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  • Bill Gates - A short chat with Microsoft's Chief Software Architect


    Still downloading but the download link points to marc_mcdonald_employee_one_2005.wmv video is this correct?

  • Brent Hill and Roger Grimes - Chatting about IIS 7's security

    for a few seconds yes, which was pretty dumb because now all the replays are about IE6.
    And IIS well, he also talked about that but hey, you can't complain about that because it's to damn good or ?

    Great video, it would be nice to actualy see a video with a active directory setup and a good linux setup and actually see the difference in deployement. It's a bit of a weird question probaly, but to get a good view of what really are the problems you need to see them yourself. (And I am too lazy to do it myself)
  • Michael Rys - XML in SQL Server

    Hmm, I quickly skipped to the demo, because I don't got time atm to view the full video. They learn me at school to normalize everything, and with this xml insert this isn't happening or ?... should I just watch the full video tommorow?
  • Jerry Dunietz - XML Paper ​Specificati​on

    Charles wrote:
    Orbit86 wrote: whats with the humming?

    There was construction happening on the floor above us. Strange sound, no? Wonder what they were working on...


    Lol, viewing the wmv at the moment and I was wondered what the harddrive on the background was doing and how large that pc was which made the noise. But it's construction.
  • Sanaz Ahari and Steve Rider -

    Lol, The puzzle is easy if you look inside Puzzle.js

    Did Microsoft buy the domain name or did they own it from day one?

    It's a nice project, but I don't see it's future if it stays something like this. There is stuff like this around, friends of mine use it local on there pc. Sure it is nice to bring this to a larger public, so my mom/dad can use it, but will they stay using it?

    The 'WOW AMAZING' factor is missing, there is nothing inside me that tells me I need to replace for the homepage.

    Anyway keep the good work up!

    Edit oops: I just noticed the START preview image is a button =) This is better I can add my own feeds.
  • Steve Winfield - Building Systems

    Nice video, how much will it cost to recieve a OEM Action Pack?

    I am unable to find the pricing on the OEM website. Only see that registering is free and the level wich gives you the action pack requires a fee. And before we get a $600 bill and I have my boss screaming #$@#$#@$ at me about what I did this time.
    I work at a shop where we use the OEM 3-packs to build pc's and this action pack would comes in handly for giving demo's of Microsoft products.

    We once tested the use of preinstall with the 3.5" disk and the preinstallation cd, which worked great.

    Is is also allowed to use the w2k3 from the action pack as sus server for the windows updates? (I read something about sus in the whitepaper about OEM preinstall if I am correct.)

  • Dustin Hubbard - Demo of Tablet PC Experience Pack

    I must say, I've been using this tool for some weeks now and it still ROCKS!!

    Normaly you get the hype use a program for a while and then slowly stop using it. And after a reinstall you forget to install it agian.

    But this one is still rocking
  • Steve Ballmer - Quick chat with Microsoft's CEO

    scobleizer: that's true, I could have probaly better called it a energy explosion.

    Since english isn't my native language, I needed to read the transcript to see what he said 'if I wanted to allow blogging to happen or not.' was not what I was hearing. Now I understand what happend =)
  • Steve Ballmer - Quick chat with Microsoft's CEO

    Lol, what happend when you asked him about blogs. He gets this energy kick and then starts talking normal agian?

    Anyway, great interview. But who is this guy? =)

  • Martin Taylor and Bill Hilf - Linux at Microsoft, Part I

    Yup, using your tablet DC during a interview looks negator
  • Ken Levy, XML Tools in VS 2005

    Whoh, great stuff.

    I must say file size is a bit big, bug the video looks great fullscreen =) I can even read the onscreen letters good now, ghehe
  • Omar Shahine - Inside Hotmail

    Great video.

    This video gave me a new thing to think about, I want to know how this header/message stuff works. How do keep the header and filename together, do you save the message as xml file or just as binary, etc.

    Because if u get billions of messenges a day how do you save that as a file? number.msg would not work since u run out of numbers fast if u get billions of email messenges a day. Is there some kind of book that describes this technique or is there a term where i can google on? Anyone with some hints?

    Thanks in Advance