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  • CCR Programming - Jeffrey Richter and George ​Chrysanthak​opoulos

    Hi George,

    Dan is a coworker of mine and posted this after I commented about that.

    We don't necessarily have a situation where we NEED the ability to have different settings, but we do have a situation where changing the value could affect code in different libraries, and I felt that was a Bad Thing (tm).

    Basically, CCR has caught on like wildfire around here, so we have multiple libraries in the same AppDomain using it simultaneously. I personally have a component based service where the service itself has a Dispatcher for message distribution and then one the components has its own for part of its message processing tasks.

    Since I happen to have written both the service and this component, it's not much of a concern. But other developers will be writing components for the service, and it feels programmatically rude to change that static value and have it affect their instantiations. It's not a huge deal to save the old value and change it back, but it is kind of ugly Perplexed

    Thanks for the wonderful library! This is a situation that could only arise from us loving it so much.