lower pricing, and then offer a good enough product to convince people that the product/price combination worth taking a chance on.


    And lets face it, based on everything they've done to date, MS don't have the Promotional ability to distort reality enough for people to ignore price/product as the major considerations.