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felix9 felix9 the cat that walked by itself
  • new info around Midori team

    @Charles: actually, there are plenty of interesting projects from MSR once awhile, if C9 need topics suggestions I can post them whenever I see one.

  • new info around Midori team

    @Charles: that'll be super awesome ! :)

    always a great pleasure to see those great researchers on C9 ! Galen Hunt has some great stuff to share every time, and David, oh so many years :P

    (Lightbulb hmm......)

  • new info around Midori team

    well, more news today:

    first, Midori team member Mircea Trofin is now working at Google

    and, David Tarditi just updated his LinkedIn with many information

    he is back working at Microsoft Research "OS Technologies Group" since Feb 2015

    I am leading the Autobahn project with Galen Hunt. A problem with Singularity and Midori was that existing code had to be manually rewritten at great expense in C#. The goal of the Autobahn project is to automatically convert existing C and C++ code to type-safe code, thereby providing a fast road to the future where systems are free of the security and reliability problems that affect C and C++ programs.

    and previously, he was in OSG from Dec 2014 to Feb 2015,

    previously, he was in DevDiv from Aug 2014 to Nov 2014

    The System C# project was moved from the Operating Systems Group to Developer Division, ostensibly to productize the effort. I was development manager for the Systems Programming Platform Group, which was part of the Systems Programming Group. This was a short-lived effort, unfortunately.

    and previously, he was in OSG from Nov 2013 to Aug 2014

    led the System C# project. The goal of System C# was to let you write systems code in C#. It was based on our experience writing systems software in C# in Midori, with the goal of bringing the programming technology we developed in Midori back to Windows.

    some interesting history there.

  • more on HoloLens API: ​Windows.​Mirage.​Hologram​Framework

    , WinHUGR wrote

    @felix9: you mention a simulator, which brings up the interesting question of what form a simulator for developing HoloLens applications might take on. Considering the many different sensors and the relationship of the real world 3d environment to a HoloLens application, I wonder what approach they will take with creating simulators of the device?  

    well, I think programmer doesn't need to work with those "many different sensors" directly, I guess HoloLens itself will hide those details for you, and act as just a "World Sensor", so what you get is just World and Person etc.

  • Windows 10 for Windows Phones

    1316 = 2 * 14 * 47, whatever that means.

    or maybe 13 = 15-2 ? 15-2-16 ?

  • C# 7.0 may bring some M# goodness

    well, C# is also used to write client side apps on the desktop or mobile devices, where performance is more related to memory usage and raw execution efficiency.

    also, C# has many good stuff like memory safety and type safety etc, which are also desirable for lower level programming, like device drivers, it'll be nice if C# can be used there.

  • C# 7.0 may bring some M# goodness


    here is the notes of first design meeting for C# 7.0, where they discussed immutable types.

    the "conclusion" is:

    we are unsure of the value. Let's talk more

    OK :P

  • new info around Midori team

    alright, here I am again, today I have some "new" stuff, but first, let me report yet another departure:

    Ahmet Altay, who worked on the storage engine, went to Google.

    OK, here comes the news, today I noticed another Midori dev on LinkedIn

    Ryan Zelen he worked in Midori OS team from Sep 2011 to Aug 2014

    - Designed and implemented high performance runtime libraries (ex. text encoding, cryptography) in managed code.
    - Ported Speech recognition engine (legacy C++ Windows codebase) to a managed language and runtime. Result of port was decrease in lines of code, increase in safety, and increase in performance (ultimately measured by decrease in user perceived latency).
    - Implemented JSON parser in managed language intended to be suitable for use in high performance web applications.
    - Worked on language design for managed systems programming language.
    - Began porting distributed storage and compute engine (C++ Windows codebase) to managed language and runtime.

    interesting, but where is the "news" ? well, Ryan is working in another team after that:

    Senior Software Engineer, Wavefront
    September 2014 – Present (6 months)

    "Wavefront", what is that ? OK, maybe just another boring project somewhere in Microsoft.
    but suprisingly, it seems like, its something related to M# ! because I found another hint.

    Svitlana Tumanova, a long time Midori team member, also updated her linkedin profile:

    Midori – incubation project dedicated to research, design and development of new OS paradigms
    - Worked on porting the Cosmos distributed system to managed language and bringing it up in
    the new OS environment
    - Worked on design and implementation of the DOM Tree and CSS parts of Midori Browser

    Wavefront – project dedicated to design of safe and efficient systems programming environment
    - Investigated performance impact of transitioning the existing codebase to managed language
    - Contributed to incrementally porting the existing codebase to a safer language

    while the "Midori Browser" name is interesting in its own, her description of Wavefront is even more interesting: "porting"/"transitioning" the "existing codebase" to "managed"/"safer" language.

    and, the timing "September 2014" is same as the "Systems Programming Group", the goal "design of safe and efficient systems programming environment" also matches, so I guess "Wavefront" was the project that SPG was working on, when it existed, but since SPG is no more, what happened to "Wavefront" ? still needs more observation :)

  • I hope I can write my own phone call blocker

    hmm... I think you can use the API Windows.winmd inside GDR2 emulator image.

  • Hololens ideas.

    most of the holograms I saw are just 3d models, which are virtual objects, I think its very difficult to capture a real life object, like a human, as a hidef hologram, like a video camera.

    at the stage they showed a hologram of Terry Myerson, I dont know if thats 'recorded' from the real Terry, or just a 3d model, can anyone tell ??