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  • Larry Osterman: Windows 7 Audio - What's New

    Hi Larry,


    Lately, I have run across many people that are hooking up their main computer to their TV, which resides in a different room.  For these folks, the audio becomes problematic.  They want to be able to do on their TV, exactly what they do on their PC.  They have PC speakers (via their PC sound card), and they have TV speakers (via their HDMI video, w/sound, output).  Ideally, they want to be able to hear everything (not just from a specific program), no matter which screen they are using.  Without simultaneous streaming to multiple devices, this is much more difficult.


    Switching the default audio device would solve this, but from my recollection, this is not a quick thing to do (i.e. One or two clicks of the mouse).  Rather, it takes delving into the control panel to get it done, which is more time than most people are happy spending every time they switch back and forth.


    Is there a way to programmatically (C#, VB, or C++) change the default audio device?  If this could be done, then I could at least offer them a small utility in the notification tray that would make their lives easier.


    Any other ideas (programmatically, or otherwise)?