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  • Unity and the Kinect SDK

    @AkhmadMax: I didnt do anything else. But after few days using, sometimes when I play the Unity crash, but sometimes works fine. Really dont know.

  • Unity and the Kinect SDK


    Thanks Niranjan, I changed the DLL path, Unity didnt crashed (lie - now is crashing when I try to play the app) and when I have an GameObject to show the RGB or Depth Camera from Kinect i'm get the following error: 

    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    System.String.memcpy1 (System.Byte* dest, System.Byte* src, Int32 size)
    System.String.memcpy (System.Byte* dest, System.Byte* src, Int32 size)
    (wrapper unknown) Kinect.ColorBuffer:PtrToStructure (intptr,object)
    KinectSensor.extractColorImage (Kinect.NuiImageBuffer buf) (at Assets/Kinect/KinectSensor.cs:259)
    KinectSensor.Kinect.KinectInterface.pollColor () (at Assets/Kinect/KinectSensor.cs:212)
    DisplayColor.Update () (at Assets/Kinect/DisplayColor.cs:22)

    The line is:

    ColorBuffer cb = (ColorBuffer)Marshal.PtrToStructure(buf.m_pBuffer,typeof(ColorBuffer));

    Can anyone help me out?


    Anyone created the the Google Group? I can join?



    Felipe Fragoso