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fanbaby fanbaby
  • Silverlight 3D Cross ​platform....​. Ideas?

    @3DFanBoy: That site sure looks like a parked domain site Wink

  • TypeScript is ​JavaScript..​.

    , kettch wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: They are the most upfront about what they are doing. Companies like Google and Apple seem to be hiding behind the FOSS banner and using it for their own purposes, but don't seem to give back as much as they take.

    Microsoft doesn't use any FOSS in their products, but gives a whole lot to the community. They aren't even pushing their own branded licenses any more and are instead using licenses that are more palatable to the FOSS fanbois.

    I understand your point about Google and Apple just using OS contributors, while Microsoft is at least being honest. Don't agree tough.

    I am more interested to understand someone who DOESN'T see him/herself as a "FOSS fanboi". How does that work? On the face of it it looks like this: "Hey, here's a small jewel for you, it's yours, it's free! No thanks, i'll wait when it'll be available at the store".

  • TypeScript is ​JavaScript..​.

    Just to add to my post, open source is great isn't it? We live in a great time. OS is the great equalizer. How else can a single guy create something, say jQuery or CoffeeScript, which decimates other work by large teams, whether open or close.

    So today Microsoft added yet ANOTHER transpiler. Great. News at 9. You see, in this new world, the fact that it's Microsoft, or Google, or Apple or anyone, means nothing.

  • TypeScript is ​JavaScript..​.

    First I see this as a good thing. a) It's open source, how can that be bad?, b) Already I see some die hard Microsoft fanbois (yes, there are some of those left Smiley) who swore they wouldn't  touch JS with a 10 meters pole hailing this as the thing which saved JS. Good for you. Please use this.

    I have said before on the IE blog, "Microsoft was brought into HTML5 screaming and kicking", after a long detour into Silverlight. So now I say: Microsoft came into open source screaming and kicking, but came it did. Welcome (not that I am a great OS contributor, or any contributor).

    I'm just curious what's Anders, or Microsoft, take on releasing dotnet on the same terms, or when he came to realize that open source was any good. (I'm not saying that all the great guys who contribute to open source were like that for their entire professional life, but still, it seems Microsoft were last, please close the door after you Wink)

    EDIT: And for that matter, and i'm sure Andres isn't reading this, but what's your take on Microsoft calming Linux infringes on 287 or so of their patents??

  • This make me think that XAML might not be with us forever

    , Bass wrote


    On a purely technical level, I agree. I also think Esperanto is a far technically superior language than English, but that's not the language I wrote this post in. Familiarity and standards compliance are important factors in technology decisions.

    Wow! (this might be losely related Smiley)

    The movie i linked to in the original post had really made me think that Microsoft is getting its escape route ready. That's a pretty huge investment in open standards. I am seeing this as in insurance, or hedging bets.


  • This make me think that XAML might not be with us forever

    MS is serious about HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

    It seems VS2012 is one of the best tools for these languages.


  • Video clips with 100 to 1 likes to dislikes or better

    Lego:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUtS52lqL5w


    I like this one alot: http://vimeo.com/36579366

  • Erik Meijer will show off IL2JS with triangles on 28, Sep.

    So, is this finally Microsoft's answer to GWT? It seems that they are not quite comparable since GWT is JAVA=>JavaScript and this would be IL=>JavaScript.

    In theory this is greater then GWT, since you can use other DOTNET languages. For example IronPython=>JavaScript and IronRuby=>JavaScript etc. But these projects are barely breathing, as far as I can tell, and Microsoft ecosystem is 99% C# (where as the Java ecosystem is more diverse).


    A few observations:

    • It seems that Google went on to the post-GWT era (dart...)
    • Douglas Crockford would have made fun of this, just as he does of GWT - he says Google used GWT to make Java really run everywhere Smiley.
  • Another HTML5 app bites the dust...

    Anyone advocating native desktop development is doing so because:

    • The app is high bendwidth/large datasets/computationally intensive (image/video/3d/statistics/games)
    • The developer feels at home with desktop development (hammer, nails, etc.).

    I cannot believe there are developers who would recommend with straight face access-style (LOB) apps today.

    That's not to say that it's easy to develop web apps. But that there isn't a choice. See what John Papa is doing these days (after being Silverlight evangelist).

  • Some cool ​web/Java​Script/WebGL links

    Kerning game