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erik erik_ Whooops!
  • How to catch exceptions raised by Custom Membership provider?

    How are you calling the membership validateuser? thru the asp:login control or just from the code behind?

    try {
    Membership.ValidateUser("erik", "test");
    catch (Exception ex) {


    should catch the exception thrown from validateuser

  • Excel 2003 and save as XML Spreadsheet

    A different direction, but you could create a small application to read out the excel file and generate the xml file in your own format. Not that hard to do with ado.net. 

    But I don't know your requirements, this would make no sence if the end user needs to use this application a few times a day, etc.

    ADO.NET read excel

    Fill it to a datatable and use DataTable.WriteXml, maby that already gives an acceptable result.

  • WPF 2.0

    KevinB wrote:
    I question if that blog is by a Microsoft employee at all, as an intern, not even in COSD, I knew more about Windows 7 than he is saying on that blog...

  • Silverlight - A rewrite of WPF in unmanaged code; small, fast, excellently written. But probably too little, too late to make WPF and XAML relevant to the internet.

    A Microsoft employee would at least know that Silverlight 1.1/2.0 is using managed code and be able to name it in his/her point.

  • Unit testing pattern

    That is exactly what I use for my private methods, debug.assert.
    Didn't know there where more peole aware of it =)

    RexN: I probaly need to use your pattern a few times to get used to it. Currently my head is fighting against the 'mess' that will give in my project, while now all the 'mess' is in the test project. In short, I need to start to play with it, thanks.

    Btw just as a side note:

    #IF DEBUG and the methods in the debug class kinda work the same, all the debug methods are tagged with [Conditional("DEBUG")]. So they are only included in debug builds.

    public static void ShowDebug()
       Console.Write("Hello debug build!");

    public static void ShowDebug()
       Console.Write("Hello debug build!");
    #END IF

    will do the same.

  • Unit testing pattern

    namespace ConsoleApplication1 {
    class foo {
          String arms = string.Empty;

    String Arms {
             get { return arms; }
    protected bool GoGoGadget(Type gadgetType) {
    return gadgetType.IsAbstract;

          public void GadgetArms(Int32 length) {
             if (!GoGoGadget) return;
    for (int i = 0; i < length; i++) arms += "o";


    namespace TestProject1 {
    public class fooTestObject : ConsoleApplication1.foo {
    public bool GoGoGadget(Type type) {
             return base.GoGoGadget(type);


    public void TestMethod1() {
       fooTestObject foo = new fooTestObject();


    That is how I test my protected methods now, for an internal class I use add an existing item and use 'add as link' to my test project.

    But maby I choose this way, because I am not yet deeply into TDD.

  • Unit testing pattern

    I like the article, quickly and easy to read and understand with code samples.

    But I simply don't understand why someone would create unit tests for private methods.

  • Drawing in title bar


    Is that what you mean?
    Only uses WPF...

  • Single vs Dual SATA drives

    I had 5 drives above eachoter running 24/7 without problems for about a year, there is about 1cm of space between them. No heating problems, while I expected the worst. They are stacked with some metal band, which you can probaly get at any garden center.

    There was a fan directly blowing air into the spaces and one directly pulling air out that probaly does the trick. Next to that the usual front and back fan to move air thrue the case.

    Replaced the set with 2x500gb disks now, but the old set still works ok. I would not use this kind of setup for business use.

  • Anyone in the mood for another ​post-your-​desktop thread?

    PerfectPhase wrote:
    Chadk wrote:
    Alot of you guys have more than 2 screens. How are you doing that? Im thinking about getting a third screen.

    Just keep adding graphics cards, it's about as easy as that.  I have a quad port DVI ATI card at the moment, before that it was a dual port ATI PCIe + ATI PCI card.  I find it's a good idea to stick with the same chipset. 

    I've moved to the Quad port card as under vista, to get the Aero effects you must have the same driver loaded for all cards, and the mix of cards I had did not work.  

    Don't mix nvidia and ati cards, just done after a day of trying to get it to work again. As soon as I install the ati driver for the pci card, everything goes black. Weird thing is that it worked for a while, but never needed to reinstall my pc. Now back to 2 screens agains Sad

    Note to self: next time get one of those gamers mainboards with 2x pci-e, it is usefull.Smiley

  • [REQ] Microsoft Outlook Plug-in Project

    try rentacoder or a site like that.