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  • new info around Midori team

    well, today I want to discuss a little more about Wavefront, to this day what we know about Wavefront are mostly from Svitlana Tumanova

    Wavefront – project dedicated to design of safe and efficient systems programming environment
    - Investigated performance impact of transitioning the existing codebase to managed language
    - Contributed to incrementally porting the existing codebase to a safer language

    but I think I interpreted it wrong previously, I thought the 2 sentences are talking about the same thing. with those new info I think now I can speculate a little more today, maybe they are talking about TWO DIFFERENT languages ! the first sentence specifically talked about a "managed language", that was M#, but the second "safer language" maybe NOT M# ! it could be something like Carbon, a "modern, safer C++", the "new language" Jim Radigan was talking about, and the "type safe code" David Tarditi is working on in his Autobahn project.

  • new info around Midori team

    well, today we have some interesting stuff,

    Ihere is a LinkedIn :lya Smirnov

    Sep 2014 - Present

    Software Engineer on a team in the Operating Systems Group, formerly part of Midori
    • Designing and developing a safer and more productive systems programming language
    • Incrementally converting the current active C++ codebase to the new language
    • Contributing to design and improvement of the DOM implementation for Project Spartan

    its quite interesting he worked on both a "new language", and "Project Spartan", he didn't mention he worked in different teams during the period, and I don't think MS engineers can freely work on completely unrelated projects in different departments. so what happened here ? err... maybe nothing special actually, but if I am allowed to read really way too much into this and take a wild wild guess, then maybe Spartan is porting their C++ code into the "modern, safer C++" that Andrew Pardoe mentioned, maybe its Carbon C++.

    well, talking about Andrew Pardoe, what I didn't mention above is, he actually worked in Midori team for a short time, read his LinkedIn:

    July 2014 – August 2014 (2 months)Midori

    OK. another tidbit:
    previously I mentioned some patents from the MSP team, one of the coinventor is Alex Riemann

    July 2014 – Present
    Senior Software Engineer Lead, Wavefront

    March 2008 – July 2014
    Senior Software Engineer, Midori OS
    Worked on a systems incubation effort implementing a high performance Web Server, Web Application Framework, and Http Client in a managed code environment. I also implemented the SMB2 protocol and a variety of drivers for the system.

    the most interesting part here is, he is currently working in Wavefront project, which we already saw before, but dont know what it is, any way, here is another team member, lets take a note :)

  • new info around Midori team

    @Bass: Midori was heavily related to Phoenix compiler framework, read Chris McKinsey and David Tarditi's LinkedIn for more. now the old Phoenix team is working on LLVM related stuff, maybe we can expect some tech they developed along the way to emerge in their LLVM based projects, at least I hope so.

  • new info around Midori team

    @Charles: please read the bold part in my quoted text again, he did mention "a new language", literally, what does it mean ???

  • new info around Midori team

    now lets look into this LinkedIn profile of Andrew Pardoe,

    August 2014 – Present (9 months)Visual Studio C++ PM

    Helping to create a modern, safer C++.

    heck ? it looks more and more likely that Carbon wi being productized

  • new info around Midori team

    @TexasToast: I have no idea, but Chris was leading Midori project these years, now the project is closed, maybe he feels bored and want some new adventure in differenct environment.

  • new info around Midori team

    flash news ! new language in the works, Carbon C++ ??


    The untapped opportunities in front of us [right now] are large and we need to expand the teams capacity to respond quickly and effectively to IoT, Cloud, new languages, security, performance, code size and tools to help developers check there software. This position will enable the correct code generation for a new language and report directly to the Dev Manager of the CGT (Code Gen. Technologies) team at Microsoft.

  • new info around Midori team

    well, new episode again

    today lets start from this sad news, Chris Brumme went to Google
    losing such a high profile veteran engineer to Google is not good sign for MSFT

    well. now lets move to some history of a less talked part of the project, : MSP, or ASP.NET for Midori

    some tidbits come from these patents

    and also from LinkedIn profile of Wen-Ke Chen

    Nov 2008 - Nov 2012

    Worked on an incubation project building a new computing platform from scratch. Developed a more lightweight and efficient implementation of ASP.NET MVC on the new platform with innovative features (e.g. filter-based input data binding to repel DoS attacks exploiting weaknesses in map or multimap implementations via plotted combinations of unexpected key-value pairs, attribute-guided meta-programming to provide convention-over-configuration conveniences, and strongly-typed references and layouts to expose code embedded in template files to static checking). Contributed ideas to the new asynchronous programming model and its implementation. Revisited many decisions in the language runtime (e.g. exception handling, stack walking, calling conventions and linked stacks) and proposed many practical ideas for improvements (with some already implemented by me). Also developed and evolved various quality tools (a sampling profiler, a GC profiler, and a code coverage tool) and the underlying eventing infrastructure along with the rest of the rapidly-evolving system, with these highly reliable and performant tools having been critical to making the new platform and applications / services built to run on the new platform highly reliable and performant.

    lastly lets talk about some nice(-r) stuff,

    Microsoft recently open source LLILC, the LLVM based MSIL compiler, on GitHub

    this is exciting stuff, and I found that Joe Duffy is a Collaborator of this project

    also, some formal Midori team members are working on this project now
    like Pat Gavlin https://github.com/pgavlin and Eugene Rozenfeld https://github.com/erozenfeld

    so I think they are in the Compiler and Language Platform group too, in Joe Duffy's team.
    and they are working with the old Phoenix team, building cool stuff with LLVM, whic is nice.


  • I made a big mistake.

    this problem has existed for a while, and the workaround is right therw in the release notes, in known issues.

  • Jeffsand left his job at Twitter

    aaand, he is back https://twitter.com/jeffsand/status/582574388676939776