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  • Shishir Mehrotra - WinFS beta 1 team meeting

    What I wonder about and wish we could hear more about is the "network storage" story.  In my role as a consumer, concider that I have 3-5 PCs at home (including media center, etc).  Today, I have a network file server that holds all of the data for my family (photos, music, documents, email, etc).

    In the WinFS world, how does that work?  I love the idea of WinFS and the capabilities that it provides, but it sounds very "local".  I don't want "local" data.  When I download some photos off my camera, I don't want it to live only on the workstation I am sitting at.  I want to see it on my Media Center; I want my wife's PC to see it, etc.  Now, I understand that the data in WinFS is visible to the network as SMB, but SMB loses the "cool" part of WinFS--things are back to just being files.

    I get the impression that there is some kind of Sync capabilites to keep multiple PCs synchronized, but that sounds like a klunky solution to the problem.  I don't want copies of everything everywhere.  Set asside the fact that it is probably not instantaneous synchronization.  I don't want to have to put 1TB hard drives on all my PCs just so that they can all have local copies of my music, photos, documents, etc with the rich relationships intact.

    I guess I'd like to see or hear that the richness of WinFS will be available in some model where the data "lives" on some server somewhere but where the richness, relationships, metadata are all available to clients that have WinFS (and not via a product that ships 3 years after "client" WinFS).

    Am I dreaming?