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erik erik_ Whooops!
  • What Microsoft should add to Windows.

    Adobe should make a preview psd program, that is not up to Microsoft.

    I don't wanna pay extra for windows because they need to pay Adobe licence money to use psd format in a preview program. Maby for u it is an extra to have it but is that also for the rest of the windows users? How many times a day would they use that? Sure some would use it but the user that uses his or her pc to surf the web would probaly not use it that often.

    Porn blocker could be a nice thing, but is the group of people that would use a function like that big enough to add it to windows?

    Virus protection in a browser. Norton Antivirus already does that as far as I know.

    A download manager that supports multi download stuff. I don't got a clue why this should be in windows. More and more people get broadband internet and it gets faster and faster. I don't really care if I download something at 80kb/sec or if the speed is 200kb/sec as long as it arrives at my place. I can understand that someone with dailup would be happy with such a function but how big is this group of dailup users. Big enough to let everyone pay extra for windows so microsoft can add this function.

    If u mean that the preview viewer should support all images at 300dpi then I wonder why the program is called preview viewer. I am not a designer so that is maby why I find this weird, but why should everyone that buys windows pay for a preview program that supports 300dpi instead of 72dpi?
    All image formats then u probaly get licence costs for some of those that make windows more expencive.
    Do I really want to pay extra for my windows package to get some exotic image format support in my viewer.

    I don't got a clue why I need icons of 512x512 pixels. My screen resolution is 1280x1024 that will mean I am able to put like 4 icons on my desktop and I am able to watch them while standing on the moon.
    1600x1200 gives place for like 6 icons.
    How many people are there that have such a high resolution that they can fit like 10 icons of 512x512 next to eachother?
    Sure a little bigger should be nice but once u get icons the size of your display are useless to me.

    How much do u want to be able to change?
    Co's most of these programs are able to change the complete look of windows. Maby even able to change the place of the next buttom on a window. I would get nuts if that next buttom isn't on the place where I expect it to be. I already get nuts if I am at a friends place where the start bar is on top of the screen instead of on the bottom place. Sure if u get used to the new situation this will problay change.

    The start bar is one of the most AMAZING things in windows, now u want this to be somewhere hidden on a screen because some freak made this spiderman theme where u need to press in the middle of the web to get the start bar. 

    I am not waiting to click on a hidden thing at a friends place to get my start bar.

    It's maby not so that u need to pay more if an extra function is added. But it will cost microsoft more for sure and someone needs to pay that. U got some good points but some are in my eyes things u like and are not like thing that are usefull for most of the users. If I play much games on my windows, I would like Doom3 intergrated in windows and like this amazing thing that shows my need for speed scores. I want this app that only got games stuff with links to my friends, fav. levels, etc, etc. All stuff that u as non game person probaly find useless, and tell me to find those as extra program that I install and should not be included in windows.

    Still it can be that u call some points that are killing but that are from my point of view useless. Like I don't use the Scheduled Tasks that often but there are probaly user that use it daily, etc.

  • Annoyances..​.

    realplayer killed itself, sucky player not working well. Quicktime, they got a very very nice codec, but hey that player just....

    I don't even watch media anymore if it is in realmedia format, first time I saw there player I was allready on my way deinstalling it again. And I still got nightmares from that day, the day the blue thing came on my screen that wasn't a BSOD. Sure it can be better now but they allready lost me to using something else. And since mediaplayer/winamp does all I want, there is no way I am gonna switch to realplayer. No need, I got something that works. They need to come with this AMAZING function that makes my media playing experience so much better. Then it takes a while and then I will probaly step over to that player, because it is better then. But as far as I know they done nothing that even comes close to that, so they lost it. Not Microsoft's fault. Yeah but it is because they put it in the OS I hear u thinking... Well, I still use winamp classic to play my mp3 files, downloaded that and installed it, why?
    Co's atm it gives me a easy'r/faster way of playing mp3 files. Because I am used to the program, I know where all the buttoms are I need to use, It starts up pretty quick, and plays my files.

    Now I actually downloaded that new winamp and gosh it is a WASTE of dev time. It's should be working better co's it is a newer product (thats what a customer things right?) but it works WORSE. Now lets say they don't offer winamp classic anymore, I download that new Winamp and install it, try it and then say hey wmp works better then this winamp product. If they would just keep winamp a simple audio player it would have rocked, but no THEY wanted more and more in it.
    Do there customers wanted that also? That's the biggest thing I wonder. I for sure didn't wanted that. But hey, that is just my oppinion.

