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figuerres figuerres ???
  • When developing a larger website do you start with the UI or the database?

    , vesuvius wrote

    How much money have you got?

    How much time have you got?

    Do you know what a trilemma is?

    Hey I like that link, never had that name but been using the concept for years!

  • Deleting comments

    you are now a moderate moderator ??  LOL

  • Service options

    , spivonious wrote

    We're in the planning stages of a new project at work here. It will be consolidating all of the shipping calculation code into one place and then exposing it via an HTTP endpoint so that any client can pass in some parameters and get the shipping cost and method returned.

    We had initially chosen Web API, but I'm having trouble seeing how our use case will fit into the standard /[resources]/[identifier] URI. We don't really have identifiers, we're just passing in some data and getting some out. Our endpoint is really just a function, not accessing any data store.

    Does Web API still make sense? Should we be looking at WCF? We don't need any of the advanced features of WCF, so it seems like overkill.

    so why not have the service be a resource name like "shipping" or "Transit"  and just have the caller post the data and get a reply ? 

    that seems like a reasonable way to hook it up with web api.

  • Is ​communicati​on to devs broken or just too fragmented

    , davewill wrote

    2 years too late I ran across this when working with an Installer project.

    My.Computer.Info.OSVersion lies



    yeah it's sad that windows installs and apps are at a point where Microsoft needed to do that to save some apps from breaking on the windows 8 os.


  • The should I give up my windows phone question

    , spivonious wrote

    I don't think a couple of phones will change anything either, but it's hard to see the benefit of UWP if the only platform that's available is the PC. With Xbox and Phone, I think we'll see more people jumping on board with UWP. Why wouldn't you? It's almost like "here are a few more customers for free".

    the question is not will "I" be willing, it's will clients who pay for the work ask for it, in particular we need to have customers that today are only asking for iPhone / Android  phone and tablet apps start asking for windows versions of them.

    that is where the problem is.

  • The should I give up my windows phone question

    , spivonious wrote

    Always plenty of .NET jobs. UWP hasn't really taken off, but I think we'll see more job postings as time goes on and Windows 10 penetrates more markets. It was just released on the Xbox this week, and the new phones aren't even out yet.

    sorry but a couple of phones from Microsoft is almost nothing to drive any development jobs.

    I do think that there will be growth for the uwp stuff but how that will become job postings is not at all clear to me.

    I just can not see any growth in the phone space for the windows os unless something *HUGE* happens in the market place that draws a lot more customers to the devices.


  • The should I give up my windows phone question

    , Ian2 wrote


    *snip*I for one am sitting on the fence wondering which tech direction I should now go in now that my 'Microsoft Stack' credentials no longer have the pulling power they once had.


    Sad but interesting times.

    it seems that the .net server side is still doing ok in a lot of places, I see plenty of asp.net mvc related job postings. and some other .net app work postings.

    but mobile is not there at all.

    the games with the OS and the mobile are a mess to deal with.

    I am also seeing a lot of postings for PHP stuff ...  and some Java

    Microsoft needs to get with it on they will lose the .net  stack / it will be a tiny niche  - it's going that way already I think.  it's the larger corp installs that are keeping it going.

    the ones that you will not find on the public internet as they are running on private networks inside large  business.


  • Is ​communicati​on to devs broken or just too fragmented

    , davewill wrote

    @blowdart:Ok. That is an area where I need to improve.  Honestly, before this I thought the rule for security updates was only the playdough inside was being changed and there were no functional changes to the perimeter.  Your example is a good reason why that can't always be the case.  Good to know.

    So far it seems the following are notification avenues:

    1. Random blog on MSDN.  Some team member who was kind enough to write it up.

    2. Email notification.  Azure billing has been good about this.  Other stuff is hit or miss or it is unknown where to sign up for this type of notification.

    3. There does seem to be a few dedicated twitter accounts that are used for notification.


    I'm sure there are other avenues and I'm just blanking on them currently.  Not that it matters.  There isn't a simplified model or consistent avenue for all it seems.  If you have other avenues please post them here as I bet it will benefit someone.


    actually that makes a good point ...

    for a company the size of Microsoft.

    with the large list of developers, it pros and such that "Need to know" this kind of stuff

    how can they make sure that they get the right information to the right people ?

    that is a real challenge I think.

  • The should I give up my windows phone question

    , Ray7 wrote


    Or perhaps they're just waiting for Microsoft to show as much love for Windows on the phone as they seem to be showing for iOS. 

    The problem is that Microsoft doesn't appear to focus its best efforts on its mobile platform, and that gives the impression they could abandon it at any moment.



    YES !

    if you follow the history Microsoft has it's not good at all.  way to many re-boots of the brand, of the OS, of the devices, of the naming of the OS.

    and the huge gaps from one brand  then nothing then a new brand and a new OS and the changes it tools and what code will run on them.

    this makes for a very hard call to get behind and spend money on.

    the only way I can see Microsoft pulling this off at all is if they devote a *LOT* of cash into funding a really strong inside team to go all out on the universal app platform with a very strong push on the phone app side of it and take the effort as  say a 5 year loss / cost  and use that to offer to work with anyone who has any chance of making a good solid app.  let a bunch of folks get a "free ride" from Microsoft as long as they can develop solid apps that will draw in more users and more interest from other companies.

    yes that will cost a lot but it's the only way I can see them getting a solid chance as getting a better then 10% share of the market.  if they could get say 15% or 20% then I think the scales would tip and the platform could take off and grow on it's own power after that.

    if they can not or will not do something that radical then they need to just stop now, get ready to sell off the Nokia properties and call it a day. exit the phone hardware market and the phone os market and just offer mobile apps for IOS and android and be done with the whole mess.

    cut bait or run Microsoft!

  • The should I give up my windows phone question

    , BitFlipper wrote


    I think it is more likely that these companies are waiting for WP to gain enough market share to be worth the trouble than waiting for W10.

    well I really think that most companies do not care at all about windows phones, they do not see a demand from any real number of customers and they see that they have a solid 95% or more coverage so why even think about a third phone OS ?

    that is my take, no one outside of Microsoft and a few techie / developers care.