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Group Manager, Avanade US Central Region MCPD-EA, MCTS-TFS


  • The Great PDC Laptop Give-Away of 2009

    +1 to that!!!  If this were made available for MSDN subscribers to purchase, SOLD!

  • 10-4 Episode 10: Making Web Deployment Easier

    I've seen way too many "roll your own" approaches to the environment-specific configs problem, so I like that there's finally an integrated solution!

    Now...I'm not sold on using build configuration to drive this process.  If I add a new "Staging" configuration, don't I now have the problem of keeping that in sync with the "Release" configuration?
  • "Bottom-up" Design with Visual Studio Team System 2010 Architect

    loves me some VSTS!  I can't tell you how many times in my consulting career that I've had to analyze and fix an application that has absolutely no documentation.  Even in cases where there is documentation, it's rarely in sync with what the code is doing today.  Being able to reverse engineer the app and visualize it will make life so much easier in these cases.

    But I have to point out the problem I see with the hypothetical scenario that Suhail uses.  As a "new developer getting started", what happens when my boss says "Welcome to the team!  Here's your new PC with Visual Studio Team Edition for Developers.  Now fix that bug!"  ??  I guess my question is (since not everyone is as fortunate as me to have Team Suite) much of this architecture goodness is going to make it into the Developer Edition?

    Looking forward to the next CTP!