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fanbaby fanbaby
  • Window container support on client

    My TLDR:

    1) Containers run native (binary) APIs spps much more efficiently then VMs. Linux containers are linux apps (posix ;)) and, soon, Windows containers will be Windows apps (Win32 ;)). Of course you can run a stack on top of that, like a Java JVM, dotnet CLR, and Node JavaScript.

    2) You will not be able to take a WIndows container and run it under Linux without a Windows VM on top of linux (which means license?), in which case it would make more sense (to me) to run it directly on Windows (cut the middleman all together).

    3) Many apps, for example mysql, nodejs, and the CLR, have binaries for Linux and Windows. With these you'll be able to deploy to Linux or Windows (you'll need a matching container image of course). Choosing where to deploy will depends on many factors. I think it'll depend mainly on ( a ) maturity of the support on that platform, ( b ) what you use in your shop, and to a much lesser degree ( c ) on performance.

    4) A big unknown today is the level of maturity of the CLR on Linux. And to the level of how much will Microsoft invest in it compared to WIndows. Only time will tell.

    4+) If the Linux CLR (and/or mono) reaches par with windows, ms can pretty much shut down its server department ;)

  • Window container support on client

    , cbae wrote

    Nothing is "written in" Win32. It's not a language.

    OK Then let's try for the last time:

    Windows containers run apps written against some subset of the Win32 api. If you don't understand this or want to quibble about choice of words, i cannot help anymore.

  • Window container support on client

    @cbae: Oh I see where you're coming from now. It's like i'll be claiming that Windows Container apps are actually JavaScript because many will use node. 

    Windows containers run apps written in some subset of Win32. Period.

    Your point that most apps will be dotnet is irrelevant. You can also run Java apps and node.js apps. Why do you include that as container api? Its not.

  • Window container support on client

    It seems we are talking past each other. 

    , cbae wrote


    You're conflating how containers are going to be implemented with how applications running inside a container are going to implemented.


    An app to be run in a container will use a subset of the Win32 API. or am I conflating?

    "Containers create environments for server-based application stacks. On the Windows side, those applications are of the ASP.NET, WCF, or BizTalk variety. These are all .NET-based technologies. Win32 doesn't even come into the picture."

    That's a total misunderstanding of containers. Can I create a C++ app to run in a container? What's the API?

  • Window container support on client

    , evildictait​or wrote


    Yes. Both Google and Microsoft deploy what amount to cross-OS "containers" in production.

    What's "what amounts to" amount to?

    How can Google use windows containers when they are so new?

  • Window container support on client

    , cbae wrote


    The correct vernacular is "contributing to the Docker project".

    Nah, copying in a hurry is more aligned with what I saw in build and ignite. (some of the tech was already in Windows, grant MS that)



    Containers create environments for server-based application stacks. On the Windows side, those applications are of the ASP.NET, WCF, or BizTalk variety. These are all .NET-based technologies. Win32 doesn't even come into the picture.

    Nah, WIndows containers are WIn32 (some subset) containers. What's dotnet have to do with it (other then most things that run on windows are dotnet apps)?

    This is basic, or am I missing alot of base belong to you ;)


    Some day if all of the .NET frameworks are refactored to run on .NET Core, Microsoft may choose to *-can Windows Server altogether. Who knows?

    Yah. So we do see eye to eye on some things ;)

  • This is how important POSIX "experience" is

    2015, you cannot be called a developer without knowing it. PowerShell and nano server and windows 10 for IoT will not do :)

    EDIT: Just ask Scott Hanselmann, John Papa, Dan Wahlin etc. (apologies for spelling mistakes)

  • Window container support on client

    , cbae wrote


    That pretty much describes most OSS application stacks these days, not just in the past. IMO, Docker exists BECAUSE the environments that these stacks run under are so fragile.


    Microsoft is copying this (in a hurry) so there must be something there. Windows containers are great, just don't think it has anything to do with linux. It will surly not let you host Win32 apps for cheap on linux.

  • Window container support on client

    @evildictaitor: wait, i was talking containers, and was assuming this conversation is about containers, now you mention running VMs?

    Again, do you claim that deploying cross OS  containers in production (i.e. linux containers under WIndows or Windows containers under linux) make sense and being done? I don't believe you. It makes no sense to me.

  • Window container support on client

    @evildictaitor: I don't understand, do you claim that running Linux containers under Windows and Windows containers under linux makes sense, other then when developing, and that big companies are doing this? I dont believe you, but then again I never worked in a high scale environment ;)