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  • Singularity IV: Return of the UI

    To go along with something called Singularity you really need something called Event Horizon. [6]
  • Windows, Part I - Dave Probert

    Dave P is a great raconteur and these vids are pure pleasure.

    A few demurs:

    POSIX meant more than just software portability (Write Once Run Anywhere) .  It was the feds way of specifying UNIX w/o using the protected brandname belonging to AT&T at the time.  POSIX promised that buyers of hardware systems would have a choice of vendors as long as its specifications were followed as a guideline.  US DOD made POSIX certification mandatory for hardware acquisitions. 

    People seem to think UNIX started in 1973.  In fact UNIX started in 1969 (space travel game, PDP-7 and all that).  In 1973 Ken Thompson introduced the UNIX timesharing system at an ACM Symposium on Operating Systems.  It was Version 3 at the time.


    I was privileged to see Dave Cutler present NT architecture in 1992 at an operating systems workshop by Usenix in Seattle.  That crowd was NOT nice to him.  I reckon he had a thick skin.

    It was after that workshop that I began to wonder if UNIX would really be the once and future system.