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fanbaby fanbaby
  • Death by VS and Wasting time in forms, have you seen this week's Windows Weekly?

    A great show in general, but it looks this week's episode was tailored for you.

  • Windows to support SSH natively

    , bondsbw wrote

    Yeah, I'm not sure if Win64 is technically what Nano Server supports, or if it's still proper to call that stuff Win32.  I noticed links in Bing saying "Windows Nano Server does not support Win32" but maybe those were speculation or misunderstandings, I don't know.

    Mostly I assumed fanbaby was using the term "Win32" in the way I see it used most often, to distinguish GUI apps that aren't written in .NET or WinRT from all other apps that run on Windows.  If he intended to include all Windows apps, I don't know why he didn't just say "Windows".

    Win32 is the API of windows, GUI or not, (well, prior to WinRT or what it's called today). It's the API you use to create a server app (no gui). Has nothing to do with 32/64 bits.

  • Windows to support SSH natively

    , Jim Young wrote


    Umm, you might want reconsider that comment. Check out this video. Shows an example C++ application being developed for Nano. If you look at the source code you'll see #include windows.h



    From what I gather you're 100% right. Nano is a Win32 server (call it NT, or whatever) sans any GUI part. I runs Azue for a while now!

    Now I am having hard time (hence my prev comment) as to its value compared to linux. Can anyone chime in as to what use cases one should use Nano over linux?

  • Windows to support SSH natively

    People chill out. I never said bash is better then PowerShell (it's probably not) or tcsh (it probably is ;)) or anything. Same for html/css vs xaml. My point is that you sould learn posix and open standards and platforms first. (xaml is/will get more open as time go by, but I donr see myself recommending learning it over HTML/CSS)

    ANother semi-related point I want to make is if you are developing server software for Win32 then stop and think. Why are you doing it. Are you like mysql, trying to expand its user base and platforms? Then great, continue. Are you doing it because you know and are comfortable with windows? 

    In any case you should learn unix-like systems. Yes it takes effort, maybe much more then Windows, but you have no choice. BTW not talking client - the year of linux on the desktop isn't this one, but we can hear the train coming.

  • Windows to support SSH natively

    @kettch @wkempf: rate the following shells in the order they should be learned (2015, any kind of developer):



    Hint: it's the same order here:



  • Windows to support SSH natively

    Haven't heard about sysfs, but I'm sure it's compatible with procfs. 

    What you should have said about procfs, is that it's neither POSIX nor Linux, it was created on plan9. Either case it was created at bell labs.

  • Windows to support SSH natively

    Mounting volumes on mount points: check
    Symbolic links: check
    SSH: check (soon)

    Still to go:
    Shell (no, not PowerShell)
    proc file system
    creat() system call

    trasformation ;)

  • What's Rayn Dahl up to

    Connecting stuff. After leaving node.js, he's currently connecting JavaScript (v8) and Golang.



  • Sessions I liked at I/O 2015

    Google I/O is fast turning into AndroidConf ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    There's actually a reason for that. Almost every product line at Google has its own conf. Go, Angular (multiple), Cloud gets its own day, Dart (which seems like it's dying) just had its (sad) day, Chrome summit, and like you saw at the end of video 1, polymer will have its conf soon. Also HTML5 which no more needs evangelizing, it's mainstream now, like Google wanted.








  • The most important Windows 10 news of the day

    @PerfectPhase: Yes, i've seen that, nice!

    WHat's left is to make Chakra open source and cross platform.

    Here's an idea for MS: embed TypeScript into Chakra to speed things even more.