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Bent Rasmussen exoteric stuck in a loop, for a while
  • Most epic method you've seen?

    , Bas wrote

    Exceptions are for exceptional situations. Validation errors aren't exceptional. 

    Mind you, I don't think the various http classes should be throwing exceptions on 404's and such either.

    Maybe exceptions are just a cruel joke, along with null, invented due to missing sum types and dependent typing.

  • WPF Roadmap published

    Really good news for WPF, .NET and F# coming out of Microsoft. Just what a Dev needs. :)

  • Supreme Timelapses

    Got timelapse?

    John Stanford - Crystal Skies (4K)

    Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill - Yosemite HD II

  • rise4fun

    Seen this?


    It appears to have grown quite a bit. Notable absentee for now is C# / Roslyn - but instead there is Spec#.

    Take a look at F*


    where you can define "refinement types" (dependent typing?) a la

    type zero = x:int{x=0} // type with just one valid value - zero

    type flipflop = x:int{x%2=0} // every other integer is in/valid

    The interesting Dafny language and a host of third-party language sandboxes are also there.

    It looks like a fun place.

  • Netflix

    The erosion of net neutrality by ISP's may have stimulated interesting counter-developments:

    Netflix researching “large-scale peer-to-peer technology” for streaming


  • C#/XAML vs. WinJS/HTML

    , Bass wrote


    They totally missed the point of JavaScript. It's not about the language itself, it's about its prevalence. Your code will literally run everywhere. I don't think JS is as horrible as some people here do, but it's not a easy language to develop complex software in and it's not particularly well designed.

    Have you considered that the aim here is neither to facilitate cross-platform development nor to make an implicit statement about the suitability of Javascript as a development language for large scale programs - but rather to empower developers with Javascript skills to develop for Windows?

    TypeScript was also invented to facilitate large scale application development for the Web - but is also being used for Windows application development.

  • 85% of Developers Unit Test? Of course they do.

    , blowdart wrote

    It compiles. That's a test.

    Well actually, if you include static analysis of contracts, that's not so bad (given a fine-grained web of assertions).

  • Quantum Entanglement + 3D printing + more.

    @magicalclick: I'm not sure I can make sense of what you are writing but I've always liked the idea of using lasers to transmit information into space. Michio Kaku just released a video on this idea:

    I just don't know how a person, as a dynamic organism of an incredible number of moving cells and particles, could be scanned - unless instantly frozen to complete stillness and then analysed for consequent synthesis by a machine and then somehow brought to life again (either the original, the clone or both).

  • Time to add the new user rate limit function!!!

    Moderators here seem to be pretty effective because I can't remember the last time I've noticed spam here and I visit frequently. Is this a genuine problem? A feature to off-load moderators? I'd rather have focus on new videos of the kind Charles used to produce, which are... absent. Now we have to rely on felix for interesting posts. :P

  • Yes charlie, it's confirmed. Google, lead by Kurzweil, is actively working to hit the ​technologic​al singularity.

    , Ian2 wrote

    OK guys, I say we take off now and nuke the plex from space, its the only way to be sure ....

    I love that movie. :)

    , Proton2 wrote

    Human intelligence if contained within the human brain, which is contained within a body. This is what makes human intelligence unique from silicon (or the like) intelligence.

    The human intelligence has conscience, though no one yet knows how to scientifically describe what that is or probably more accurately, how it is manifested. The human cortex is what is shared among all animals, regulates the heart beat etc.

    Human intelligence is attached to the human nervous system, the evolutionary process that creates our desires, to eat and sleep, and to procreate, our greed (that all animals have). I could go on and on how AI contained within algorithms on computer chips would be so unlike human intelligence because of the disconnect from the body, but I think many here can go on themselves if they want to think if through a little bit further.

    What is it about the body that is so special that humanity cannot escape it? I am not disagreeing with you per se, especially given that it hasn't, but wondering what your underlying beliefs, reasoning and facts are in this regard, to proclaim its impossibility.

    Some evidence suggests that it takes much more compute power to simulate the brain than hitherto thought - but that probably only has to do with whether the simulation runs in slow motion or not - just play back the tape in high-speed.

    Of course any simulated brain would have to have sensory input to interact and do anything interesting in the world - although clearly humans can function without without all senses intact and divert "compute power" to remaining senses once one is lost or impaired.