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  • Noah Coad: An Overview of Visual Studio Express 2010

    I don't see the serious limitation here, the only thing you lose is the ability to use Microsoft's testing framework.  Which is not really a big deal, you can still use any of the many, many, many open source unit testing frameworks such as Moq.  If you pair that with TDD.Net which I am sure will be updated for VS2010 if it doesn't already work and you have yourself a nice system.  Personally I haven't really worked with 2010 testing framework but if it's anything like 2008 where it takes forever to start up, or if it puts the unit tests in those hierarchy of folders which makes it difficult to test with filesystem dependencies due to relative pathing issues then I will stick with my open source toolset.  Although using TDD.NET with the Microsoft testing framework does work great and is very quick...

  • Mark Russinovich and David Solomon: Windows Internals 5 Released

    Sweet, I am excited about this possible interview!!

  • Mark Russinovich and David Solomon: Windows Internals 5 Released


    I love to watch Mark interviews, he is like a super genius.  I would love to hear his opinions on other non-Microsoft technologies and to get his viewpoints.  I mean I know you guys are Microsoft, but most of us are serious technology nut jobs.  For me I am a hardcore Windows and .NET guy but I also own a slew of Macs, an iPhone a couple Touches and I do Cocoa and Objective-C development.  I have a couple of Ubuntu machines also, so I think it would be super fascinating to get a couple of these super geniuses together and just do a coffee house type of discussion about technology in general.  Maybe there history, some informal discussions, the best part of this interview for me was when Mark went into his history and explained his experiences with the Unix mach kernel, thats really kewl stuff!  It just shows how much more diverse the Windows kernel is, more than what people think.