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  • Jason Anderson - Late night with the Burton team (Part IV)

    Wow.  After watching all of this, it looks great!  I believe this will solve a lot of our (my) problems trying to get our developers to do proper testing.

    The biggest thing about this though, is what everyone was talking about at the last part - integration.  We have an existing system developed internally to track our bugs, tasks, etc.  I am REALLY curious on what kind of extensibility this has in terms of where the data comes from/goes to.

    I would be happy just with the ability to import new task items into the team system from external sources, however...

    Great work guys.  I know what it's like showing the latest build, so I'd say you are very courageous!

  • Michael Tsang - How does Tablet PC's digitizer work?

    androidi wrote:
    Is there any buttons in the pen, if not, is it possible to incorporate a "button" into a passive pen (no battery etc)? How's single click separated from double click and what about right clicks on the mouse, you have to push the pen twice against the screen or what? I'd imagine the pen could have a area which is pressure sensitive, functioning as a button.

    I guess you havn't used a wacom tablet before..  The pens can get quite complex, even without a battery.  My wacom tablet (same technology that's used in a tablet PC, minus the lcd screen and the pc.. heh).. anyway, it has 2 configurable buttons - I have it set up to be right click and the other double click.  Also, there is an 'eraser' at the top of the pen, so you can flip it around and start erasing things (super cool, feels like an eraser when you use it!).

    I'm not sure if these pens would be compatible with the tabletpc's that use wacom's technology though...  it'd be sweet if they did though!