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  • Jon Udell: Chris Wilson on IE7, Ajax, and web standards

    cool conversation!
  • Ulrik Molgaard Honoré – Production planning with Dynamics AX

    Very interesting video, thanks!

    Can you also link customer information or previous production information to the 'planned order' window where you 'firm' the order?

    Like some automated function which gives you information about:

    - This customer is very imporant to our organization, you are allowed to order 1 pcs of each extra to make sure there are no delays. Or the other way around, we don't make that much money from this customer order by a strict number.

    - On the previous orders we wasted around 6 item of B, so you are allowed and need to make sure you order some extra items otherwise we buildup a too high time risk for the next order in line.

    Or is all this sort of things handled in the overnight planning?

    When would you choose to use Dynamics AX and when Office EPM? Is Dynamics AX more for use in factory situations, where you produce a product from different subproducts that might come from other suppliers. And Office EPM for situations where the subproduct are mainly created by knowledge workers in your organization or outside your organization?  

  • Daniel Lehenbauer and Kurt Berglund: Interactive 2D controls on WPF 3D Surfaces

    Whoh, cool stuff.

    Thanks, very interesting and entertaining information!
  • Bill Hilf: Open Source at Microsoft

    Wonderfull video. Thanks, perfect interview!

    The donut model made it very clear. Amazing to think with, if you place the donuts over eachother. Where you see the difference in core assets, but the same comp assets. Where both companies have best interest to make the application best, because it improves them both. Didn't really see it that simple before the model.

    Edit: Why does the apple machine has black bars on the screen? Why isn't it filling the screen?
  • Meet the EvNet Dev Team

    Nice, a behind the scenes on channel9 Smiley

  • Tony Williams: Co-inventor of COM

    Why is the autocue standing a few meters next to the camera instead of under or above it. Never mind, it stops when the interview starts. Was still watching =)

    Nice video, thanks!
  • Erik Meijer: ​Democratizi​ng the Cloud

    Interesting video! Thanks.
  • An interview with Jamie

    Great video, Thanks!

    Nice to see the face behind all the c9park cartoons.

    Where did you get that background from with the microsoft / google buildings? I assume that didn't come out of a normal printer?

    Great interview, Thanks!
    Second screen of the first demo looks cool, 3d 3d Smiley

    It's great that this also works on apache, so there is no need for IIS when it is not availible.

    Is there a some sort of yes/no diagram, to see what you need? Because with all this different new things it gets kinda complicated to pick the correct one for a project without putting time into the comparing. So I can just take 5 minutes to answer yes/no questions to see what I probaly need for my project. (When do I use loose xaml, XBAP, WPF/E, ASP.NET/Atlas, just html etc. )

    Because with all this new names it gets kinda confusing if you do  not follow this on daily base. I though this was all called WPF/E, but now it seems there is a difference between them.

    I assume xbap works also in the object tag, instead of the iframe tag for usage with xhtml strict. Is this correct?

  • Rory Does Windows Mobile Development - An Introduction

    Thanks! Thanks!

    Interesting stuff, can't wait to view the rest of the sceencasts, but I am out of time Sad
  • What's Microsoft Speech Server (Beta)?

    Whoh, a dutch guy speaking english[H]
  • Sharepoint 2007 -- Blogs, Wikis, RSS

    Great video, looks impressing.

    Did you used any of the lessons learned from And will those blogs be moved over to sharepoint blogs when it goes live?