    Sure getting wmp in the OS will work for the ppl that use there computer the same as the microwave, the dishwasher, etc. They press some buttoms and the machine does it's function. So they are not the ones who install the OS, that is mostly done by the OEM. And they can add something else then wmp to do that "playing media files" task. I don't know why they don't pick another player, I gues they either can't find a better product for there customers or are to lazy. Before u start screaming, think about this.
    There are lots of ppl that install a pc for someone else (like the OEM does) and setup it with there custom setup, there own browser, there own way of ripping mp3 audio, etc.
    Now they know how all that stuff works, but the person that actually owns the pc don't got a clue of how it works. Setup like exact audio copy and razorlame on that users pc and sure they will problay find out how exact audio copy works after some weeks, but that user doesn't got some weeks to find out how to rip mp3. Let's say it takes u like 3 full weeks to find out how to open the door of your microwave, because u need to press like this weirdo combination of keys to open it. I don't know about u, but I would return that microwave to the store because it doesn't work good. Then that fancy sales person gets mad and tells me like hey, what? U do like this and then it is open, I don't see the problem. I return home and got my first microwave meal and DAMMIT I need to do this magic stuff again to get the microwave starting to make my food hot GRgRRGRG.
    Now Startup wmp, and look there is a buttom called "copy from cd" press it. Ok and then I press the copy music buttom and it (almost allready) starts copying.
    Now this is a very extreme example of why I think most of those products failed. It can be either that it is to difficult to use a program or that it just doesn't feels good to the user. For some reason Microsoft does a pretty good job at knowing what the customer wants. But agian just my personal oppion.

    Let's now step to the next before i can publish this replay as a book. I've been a fan of netscape version 3, I was telling my friends to step over to it. Some did it and well they agreed with me that it was better then ie. Then new netscape and new ie arrived, I used new netscape for a while then suddenly my friend comes over to my place and shows me this internet explorer 4. And well it made me step over, co's it just gave me a good feeling. It's something about the way it worked I gues. So netscape was no longer giving something extra to me. 
    To me that had nothing to do with being intergrated in the OS or not, but there was simply not a "more value" thing on the netscape thing anymore.

    The msn/wmessenger case is easy. I live in europa and there u had ICQ as big hit, then they started adding so amazing much USELESS features in ICQ that it become slow slow slow. The feeling that I had with the program was not good anymore and I am sure more ppl must had that feeling. So some of the users used MSN/wmessenger because it is/was in the OS.
    But if u are like a ICQ user at the time before "ICQ adding massive CRAP" then u would have installed ICQ on your pc on a reinstall of windows and didn't used msn/wmessenger. But ICQ become unusable, so u look for something new, whoops what it that preinstalled on my box. MSN/wmessenger lets try that, hey this works good. Now with messengers it is not only about the finding a new messenger, because I can start Xmessenger but if my friends don't use it it is crap to me. So is it Microsofts fault they pushed ICQ out of the market? 

    I don't think u can fit all this copy and pushing out of the market as Microsoft being evil or whatever. They are a company, company's make money. How they make money? By providing the best service/product they can. If u know a company that makes microwaves and u think u can make better microwaves, start a company and blow them away and make money that's how the world works.

    Microsoft doesn't really has a monopoly, if they start making useless programs they start loosing that market position quickly. If linux was really that GODLY GOOD, Microsoft would be making useless programs by now and well everyone would use Linux by now.

  • Annoyances..​.

    Don't think that will work in powerpoint.

    If u are pasting within powerpoint u can use : CTRL+SPACEBAR after u pasted something to remove formating of the text but u probaly already know that. Maby there is some other way I dunno, not that much of a powerpoint user atm.

    If u are copy pasting from the content section of your word document to powerpoint use the File / Send-To Powerpoint option in word. That wonderfull option saved me a lot of walking around and drinking coffee trying to figure out how to start my powerpoint presentation for my school project.

  • Annoyances..​.


    - open word
    - press ALT+F11
    - right mouseclick on Normal
    - choose insert
    - choose module
    - paste this in the module

    Sub EditPaste()
        Selection.PasteSpecial Link:=False, DataType:=20, _
        Placement:=wdInLine, DisplayAsIcon:=False
    End Sub

    that will make word paste ala clean text.
    Not the most user friendly way but it works over here in word 2003. Used it for a while but pasting without style gets bored after a while =)

  • Most annoying bug in Windows ever!!

    The window hides behind the control panel window over here. Add or remove software and user accounts appears in taskbar. And all the items in Administrative Tools get there own window and appear in taskbar but that is probaly because they get loaded into mmc.

    Lots of moving around with windows, that's probaly Microsofts way of fitness =)

  • Open source kills jobs

    Manip wrote:
    I was not saying Amazon is over-priced on everything, just Windows + Office. OEM versions are simply cheaper versions where you don't get the box or manual in printed form. They are designed so PC shops can install them on PCs they sell and save money, they are not illegal or anything even remotely like that.

    It's not legal(agianst the license) for a System Builder to sell a OEM win xp only. They may only sell it with a fully assembled computer system or a non-peripheral hardware component. If I am correct.

  • Official Microsoft security fix for IE ​vulnerabili​ty (ADODB.​Stream)


    That isn't a good thing I gues.