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  • Ask Anders Anything

    Your session was amazing. You seem a humble person first and foremost.

    In recent years Microsoft is claiming that companies which use linux and other open source projects are infringing on its 'families' of patents, and as a result Microsoft is collecting licensing fees from these companies. What's your opinion on that?. 

  • TWC9: Build 2015, Connect();, Ignite, Docker and new... !?

    Guys, your awkward chemistry will be missed :) As will you, of course.

  • TWC9: Visual Studio "14" CTP Episode

    @gduncan411: Thx! The reason I thought it's voice recognition is a few times HTML got transcribed to HD Mail. But it's great anyway.

  • TWC9: Visual Studio "14" CTP Episode

    Are these automatic captions? If so they're awesome! A few glitches here and there but great. Google watch out!

  • TWC9: Two Geeks and a Baby

    Some tense moments when Dan hands a USB cord to the baby ;) 

    Best effing show ever! Again please!

  • Web Essentials 2013 Preview

    What are your (anyone) thoughts about online IDEs? It seems a lot of work is being done in this area. C9, nitrous, adobe brackets (not online, but with web tech) etc.


    I assume this was written in a dotnet language probably C#. Having a lot of experience with VS extensions, do you think a browser-based IDE can achive parity with C#/XAML?

  • New Internet Explorer Developer Tools

    Chrome's dev tools were made with HTML/CSS/JS, which means for example that you can debug the developer tools with itself! How were these dev tools made?

  • Platform Hygiene

    RE Google gears, funny how our views on this differ so much. I consider Google's decision to drop gears as one of the wisest decision of a tech company in recent years. Had Microsoft done the same in circa 2000, when SVG became a w3c standard, and dropped VML, the web would have been better off. Same for its nonstandard event model.

    Gears was a Google project, predating widespread HTML5 conformant browsers. It was a project design to push the web forward. And the web did go forward as we all know. Once HTML5 included most of what gears was, what was the point to continue with it? To create more misery for developers and the web?

    Microsoft stood before decisions like that many times. And it always chose wrong. Microsoft and its so-called web-developers never dugg the web. That's why they created IE6-only monstrosities claiming to be web-sites.


  • JavaScript: The Developer Experience

    As someone looking from the outside (OSS, standards buff), just one word: Awesome talk! OkOk two words.

    MSFT is serious bout JavaScript!!!!

    A note to the speaker: wouldn't you rather work on open-source stuff  Devil

  • Scott Guthrie: Meet the New Windows Azure

    "I'm full admin on this ubuntu box", lol, it's called root.

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