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ewschone ewschone Let me get some coffee first

    W3bbo wrote:
    ewschone wrote:
    I would suggest to check out both, cant hurt to have a bit of knowledge of both platforms. And thats probably the best way to find out what you like best.

    Agreed, however there's a danger in learning both at the same time if you're a beginner.

    PHP and ASP.NET operate on totally different paradigms and modus operandia, yet they both look and feel the same in source view.

    Yes I agree, it might be confusing to do both things at the same time. Probably better to stick to one platform at first. Then reset your brain and check out the other one Wink.

  • US Dolar sinks, what do you think?

    I certainly dont mind the lower dollar as an EU citizen. Have been ordering a lot of books / cd's from amazon.com lately, even with the postage charges, it's still a lot cheaper than here in the EU.

  • How long will Windows last?

    We might all be using Google Desktop OS within a few years Tongue Out.


    the-laughing-man wrote:
    Any reason I should move towards ASP or PHP?

    You can pretty much forget about asp, unless you'd like to maintain some old legacy website in the future Wink. I really like php, php5 has some nice OO features, yet you can also just hack away old style if you want to do something quick and dirty.

    On the other hand there is asp.net, might be a bit tougher to learn. Asp.net has a lot of nice stuff to download. Free development tools, sql server express and a bunch of tutorial videos, if you go this route you'll also learn a bit of vb.net / c# and that cant be a bad thing.

    I would suggest to check out both, cant hurt to have a bit of knowledge of both platforms. And thats probably the best way to find out what you like best.


    There are a truckload of php / mysql tutorials on the web. Just do some searching and I am sure you'll find some that fit your level of knowledge at the moment.

    As far as testing things out before you upload things to your site, you can run a webserver and php / mysql locally on your own pc and see if things work the way you want before uploading. Only thing you probably need to change after uploading is the connect string to the mysql database. Thats why those are usually kept in a seperate config file.

    Hope this helps Wink.

  • Flex is Open source

    Am I the only one not familiar with Flex ? Much ado about nothing I'd say :O.

  • Zune in europe?

    Chadk wrote:
    blowdart wrote:
    BlackTiger wrote: 

    There are no single reason to buy Zune if you have iPod.

    yea but he doesn't *have* an iPod. Your arguement makes little sense. (And then there's the mess that's iTunes and it's forcing of QuickTime onto systems)

    I do actually have an ipod. I have the old shuffle.
    But you know what? ITunes is the worst software i used. It didnt work on my old x64 computer. Doesnt work on this x64 computer.
    So it kinda rendered my ipod useless.
    And it forces me, like you point out, to install quicktime, which is *LAME*

    Zune got nice design.
    Cool features
    Size that fits me.
    Well worked hardware.

    You can also look into Creative Zen. I got a Zen V and it works very nice. Only drawback so far is that it doesnt remember where you stopped listening to a podcast Sad. So no bookmarks, but the fast forward works very well Wink. Also as a replacement for iTunes, you can use mediamonkey, apparently it now also syncs with iPods, though I havent tried it yet.

  • Bush says he uses “the Google.”

    eagle wrote:

    So how did we go from the Google to Al Gore...LOL

    Well he did invent the Internets, so we wouldnt have The Google without Al ! Perplexed

  • XHTML Compliant Alternative to <div ​align="​center"​>

    Usually I put this in the style sheet


    and then use <div class="centered"></div> around the stuff that needs to be centered Smiley.

  • Where do you live?

    In a suburb of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands Cool.