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Bent Rasmussen exoteric stuck in a loop, for a while
  • Ping 19: BingTones, SilverLight & Xbox join forces, Win7 guides, IE8 controversy

    Okay that ringtone is going to be driving someone nuts Big Smile

    I suggest merging it with the Crank ringtone

    Crank 2 - a new level of absurdity

  • Expert to Expert: Inside Bling - A C#-based library to simplify WPF programming

    To me, the salient point is whether this program

    CheckBoxBl checkBox = new CheckBoxBl(canvas) {
      Height = slider.Height,
      LeftTop = slider.RightTop,
    slider.Width = canvas.Width - checkBox.Width;

    is expressible as briefly or more briefly with WPF anno 2009 or whether this form of expression sacrifices anything in comparison.

    Any discussion about hardness beyond this is entirely irrelevant. It is not about hardness it is about unnecessary work. Any shorter road that brings you safely to your goal must be considered more optimal in some sense. Occam's razor applies.

    If a different road is chosen it is most likely because of syntactic bias, habbit or because it takes you to a different place - perhaps a place where performance is better.

    To expand the analogy, it is not about overcomming a mountain vs a walking a straight road; it is about a long straight road vs a short straight road.

    It is about the shortest path, the path of least resistance and the most direct way from thought to solution.

    {0,1}* is a domain-specific language for the domain of everything. Everything else just falls into place (end of cheap shot from me, hehe)


  • Expert to Expert: Inside Bling - A C#-based library to simplify WPF programming

    I suppose it depends on how comfortable you are with boilerplate code. Some people have a lower pain threshold. People with a low threshold use lazy evaluation!

    This is #1 on my to-do list for WPF projects.

    At times Erik's challenging of the presenter can break the flow a little but it does bring in some interesting splinter-topics - something which might be discussed in more detail later. And all in all the interview is quite well done and does bring forward what this thing is about, dispite the off-road trips.

    I'd like another Expert to Expert with Erik and someone like Don Box on "Oslo" (or James Clark, or one of the key developers on the team).

    Also an Expert to Expert with Erik and Stephen Wolfram (that would be interesting).

    The idea of having an abstraction embedded into an API is an interesting one. And the whole DSL hype, as Erik puts it, reminds me of Bertrand Meyer's statement in OOSC, that applications should be like theories (which sounds intuitively right; obviously more right that it should be like a bowl of spaghetti.)

    Also nice is the whole discussion about Scala and trying to emulate Scala and functional concepts in C# as well as the selective use of generics and union types.

    Sean ought to work on WPF 5.

  • Photosynth of the Channel 9 Studio

    I spy with my little eye some nice acoustic panels.
    A surface table, yes please, sweet toys.
    Sounds good with improved audio, in a manner of speaking.
    And the furniture looks comfortable.
    Next up: a 360 degrees surface; or a bent TV in the corner ('excuse the name)


  • Bing: Test Drive Microsofts new search engine

    Agreed. It's immensely annoying for non US visitors to be cut off. That too, is a decision input - when some features or design is crippled for outside visitors, so there should also be some focus on helping localize the service - even though that is probably a pretty substantial amount of work. I see a little bit of that starting to appear in Live Home.

  • Bing: Test Drive Microsofts new search engine

    If people judge the search engine based on the look of the results list, then... But I'll grant you, yes, there's some similarity there.

  • Bing: Test Drive Microsofts new search engine

    Looks like Google? The whole layout of the main page is dramatically different from Google.
    That the text results use green and blue is not really a shocker or a dramatic similarity.

  • Bing: Test Drive Microsofts new search engine

    Some more criteria

    • how relevant are search results
    • how usable is the search interface
    • how attractive is the search interface
    • how organic, adaptive and context-sensitive is the search interface (when, where, who)
    • how well does the search engine support a particular domain (Wolfram|Alpha vs Google)
    • how well does the search engine support language grammars to deeply understand questions
    • how well does the search engine support exploration
    • how well does the search engine integrate with other services (SkyDrive, Thumbtack?)
    • how well does the search engine integrate with third parties

    All of these are important.

    If Bing has an attractive, usable, fresh search interface with very relevant results and direct support for many knowledge domains and websites, well then it could pose a challenge to Google. The anti-thesis of the "one logo, one input box and a few text links" search engine interface.

    I'd like the search engine, browser and cloud storage to work closer together and Bing looks like a little step in that direction. Next up I expect some of the entity extraction experiments on live labs to pay off so the search engine knows more about our interests than just a set of links and questions or keywords.

  • Shawn Farkas: CLR 4 - Inside the new Managed Security Model

    Lovely informational. I remember having used CAS and scratching my head a few times. The new model looks much simpler.

  • Ping 13: XBOX tags cheaters, MyPhone, Wolfram Alpha, Netfix on Media Center

    Cool! - looking forward to it Smiley