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figuerres figuerres ???

Niner since 2004

ok so I don't know what to say just yet....started with computer stuff about 20 years ago. have ...
  • Windows 10 IoT Core for Raspberry Pi 2 & MinnowBoard MAX Released

    Released ?? what ?  looking at the release notes it still seems like it's pre beta given how many things are not working and have issues.

    until they get more of the core device functions working it's not even beta.... can't be.

  • Defrag: Windows 10 on UEFI, 32 vs 64 Windows for Tablets, Auto hide taskbars and more...

    , miknone2009 wrote

    My aunt gave me her new  Windows 8.1 laptop, and  I cannot find Windows Media Center nowhere in it. what happen to it?

    It's not part of the default windows install, if the o's is windows 8.1 standard then go get an 8.1 pro upgrade, you can get it with media center make sure it's that one.

  • Ping 163: Xbox Countdown, Programming language popularity, 3D presentations, Eye controlled computer

    cable card support !!!   take the windows media center stuff and port it to the xbox and then you can watch cable w/o having to rent a cable box from the cable company!!

    sure the providers are starting to offer content on the xbox but only a few channels they pick. With a cable card we can get all the ones we want.

    a cable card will cost about $3.00 to $5.00 US a month from the local cable company. an HD DVR box they rent you is about $16 to $20 US a month and they may also charge for the remote at $3 to $7 a month.

    so the cable card costs you less and you get the same content, the xbox can be setup to do what the hd dvr does and it's yours. 

  • Bill Hill: Homo sapiens 1.0 - The world's most important operating system

    wow Crying   he was such an amazing guy...

  • Announcing BUILD 2012

    great, not.   november in redmond:  cold and wet

    plus timing, and lack of decent advance notice

    and we will need to spend how much?  air fair plus hotels plus tickets ....

    not happening unless you are giving away a lot more than a tablet!!!


    a few years back there used to be local microsoft events and they are gone.

    at least i could afford to drive to a near by town and take 2 days from work to go to them.

    given thew way things are today i can not spend 3 to 5 grand on a cross country trip and take a week off work.  not happening for me and i am sure for many others.

  • TWC9: VS Ultimate Roadmap, MVC/Web API/Razor Open Source, WP SDK 7.1.1 and more

    VS Ultimate:  Yeah right !   who can afford to pay that much?  Really?

    seems like i recall when MSDN + VS was like $1,000 a year now it's nuts...  

    the cost of Ultimate is way too high.

    Pro or Permium is the max I would ever pay for of the VS versions.

    the jump in price does not add that many killer / must have features to justify it.

  • The Big Dimmer Switch

    , Charles wrote

    @figuerres: What are you asking, exactly?


    well honestly several things are on my mind and seem related to this post:

    1) microsoft seems to be trying to change how they share information with developers, i see some valid reasons but i also see problems with this shift. it's a double edged sword.

    2)  related to #1  is the issue of how the tech changes and how in recent history developers have been left with a feeling that Microsoft has tried to "jump" on a new trend at the cost of dropping another tech. or at least making the annoncments come across to many developers as a kind of "Slap in the face" as it were.

    3) also realated to #1 but also to the larger picture is the list of things that microsoft has done amazing work on but yet this work has failed in many ways to get the public acceptance we would like to see. Also the way other companies have been able to benefit from Microsofts hard work.

    just look around the many "Tablet Devices"  from multiple companies that are hitting the market and have sold many many units....  a large part of the work to make them was done by Microsoft but not one of the popular devices today is making money for microsoft or running a Microsoft OS - as far as i know of.

    Granted just around the corner we have WIndows 8 and Windows on Arm but my concern is that like the Windows Phone that this will be coming to the market too late to get the market share needed to attract companies to invest in developing for it.

    I have as yet to see any real demand for windows phone apps in the real world. i do see demand for android and iOS apps.

    and this is interesting as I also see MonoDroid and MonoTouch beeing used to make apps for these devices,   again a case where Microsoft has done a HUGE amount of work but gets no fame, no money and no real advantage.

    there is for sure a paradox of if you try to be "Open and Share"  you might be giving stuff away.

    but if you do not share then you can be accused of all kinds of Evil things ....

    I do not have any simple answers ....  but I do see a lot of things that concern me.

  • The Big Dimmer Switch


    i wonder if this can follow thru with what it says....

    what is the strategy?   how to get on the proactive / advanced side.

    how to not let others reap the benefit of your work...

  • TechFest 2011: 3D Photo-Realistic Talking Head

    MM  Max HeadRoom Show !!!

  • First look at 5 features of IE9 RC

    where can i get a "readme" file of whats chnaged / fixed as of rc9?

    for example the prior beta and VS2010 debugging is broken this is part vs2010 and part IE9 ..

    also many sites badly mis render in the prior beta is there any news on how we will cope untill they fix the sites ?  I never did find a way to get the sites to work right in IE9 Beta

    also the problem with images not loading / showing - has that been fixed ?

    sorry if this is in the video i am working and can't watch it right now.

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