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  • Seventeen Minutes With Bill

    LaBomba wrote:

    What I would ask Bill Gates:

    Does Bill ever use Google....if no one is looking?

    MSN search has come a long way.....but comon it still bites.

    Does Bill use iTunes?

    Does Bill play Xbox 360/ and If so, how about Xbox Live; what's his gamer tag?

    Does Bill ever drive or is he chauffeured all the time?

    Edit: finally last question i would ask, can i have a million dollars?

    Hey...you never know.

    For the Google and iTunes question I would imagine he would reply that it’s fundamentally important to know your competitors offerings.

    MSN search has come a long way...  ...and is still going.

    Bill said in the interview along with countless other times that he does play Xbox 360.

    Bill drives himself in his Lexus

    Last questions -- No! lol

    Great job Charles and team!

  • A thank you to the Niners! (The Channel 9 Song)

    Well done guys! Thank you!

  • Bill Gates - A short chat with Microsoft's Chief Software Architect

    Great job Robert! Now I can scratch that off my 2005 wish list for Microsoft http://msinbox.blogspot.com/2005/07/my-wishlist-for-microsoft-this-year.html
  • Virtual Earth: MSN's answer to Google Maps

    This looks awesome! Great work guys. Cant waul.
  • Jeffrey Snover - Monad explained

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! This sounds amazing and I can't wait to try it! Great video!


  • Brett Bentsen - A look at the Portable Media Center

    I really like the creative device and MediaPlayer 10. Also it's great news that Microsoft have opened the Media Center up and allowed just the TV tuner cards to be added to whitebox machines. I also think Chris's idea of having the device as an independent recorder sounds like a good idea yet I think the Xbox Extender boxs should to the trick.

    The only thing missing from the device which is a bit of a let down is that they do not incorporate the Microsoft Voice Command software which I use everyday on my Pocket PC to query my music via voice when driving to work. The Voice Command software on the Pocket PC could possibly be the best application for the Windows Mobile platform. Considering that the Portable Media Center and the Pocket PC are almost identical in regard to sepcs I can't see any reason why this marriage would not work out perfectly.

    MSInbox.com #

  • Dean Hachamovitch - Do you have the hottest seat at Microsoft?

    I think the main reason why Microsoft have not moved on this feature (tabbed browsing) would be that it would be a sign of defeat for the Windows desktop not being able to do one of it’s primary tasks – that being, managing the Windows/Applications seamlessly and allowing the user to navigate though various windows.


    To avoid the above issue and to allow Joe Developer’s application to benefit from this arguable “failing” within Windows, this issue needs to be addressed by the Task bar. The ‘Group similar task bar buttons’ option for the start menu which is on by default in Windows XP almost got us to the stage we would like to be yet the problem of grouping similar information into virtual containers was not resolved it only grouped by application.


    What the solution to this would be in my opinion would be to allow for drag and dropping in conjunction with the ‘Group similar task bar buttons’ option so you can create another group by dragging an item from the group to an empty section of the task bar and then dropping it. Then each new instance of the application would be created in the new group. You could also drag in-between groups yet the newest group would still contain all new instances. The only condition is that it must be the same application in this case MSIE. 


    The only problem I could see would be the fact that when you drag the grouped item to the empty area of the task bar you would invoke the “Show Desktop” function which allows objects to interact with the desktop from any window. Yet maybe the delay for this function could be adjusted.


    I hope this helps.