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  • Identity and access management for Windows Azure apps

    Thank you Vittorio. Your presentations are a pleasure to watch and you did a great job of simplifying structure for an important and complicated issue. It was great that you brought up remote medicine apps to make clear the point that Identity is important as the example you used of a heart monitor would then be relayed to a doctor (or more likely a computer program), which then fires back a signal to shock the patients heart. The need for Identity and a secure ACS across devices, browsers and sites is critical in those types of applications.

  • Artist Explorer - a Silverlight 2 Mashup

    Great demo of a mashup!

  • Nick Baker: Xbox Architecture

    The noise can be from the S/N ratio of your cable connection or the close proximity to electrical wiring radiation or close proximity to wireless antennas or a combination of any one of those factors. It should not be the hardware of the XBox itself which affects the noise. Are you wireless or using DSL?