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fanbaby fanbaby
  • Google doesn't allow Microsoft to use YouTube's API in Windows Phone

    , PaoloM wrote


    a) HTML/JS cannot be used to develop cross platform applications and you must target a very specific rendering engine implementation in order to achieve some kind of usefulness,


    b) Google's developers are muppets and can not code their way out of a paper bag,


    c) Google is lying.

    Your pick.

    Easy, it's C. You see, please let me tell you a little history lesson. It used to be that, in my life time, Microsoft was the 800 lb. gorilla that no one wanted to mess with. Everyone wanted to be its friend. Why, people even wanted to pay money to get its certifications. Mothers said to their kids, if you wont eat your meat, Microsoft will come and take your toys. Life was good. But suddenly, the gorilla discovered that the times were a changing. There was this new kid that was talented. Not only that this kid made many awesome toys, it open a lemonade stand and everyone came to drink. I mean everyone (I just saw Coca-Cola the other day). 

    This gorilla was kinda old and knew it's gonna bite the dust one day, so it had a baby, it named WP7, later to be renamed WP8. The gorilla loved the little ugly baby (just teasing you), and said to all the kids you better watch my baby, or else... Then the cool kid said no way that gorilla's baby going to drink at my lemonade stand. No fscking way. Suddenly the poor gorilla found itself in a terrible (so it thought) spot....

    To be continued

    Paolo, lighten up, everything turned out great, Google will bite the dust, Silverlight will make a comeback, JavaScript would disappear, android would bite the dust, and Windows Phone will have 97% market share, and you will be a level g7j at Microsoft.

  • Google doesn't allow Microsoft to use YouTube's API in Windows Phone

    @JoshRoss: Thanks for making waste 2:32 minutes of my life (not counting buffering, nice spinner BTW, very stylish)

    You forgot to add that the video applet should have been Silverlight damn it!

  • Google doesn't allow Microsoft to use YouTube's API in Windows Phone

    One more thing. Bare with me please, this one isn't simple Smiley

    I believe that the people here that cheered and gloated every time another Linux or andoid company signed patent licensing deal, were mostly Silverlight supporters. They were willing to throw the open web to the dogs, for the sake of what? Microsoft success? Their skills to be more relevant? I don't know for what, but the openness of the web meant nothing to them. I would even go further and say that most of them spread FUD w.r.t. HTML5. FUD like "html5 standard would be done in 2022" etc. All for the sake of Silverlight's (RIP) fight. Now some of them come and talk about standards and cross-platformness? hahaha


    To sum up my thesis: Microsoft patents supporters==Silverlight Supporters==Open-web/standards haters==hurt by Google actions==Open-web/stanrdas lovers. a contradiction

  • Google doesn't allow Microsoft to use YouTube's API in Windows Phone

    Guys, worry that your dotnet skills will be rendered irrelevant if Windows Phone falls flat on its face because of Google's shenanigans? Petition Microsoft to stop abusing its vast patent portfolio against android and Linux. Seems simple to me.

    Google can be evil. To fight evil.

    Anyone who claims patents like "downloading browser background images in parallel" are even worthy of being talked about, is no true developer

    Wink Bas

  • Google doesn't allow Microsoft to use YouTube's API in Windows Phone




    Here's my comment:


    Yeah, like I would listen to someone who sues for patents in Linux (!) and takes money from andoroid manufacturers for using patents like "add a phone number to the contacts by long-pressing it".

    Microsoft = patent troll!  It's a shame, it used to be tech company with some jewels like COM (CORBA done right), AJAX (thank IE 5.5, and the web outlook team for that), dotnet (java done right and agile-ly, think were it would have been today if it was TRULY open. think dotneters and weep).

    Most, if not all, presenters on youtube and vimeo about programming, web, startups, nodejs, nosql DBs, what not, USE MACS. Most users of tech-related sites like arstechnica, USE CHROME. Startups pretty much settled on POSIX. Show me sites on the alexa 100 using Windows servers.

    Now, please don't replay if it's along the lines "Microsoft is doing it legally" or "defending it's IP". That's BS. No true developer who likes programming and computers would say that.

    Microsoft, leave the high-tech world alone. Compete with technology, not patents.

  • Amazing Spider

    @JoshRoss: LOL

    Have you seen this guy's other videos? I like this one too:

  • JavaScript antiFUD, take it from someone who transitioned from C# to JS

    , brian.​shapiro wrote

    I'm not sure why you're referring to it as antiFUD, who is the FUD coming from?

    Good question! As JoshRoss says, it might really come from all over, but I cannot help but feel it's mostly Microsoft developers who lead the "HTML5 will be ready in 2022" charge. After dreaming of a C# future, they pray for Bill G to come back and show the world what E^3 (you know, embrace etc.) should look like Wink

  • JavaScript antiFUD, take it from someone who transitioned from C# to JS

    An article from a few days ago:


  • Well this clears things up

    Thx, subscribed.

  • Expression is Dead

    1. I got lost in the roadmap of developer/designer tools from Microsoft, anyone care to point me to a simple diagram of the offerings?
    2. http://designisphilosophy.com/microsoft-expression-web/microsoft-abandons-expression-web-and-front-end-web-development/ after betting the farm of these tools, this guy is perty pissed. His take is that Microsoft is risking irrelevancy.