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Tony Fabian fabian
  • Channel 9 Forum Url

    I have noticed that the each post in the forum contains the title of the post. That is pretty neat! Smiley


    How do you do that?


    Do you programmatically create a new file on disk for each post or are you using some kind of URL rewrite feature?


    If it is the latter can you explain how to do that or point me in the right direction. I would like to do something similiar on my own site.


  • IE/windows temp file when downloading / copy to network

    When downloading a file using IE the file gets downloaded to some temp folder first and the moved the destination location. Many download manager are able to download directly to destination folder. Whats the reason for the IE behaviour ... all it seems to do is to make download slower compared to the approach taken by download managers.


    Can an urelated topic sometimes be related? If so .. Smiley


    I have noticed when moving large files from a windows desktop client to a Windows Server the files are getting copied to a temp location, on the client, before they are getting moved the server. I have seen out of diskspace warnings, on client, when moving files.


    Why those temp folder operations?

  • Retrieving my Favorites from a rebuilt machine

    Copy the folder would to the trick ...


    and then establish some kind of proper backup for your data in order to prevent data loss in the future. You could use the built in backup tool .... if you have another disk to place the backup on ... or look at online backup soluitions like mozzy or jungledisk or similar. 

  • TFS build ON workgroup pc

    yes that is possible. There is a Team Foundation Server Workgroup Edition thats is limited to 5 users. AFAIR you can upgrade to the edition thats supports domains at a later stage if needed

  • Base call

    Thanks for your replies! ... sort of came to the same conclusion before posting ... Wink

  • Base call

    Small question. I you override a method does your custom logic go before or after the base call?

    Looking throug samples and coworker code (and my own code Wink ) there seems to be no consensus. What is the correct way? Is there a correct way or does it depend on the task your are preforming?


    protected override void OnPreRender(EventArgs e)

  • Membership and File ACL

    ManipUni said:

    The database (SQL) solution seems the lesser of two evils.

    One way to implement the file system based solution would be to, for example, have all of the images just be files with no special privileges at all, and then to setup the access rights using an XML database (single file).

     <Image loc="images12/image123.jpg">
                <Full Control />
                <Delete />
                <Rename />  
     <Image loc="images3/image1.jpg">
            <Full Control />



    Thank you for your reply Smiley I think i will go with the file based solution and then built my own logic around the access right issue.

  • Membership and File ACL

    I have to create an asp.net image gallery type of application that allows users to upload files and for anonymous users to view those files. The owner should be allowed to delete own files.


    The site will be using forms based authentication (asp.net membership) and will be running IIS 6, 2003 Server and SQL Server 2005.


    One option is to store the images in the SQL Server. That will give me easy access to determine if a user is allowed to delete / alter an image.


    Can I also use the file system for storage? How do I control access rights to the files? If I place a web.config in the root of the directory how can I specify, that only users that belong to a specific membership role,  can delete / alter files in that directory?

  • Michael Jacksom Memorial is Streaming Live

    W3bbo said:

    Doesn't load for me.

    loads for me ... no issues ... know that is not going to help you, but... Wink

  • The day the music died...

    sad sad news ... i was lucky enough to be a the concert he gave on his 40th birthday. Rest in peace, Michael