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Bent Rasmussen esoteric λ
  • Interesting papers

    Lovely. Smiley

    I wonder if the Phoenix guys are thinking D'OH! right now. This approach looks quite compelling.

    There's been several interesting ideas introduced lately, some new, some not so new. The new TraceMonkey Javascript VM, working on the new idea of trace trees. I believe the researchers behind the idea applied this to Java as well and got a very high performance VM, comparable to the one of Hotspot, which has God knows how many man-hours put into it. Isn't it wonderful when new and simple ideas shatter old and complex ones? Beautiful code.

    Then there is SquirrelFish Extreme and V8 Javascript engines which both appear to be using some of the same techniques from the Self implementations - re/compiling to classes because most often, prototypes do have a fixed layout, even if they may be completely dynamic - adding and removing properties and methods at runtime.

  • Mgrammar Language Catalogue

    Is there such a thing as a central Mgrammar language catalogue? It would be really great with such an index of existing languages so no duplicate effort was wasted and people could easily reuse existing languages reverse-engineered with Mgrammar.  Say for example CSS, C#, Javascript, etc.

  • So in '7 ready for your desktop?

    Bas said:
    PaoloM said:

    So, if I look at my notification area now, I have just Messenger, the WHS connector, and the power management/network/volume trinity there. But if I expand it to show the hidden icons, I see a whole bunch of stuff. AnyDVD, Dell QuickSet, Sidebar, Live Mesh, the Fingerprint Reader Suite... all stuff I want to have running in the background all the time, but I rarely interact with them. I just don't need to see those icons, that's why I hid them in the notification area. If Windows 7 is going to push always-running applications out of the notification area and onto the taskbar to avoid cluttering up the notification area, the result will be that the taskbar will get cluttered... which is worse, because now I'll be forced to look at a whole range of buttons that I'll never interact with, with no way to hide them.

    How is Windows going to combat that problem? I'm really not looking forward to constantly having to look at that smug AnyDVD fox that does nothing but take up space on my taskbar.
    A good point there. This decluttering can lead to more cluttering...

  • So in '7 ready for your desktop?

    7 is running fine on both my laptop and my desktop (depicted).

    The desktop did have a driver failure during 7 install, but it appears to basically work. Still, it's a bit sad that "self-healing" doesn't really account for this. The most fundamental kind of healing, it would seem, would be to ensure all system files are present. But so far no big deal - it's only Sticky Notes that complains over a missing Ink dll.

  • IE 8 is far away from prime time...

    PaoloM said:
    spivonious said:
    I'm using Chrome and it's all fast and stuff, but it croaks on a number of sites (codeplex, etc). So it's still IE at Casa Paolo...
    That describes my use of Internet Explorer as well - as a fallback. Still, beta is beta and there is a chance that the UI can become less bloated and it can become faster. I doubt half of that though ("by design" | "wohn't fix").

  • Apples beats estimates - MS cuts 5000 jobs


     - Not so hard, Jamie  Wink

    The quicklaunch is not such a big miss really - except maybe the ability to configure that running applications are always kept adjacent in the taskbar.

  • Live Mesh & Skydrive

    CKurt said:
    They said Live Mesh integration with other Live products is comming in the next release of the Windows Live Platform, wave 4 as you may say.

    So they will do it eventualy, but first the Live Framework CTP needs to be put togetter with the current version of Mesh running, so everybody's local MOE.exe become a local LOE.exe and we can get going with adding application to our real mesh.
    Sounds good.

  • Live Mesh & Skydrive

    magicalclick said:
    Put storage aside since I am sure it will get larger in the future. I thought about SkyDrive and LiveMesh together, but then, I wanted it to be separate later on. SkyDrive is safe from ME. There is no way I am going to accidentally delete a file from SkyDrive. But Live Mesh gives me chillz. Not only it was buggy before, but I am buggy myself. A workspace is good, but not like SkyDrive I can do backup without worrying I mess it up myself.
    In this regard Dropbox is quite neat, as it will actually not erase files you delete, rather they become shadow files that you can choose to purge completely from the system, but you have that extra level of safety. Of course any such feature could be abused for artificially adding more space - unless anything that doesn't fit get auto-purged. Volume Shadow Copy for Mesh/SkyDrive?

  • Live ID : A state of limbo

    "Have you ever, ever felt like this. When strange things happen. Are you going round the twist."

    I just wanted to mention a poor experience with Windows Live ID, in particular Windows Live ID "rename" - yes there is such a function. It will allow you, in most cases, to change your Live ID e-mail address - but only if that e-mail address is outside the domain of Hotmail or Llive - to my knowledge.

    The problem is, now many days after, the Live ID is now in a strange state of limbo where it superficially appears to have changed and indeed, it is possible to login with this new Live ID, but it hasn't really fully changed. That manifests itself in that e.g. Windows Live Messenger does not update contacts so they get the new address. Instead it appears to all contacts that my new Live ID is offline and vice versa. It manifests itself in that Windows Live does not allow me to have full control over editing certain entities like music and movies.

    Just a word of warning as I've now reported it to the Live ID newsgroup and to their support but if you are considering it, be mindful of this risk. It looks like I'll have to disengage from this defect ID and create a new account and new matching gmail account alongside with it (I dare not reuse the old one out of angst to foobar the system even more).

  • The Radio

    Maddus Mattus said:
    CannotResolveSymbol said:

    Some random guy with a meter beer!
    That's so... one-dimensional. Here's how to measure it - by square meters Wink

    - And how to open one!