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felix9 felix9 the cat that walked by itself
  • "Optimizer as an AppStore Service" = Cloud JIT ?

    , Charles wrote

    @felix9: Oh Felix... Don't you have code to write, man? Smiley


    Yes, but this is the coffeehouse right ? I'm here when my code is still compiling...... Wink

    , contextfree` wrote

    I love linkers and loaders Smiley

    How about 'binders' ??

  • "Optimizer as an AppStore Service" = Cloud JIT ?

    Well, the MDIL data generated by CrossGen has a version number 0x0002000c  or 2.12, its much newer than the version descripted in the patent, 0x00020006 or 2.06. The header size of 2.12 is 120 bytes, larger than the 92 bytes of 2.06 version or 72 bytes in Singulariy's Bartok, so its hard to understand.

    But I found another interesting thing in that patent:

    enum PlatformID
     PlatformID_Unknown = 0,
     PlatformID_Triton = 1,

    So that was CLR Triton !

  • MSBuild 2012

    The best part of PDC10 is the Q&A feature in the streaming app, where the team members will answer online question while the speaker is on stage. its better than Ch9Live because more people are answering, and on more topics.  I hope Build 2012 can do the same.

  • "Optimizer as an AppStore Service" = Cloud JIT ?

    Alright, Charon aka Ma-Config showed me this patent, it has a detailed description of MDIL.


    MDIL Instruction Set: Explaining Instruction Formats and Conventions in MDIL Code

    This section discusses the binary encoding and the semantics of MDIL instructions.


    What is MDIL? MDIL is a lower level of intermediate language than MSIL. It gives up on the goal of machine independence—in fact the acronym MDIL stands for Machine Dependent Intermediate Language. MDIL doesn't compete with MSIL—rather, going through MDIL is another step in the compilation pipeline going from source code in languages like C#, Visual Basic®, Managed C++ via MSIL to native code (mark of Microsoft Corporation). MDIL doesn't try to abstract properties of the target processor, but it still provides a layer of insulation against versioning of both managed code and the execution engine MDIL code is compiled for.

    MDIL is not directly executable. Instead, a binder reads the MDIL code and produces executable machine code from it. MDIL code is thus reminiscent of object files resulting from the compilation of unmanaged code which are run through a linker to produce final executable machine code. However, pseudo instructions in MDIL may go further than fixups in traditional object files—rather than just fixing up parts of instructions (like an address field), MDIL pseudo instructions may generate new native instructions which possibly differ in length from the pseudo instruction. Thus the MDIL binder is more complicated than a linker because the binder has to adjust the jumps in the resulting native code so they still jump to their intended targets. With this added complexity also comes added power—MDIL code can be robust against base types adding new fields or virtual methods, so it can be considered a solution to the "brittle base class problem".

  • "Optimizer as an AppStore Service" = Cloud JIT ?

    OK, apparently the time is still not so 'right' yet, so let me looking at it a little more.

    The word MDIL is not a new thing, we have seen it in Bartok before:

    /TargetMdil=<bool> (currently False) Target MDIL rather than native code

    /TargetMdilEHPerBB=<bool> (currently False) When targeting MDIL, emit separate EH records for each basic block

    /TargetMdilBartokRuntime=<bool> (currently False) When targeting MDIL, assume that libraries include the Bartok runtime

    /ClrMdil=<bool> (currently False) Target/consume CLR-MDIL rather than Bartok-MDIL (not complete)

    /RedhawkMdil=<bool> (currently False) Target Redhawk-MDIL rather than Bartok-MDIL (currently implies ClrMdil as well)

    /RedhawkBaseClassLibrary=<bool> (currently False) Generate MDIL for a Redhawk base class library (include well-known types table in the CTL)

    /MdilV2=<bool> (currently False) Use version 2 of the MDIL instruction encoding (automatic/required for x64)

    So there were CLR-MDIL, Bartok-MDIL and Redhawk-MDIL, and also MDIL v2, and thats many years ago.

  • How to get the name of the related DLL for a thread in a process like Process Explorer?

    The forum of channel9.msdn.com can't understand the url in msdn.microsoft.com, wtf.

  • (SOLVED) $100 bounty for code, serious offer.

    DbgHelp.dll ???

  • Metro Is Dead

    , dentaku wrote

    Code names almost never make it past RTM at Microsoft anyway so this is not a surprise.

    What was the code name of Windows 8 again ?



  • Metro Is Dead

    actually 'Immersive' was quite good I think.

  • IE10 on Win7 - Is font rendering the same ?

    we dont even know if there will be such a thingy.