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fanbaby fanbaby
  • Amazing pair programming (golang, vim, git, appengine, Andrew Gerrand)

  • Microsoft working on new Chrome-like browser

    Reading this, it seems IE (spartan) is doomed.

    "Chief among the plans for Spartan is new inking support that allows Windows 10 users to annotate a web page with a stylus and send the notes and annotations to a friend or colleague."

    My friend had a startup idea like this 5 years ago, only to find that Google had the same idea (anyone remember?), and that idea tanked fast. Now, according to the verge's Tom Warren, this idea will help Microsoft compete in browsers. Sorry, no.

  • Windows-free for a week now, and surviving

    @evildictaitor: Because no one will hire you if you only have microsoft in your resume :P

  • Windows-free for a week now, and surviving

    @evildictaitor: Thanks for your question, threw me off balance. Maybe my vantage point was too much as a developer that's interested in current techs. I don't know, but had windows been based on posix I would have looked at macs with less envy? :) I know all about VMs, still it's a hassle. Emulating server environment natively would have been nicer.

    Anyway, I think that the fact that future developers will have to know posix, means there will be less incentive to learn Win32, hence maybe less apps (which happens anyway, have you seen a major app for the desktop recently?). Its about consolidation. 

    But thinking about it more, it seems windows has still a long life ahead thanks to 2 things. 1) games 2) the very long tail of desktop apps, those industrial apps, or dentist software, etc.


  • Windows-free for a week now, and surviving

    I never said I hated windows or Microsoft. Never owning a Mac, I liked Windows.

    What i did hate and do hate were some of Microsoft actions, like Silverlight on the web. That was the most evil/stupid idea ever, but that amounted to null, and thankfully Microsoft proved again and again more stupid then evil. Currently my only gripe is that Microsoft has turned itself to a patent clearing house ;)

    Windows is great. It's graphic stack is still more advanced IMO then linux (i can only assume that Microsoft's tricks with the x86/x64 are magical), but I see no future for a proprietary OS that's not POSIX compatible.


  • Windows-free for a week now, and surviving

    Yes, I'm not the typical Office-hugging, photoshop-junky, visualstudio power user user, but still, the fact that I'm feeling comfortable and not missing Windows does mean something. So bye-bye windows 10, you've been great.

    My rig: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/toshiba-13-3-chromebook-2-intel-celeron-4gb-memory-16gb-solid-state-drive-satin-gold/8790147.p?id=1219370473818&skuId=8790147

    Bought it for $300 on sale. One of my best buys, by far. Would recommend... HIGHLY :)

    Screen, battery life, trackpad, and keyboard, this is as close you can get to a mac, for 1/3 of the price.

    BTW, that's not to say that chromeos looks better then Windows - I do think that Windows graphics is more polished - after all Windows had like 20 years to simmer - but chromeos' good enough.

    My next prediction (after pridicting the open-sourcing of .net, and inclusion of WebGL in IE) is that Microsoft would release a chromebook competitor. No, i'm not talking price, that's not chromebook's charm. I mean 0-config setup, with no or little local storage. In other words the net computer Sun were advocating 10 years ago. Every good idea's time comes. 

    But sadly, I don't think it would stand a chance against Chromebooks, because chrome is getting to be a household name. IE on the other hand...

  • My latest work toy...

    On a different note: have you seen google's ups?

    No? here you go (at least it was so a few years ago)

  • Tom Warren (The Verge) and Ed Bott (zdnet) give up on WP. msft's karma??

    Soon using patents will be all that's left

  • Microsoft patent strategy backfires

    @Blue Ink: All of it?


  • Microsoft patent strategy backfires

    MS threatened to sue B&N over patents. B&N says eff you and also paints in the media a picture of an ugly bully corporation. At the last minute a trial is averted and MS and B&N play buddies, Microsoft agree to invest a few hundred mills in some sort of a "joint venture". 

    Ah, yes, this has nothing at all to do with patents. Sure, Microsoft planed for years to get into a partnership with B&N, had nothing to do with the impending trial.

    Me and my conspiracy theories.

    Any developer who champions patents is a lower class developer.