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fanbaby fanbaby
  • HTML5 vs XP IE8 ???

    @steve01: I've heard that Chrome Frame (That's a complete chorme browser running inside IE) can be installed without admin privileges. So chrome frame:

    1. Brings html5 to your clients
    2. Very fast and easy install (similar to flash player)
    3. Doesn't require network manager to install or authorize it
    4. The shell is still IE, so favorites, settings, etc. work like before

    On a different note, it seems you blame Microsoft for this situation but not yourself or the person that designed this app that works only on windows xp or only on IE.

  • Higgs Boson

    One of the best YouTube channels is sixtysymbols. They just released this:

    Oh, and everyone involved in that channel, as well as Higgs, is British. Smiley

  • HTML5 vs XP IE8 ???

    @Dr Herbie:Maybe one of your own was poor wording, but it's obvious the OP likes windows, and especially IE.

  • HTML5 vs XP IE8 ???

    @cbae: No. The fact that you are ganging up on one of your own.

  • HTML5 vs XP IE8 ???

    I find the way this thread is going bothersome, but hey what do i know. 

  • HTML5 vs XP IE8 ???

    @steve01: Do you realize that you can use chrome or firefox or opera on windows xp?

    Are there web-sites you use that require IE6/7/8? If so that is the problem! Tell these authors that the web was made for users certainly not for developers who want the world to stop spinning.

  • Google's got Lego (WebGL/​Chrome needed)

    @wastingtimewithforums: The first link points to a desktop app and an online flash gallery that, after 10 years as you say, contains 200 models. Have you seen some models in the chrome site? just an example

    I don't understand your second link.

    But I do see your point. Almost anyone can make this. And you even don't need a 3d api to do it. One could do this with the canvas tag, although it will be kinda verbose compared to a real 3d version. Since IE will not support webgl (not now at least Wink), I wonder why Microsoft or its community doesn't accept the challenge and create something like this.

  • A good language to learn after c#

    I'd say stay away from Rx, Linq, and Async (I'd say even stay away from C#, if it wasn't too late Smiley). Reasons:

    1. Personal experience: In 2000 we decided to teach VB in a technical school I was working. It seemed a logical step back then, that would enable students to find work fast (after all it was the pre 2000 bust), and the newpapers were filled with wanted ads. The thinking was that VB would be applicable to Office, client-side internet (back then IE had 90% or more of the market so VBScript seemed as alternative to JavaScript), Server (ASP), and desktop (via VB6) and fast to learn if you are a beginner. BTW in the same course we also tought HTML/CSS/JavaScript (we didn't fully understand how to teach the latter, of course). Of these two veins, guess which one gave the best bang for the buck/time spent, and is still relevant today??
    2. Not everything is as shiny as MSFT marketing like you to think. Some things Microsoft markets look very shiny from afar, but upon closer look or having using these they look only skin deep shiny. Personally I remember some database design tools that were included in VB6 that looked just great when described, but upon trying them for something other then a quick demo,  I have found that they weren't  even 100% implemented! Now, I'm not sure this applies to Rx, Aync, Linq or even C#, but I would not rule it out.
    3. It's about the community. Outside of Microsoft, only the mono team is interested in dotnet. No one else is interested in it! For example, one would think that once Microsoft dropped (sorry, evolved) Silverlight, its vocal community would pick up the mono port called moonlight and do something with it. That project is very quiet. No one wants to contribute. Having said that, it seems Ximian is doing something magical with mono with monotouch and monodroid. Check out how many games on the best seller list are made with them. Still the outside community of dotnet seems small to me compared to projects like webkit, node, v8, php, python, ruby, RoR.

    I conclusion chose wisely, remember I chose VB for my students back in 2000 and it was a mistake.

    If you want a language that's fast, functional, cuncurent, terse, and beautiful check out go.

  • Thought provoking article by Rob Pike that C++, Java and C# (especially) devs should read

    Sorry to revive a dead thread, started by me no less, but there were some videos about Go from Google I/O 2012 just posted. Guys watch this, and you'll be converted Wink

    1) Masterful presentation (did I tell you I'm a Rob Pike fanboi?) about concurrency:

    2) The go team (Yes, that's effing Ken Thompson in the panel):


  • Made in the UK

    Not only great TV, but also John H Conway (is this is the right thread...) 

    Also, whenever I see a math book published by Cambridge University Press, I buy

    2 Favorite examples: 1, 2