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  • London Niners: Tour, Drinks and Debate

    irascian wrote:
    fdisk wrote: Here. Let's try this. Your undying enthusiasm for this site is really odd. Are you trying to get hired by them?

    If you'd spent more than 5 minutes here you'd know that working for Microsoft is the last thing I want to do (nothing against Microsoft it's just that having worked for IBM, Amdahl, Oracle, Ford and a whole bunch of other companies in the past I feel I've "been there, done that"). Not that I haven't had friends inside who've tried to persuade me to go for interview. I prefer being my own boss although age will undoubtedly start making that more difficult as time goes on.

    I too have been a coder, a software architect and a bunch of other things. None of which bears any relevance to posting stupid comments like "Does this constitute drinking on company time?". What exactly was the point you were trying to make, other than to make some pathetic snarky comment? And so what if it HAD been on company time (as stated above, it wasn't) - who cares?]
    Nice ending line there. Some places fire you for getting trashed on the job. But since you don't work in a machine shop with heavy equipment...
    irascian wrote:
    I see absolutely nothing in Sabot's post (to which your quote above was a reply) that would indicate that. Your posts on the other hand.....
    And I see trends.

    irascian wrote:

    rory wrote: Bloody hell, Ian. I miss you
    I'm flattered! Miss you too, mate. Not going to make Tech-Ed this year but seriously thinking about Mix-07 as I've never been to Vegas and it's a chance to mix business with pleasure. Hopefully you might be there with Channel 9?
    Must. Not. Barf.
  • London Niners: Tour, Drinks and Debate

    Sabot wrote:
    Then why are you still here?

    Being cool on C9 doesn't get you hired by Microsoft, I doesn't really help either.

    What helps you get hired is being good at the job they are hiring you for.

    With the C9 positions, there was more than one, what stopped you from going for one of them? Is the kind of thing that C9 is asking the kind of thing you do? It's all well in and good being a decent coder or Arch if you are really bad at holding a conversation and making a good interview.

    Ian and I have been around Microsoft long enough to know they aren't perfect.

    IMO there has been a sea-change in recent years and C9 reflects that thinking, Microsoft has internal battles about this kind of things which we don't see.
    Why do I feel like you have this huge chip on your shoulder? Maybe that's not the case, but it's very easy for me to hold a conversation. I've done it on here numerous times and in public. It's not difficult. My point is that each time they have opened up a position to the public, an internal employee is hired every single time. What's the point of competing with that? Not to be sarcastic, but it reminds me of the rules that were involved in the Express contest...not very well thought out and biased to some extent. And if you think that my skills are limited to what I told you about, you are waaaay off in your assessment. Frankly I don't feel like spilling all the details of my personal life in a public forum like Scoble did. I think it's crass, unprofessional, and damaging to your family if anything goes wrong (and something always does). It was a creepy kind of openness that not many others shared. It's also not hard to interview people, although I'm very direct at times (to a fault) and I'm sure I'd get kicked out of one or two offices and get wrung through the wringer with the pr/legal.
  • London Niners: Tour, Drinks and Debate

    irascian wrote:
    Fdisk, you're becoming extremeley tiresome lately. What exactly is your point? As it happens the video was recorded on a Sunday afternoon/evening, but your comment is ridiculous anyway.
    Here. Let's try this. Your undying enthusiasm for this site is really odd. Are you trying to get hired by them? On more than one occasion they have offered job interviews. Usually they hired internally. Granted, Rory is a great hire, but looking back, what would be the point of applying if you were up against that? Why even open it up to the public? It was probably an HR requirement if nothing else. So, yes, your devotion (and others) is really scary and unmerited.

    Edit: I used to believe in this site and the people here (until I actually met them, which really opened my eyes). I am also extremely capable as a coder, a semi-decent software architect, and a few other things so before you launch into another diatribe, I'll tell you that this site has done more to wreck my image of microsoft than anything else.
  • London Niners: Tour, Drinks and Debate

    So...does this constitute drinking on company paid time?
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