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  • MSN Virtual Earth Team - Virtual Earth Ships

    Orbit86 wrote:
    just another competitor copycat, looks like when someone makes good software MSFT can't handle that and crapitize the industry.

    You're so full of soundbites with little or doubtful factual substance it's unbelievable - you should be in politics Smiley

    Google maps and Google earth are 2 separate products, as opposed to a single integrated one. And google didn't develop them, they, uh, bought the companies (WhereTo = Google Maps, Keyhole = Google Earth).

    MS have been developing TerraServer for years - and it looks like a lot of VE will integrate with that.

    So your point that MSFT are copying someone else on this one is not valid, nor is your perception that GOOG do everything from scratch. At the end of the day, people have businesses to run...

    I'd put some facts in front of you to address some of your other esoteric rants but I couldn't be bothered. Got a real job to do Smiley