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  • Conversation with scientist, engineer and database legend Jim Gray

    Amazing video, i think that "Behind the code" is one of the greates shows ever (not only in Channel 9) Wink.

    Question: exists somewhere on the web a good place to learn about the "Free Pool" data structure?

  • Ford Davidson - The latest in cell phones

    Orbit86 wrote:
    at 1:27..didnt you hear the music..I forgot who plays it but its awesome..

    btw with remotely wiping the phone, what if someone takes out the battery? or if the battery dies?

    It's "Voodoo Chile" but i haven't recognized if it was Jimmy Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughn... that simply ROCKS!
  • Dustin Hubbard - Demo of Tablet PC Experience Pack

    Can we expect a version of the cool Experience Pack on other than english version of the OS?

    I've reinstalled my system with the italian version of XP TPC 2005... even now i've my system speaking my language, i can't access to the faboluos ink art tool that i love (i've use it on another pc with english version of the OS).

    Waiting to can install it on my system...

  • Gary Daniels and Evan Goldring - Mock whiteboard problem

    I love this kind of exercies Big Smile. Here is my solution

    private bool IsYalendrome2(string t)
       if(t == null || t.Length == 0)
         return false;

       bool r = true;
       for(int i = 0, n = t.Length -1; i < n && r; i++, n--)
         r = t[i] == t[n];

       return r;

    I like the XML-Blog solution (it's very elegant), but i think this one is a little more readable, and i think that's is one of the goal we (as developers) have to take care.

    Anyway: B# use C# ;-D

  • Joe Marini - Why I love XAML

    For how i know MS-Build (the ng compiler/linker) will compile XAML files into a more performant format (somewhat like IL i suppose). That when you use XAML mixed with your code (like C# or VB.NET) and need to compile your app to execute it.

    If you write applications only using XAML that's not the case... but i think that'll be very rare Wink.
  • Brian Goldfarb - How Visual Web Developer Express is tuned for Web development

    I believe that you'll confond webapplication development whit webpage development Big Smile.

    BTW i think that VisualStudio is not Designer stuff it's develper's Wink. IMHO, designers have to make the layouts of the webpages, leaving the development (aka transforming graphics to Html and code) to developers...

    Dreamweaver... it is still existing??? Big Smile
  • Rebecca Norlander - why is XPSP2 so big?

    I think that XP SP2 will worth it's "weigth". I've installed it on my personal machine since RC1, and i think that the improvements made (especially for the tablet PC edition) are awesome. RC1 had some, IMHO, performance issues.

    The thing i dislike are: the outbound Firewall alerts... if you say "ok" let it go out for an application that will access the internet once, you don't have control about that application, you can only go in WinSecurity and disable that program to outgoing connections. That's great for "normal" users, but i think out there are someone (like me Wink ) that will decide when an application can go out to the internet and when not...

    Rebecca... your Rings are beautiful Big Smile.