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Bent Rasmussen esoteric λ
  • Live & Translation

    I wonder if Windows Live will have translation features built-in. Due to the fact that this writers native tongue is Danish, it is very useful to be able to serve both a Danish and English audience without having to divert from native tongue. So translation features for keywords would be quite useful. But that's one of those features that are quite obvious, so I suspect that this is preaching to the choir.

  • Oh no! My win7 install is screwed :(

    I feel your pain. I had the blue screen of death during install - four times (32 bit twice, 64 bit twice); the last install was 64 bit and then for the fun of it, I tried booting - which succeeded. So my Windows 7 is in an undefined state. There is a recovery tool - maybe that can go through all files and replace anyone with a mismatched hash. Pure dumb luck has it that the system does appear as good as fully functional.

  • Any X-Men fans?

    More of a FF and Hulk fan myself.

  • Mono Downmix

    W3bbo said:
    Tried looking at the settings control panel for your soundcard? That way you can get it for all programs.

    The Analog Devices chipset in my desktop has this feature, so it's worth checking out.

    ...and what's with the foobar bashing? Smiley
    I have nothing against foobar - in fact it's a great minimalistic app. But now, for the first time, I really feel Windows Media Player is becoming truly useful. Besides, even though I love foobar, it often crashes on library scanning. That is not so with Windows Media Player.

  • Mono Downmix

    In various players there's DSPs to downmix to mono. The problem is, I'd like to use Windows Media Player. Is there a mono downmixer for it somewhere? If not, then how - is there a mono DSP for Windows itself that can just be plugged in? (Using 7)

    And so why on earth use mono? Well if one of your speakers aren't working then it's real handy to not hear only one channel in the other speaker.

    Any help appreciated. Last line of defense is to revert to foobar...

  • Windows Library

    Is this a new feature for Windows 7? - I just noticed that it's possible to add arbitrary folders to the Windows Library, meaning audio scattered on various drives can be added. This is something that really made Library useless to me previously, but now it rocks. Well, regardless of it being new or not, I love it!

  • Live & Windows 7 sticky notes

    GoddersUK said:

    Snipping tool isn't new to Win7 - it was present in Vista too.

    Anything new with it?

  • Live & Windows 7 sticky notes

    Bas said:
    DCMonkey said:
    Which is actually much more useful behavior for a sticky note.
    No disagreement there. Let's observe W++
    (I hear some distant laughs: It's the sticky notes! 
    - forget about performance, it was all just about the sticky notes!)

  • EU: No IE in Windows

    DCMonkey said:
    Only sell one version in EU; Windows European Ultimate Edition. It comes with nothing (no IE, WMP, Calc, Notepad, Wordpad etc. No themes either. Only battleship gray). All of those apps are downloadable as European Ultimate Extras. Charge full Ultimate price (plus whatever other "premium" EUer usually get stuck with).

    Oh come on. I honestly do not fear, loathe or have the slightest against unbundling, even forced unbundling. It's not so hard to press that download button. I would object if they wanted to unbundle the network stack tho.

  • Live & Windows 7 sticky notes

    DCMonkey said:
    It's kind of odd to me that they've added a full blown app for sticky notes and removed the sticky notes gadget. It seems like the later would be more appropriate for such a thing.

    What can the new Sticky Notes app do that the old gadget couldn't?
    "Full blown", well you could say that perhaps, except that does not really mean anything. Isn't it a very "small full-blown app"? [I didn't check its profile.]

    Appropos, how about pens, if you have a digital pen and want to write a note.