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figuerres figuerres ???
  • Is the Patterns team still working?

    , Ian2 wrote

    @figuerres:Cool, this brings back memories circa 2005:


    I think I used all these code blocks at one time or another.

    yeah I used the click once block / updater and found that the bindings to the windows BITS could be changed to let it work with more client OS versions with a simple change. that was one of the things I identified and fixed.  it was right at the 2005 .net 2.0 time that I got a huge project started where we had to update remote point of sales pc's and click once mad that possible on scale for us, when I moved to a new job about 7 years later that was working for about 200 pc's running a mix of windows forms and wpf applications. it is / was also used on cruise ships that run software I created.   at the time of SQL 2000 I also worked with the first version of reporting services and did code to do server side printing in an extension and pointed out that I had a better example for that, they had some code that tried to render the entire report at one time, I did it page by page so that a large report would not blow up the server!

    in that sql 2000 version there was no builtin printing , they only had viewing, they had not yet created the active x for printing that came out in sql 2005.


  • Is the Patterns team still working?

    just for the heck of it I found a site that has some of the old updater block info and sure enough my name is at the bottom:


    at the bottom under community contributors ....

  • .gov statistics: chrome is at 42% ​(mobile+des​ktop)

    , elmer wrote


    I was actually referring more to extension devs, rather than website devs.

    Users just expect that websites should be browser-agnostic (as far as its possible) should allow any browser to do it's most basic of tasks. A site that does not support all browsers will lose visitors, rather than force them to change browsers.

    Users choose one browser over another based on extensions and add-ons, as much as it's core features, analogous to the way availability of apps impacts on whether or not a mobile platform is popular, and extensions remain an issue with Opera, despite being an excellent browser.

    thanks,  so just extensions.

    given the small market share I think that is life, much the same for edge except that edge ships on windows 10 so it may get more market share over time.

    this is much like the apps on the phones thing that led me to switch phones.

  • Is the Patterns team still working?

    I remember back when "Click Once" was starting and giving feedback to PAG on how it was first implemented, I think I was cited in the paper on that...

  • Sven Groot on the show !

    , phreaks wrote

    How do I get a copy of WSL? I was going to reformat one of my dev machines to Ubuntu 16 - but would be interested in testing our linux apps on WSL instead if I can get a copy.

    the WSL stuff is available to any windows 10 pc that is in the Windows Insider Program, so go to the updates page and click on the insider option get the updates and then I think it shows up in the windows Features options.  you may also need to turn on the developer options - not sure.

  • .gov statistics: chrome is at 42% ​(mobile+des​ktop)

    , elmer wrote


    No, I just meant that the fact Edge scores well doesn't mean devs will support it, as evidenced by Opera scoring even better, and getting almost no support, despite the webkit engine it now uses.

    out of curiosity what do you mean by "not supporting" it ?

    are there sites that do not let you use Opera ?

    are there sites that do not have some functions if you use Opera ?

    with a good engine and current standards support then sites should not care and just work.

    if sites are looking at the UA string and downgrading based on belief that it's an old Opera version that's not a "support" problem that's a sign of bad practice in how they handle browsers.


  • .gov statistics: chrome is at 42% ​(mobile+des​ktop)

    , elmer wrote


    Opera scores pretty much the same as chrome (520 vs 521 on my PC) but gets almost no support, so I'm not sure that html5test scores mean much.

    well it does list all the different parts of the html 5 standard and several related items like audio and video codec support.

    I have not found any other place that has a free test page like it.

    as for opera all I know is that I have seen a few web sites that block features based on user agent and not based on what the browser can do. it's a bad idea but some folks do it.

    some sites can't figure out edge and fall back to "you  need a modern browser" as if I had IE6 or something that old.

    I wish some of the developers would get the memo to stop reading the u/a string and just let us try and use the site!

  • .gov statistics: chrome is at 42% ​(mobile+des​ktop)

    kind of expected that this is happening....

    if developers will treat edge as a new browser and not as a new IE I think it can do ok.

    the key I think is for folks to try using it and for web developers to give it a fair shake.

    on html5test edge is really close to chrome and closer to chrome than firefox is..

    https://html5test.com/ 458 out of 555 on my work pc, I will have to get another number from home where I have a new build running  but I think it's like 470 ish on the new build.

  • coffeehouse: a great place to flood with junk

    One other comment:  Larry, I really miss the OLD C9 videos both in style and in content.

    also I think that while the "studio" has it's place that we need to get back to the roots of the site and why it's called "Channel 9"

    to get the inside look at what really happens with Teams at Microsoft.

    the feel of the unscripted candid visit to the office of someone and very casually talking about a topic goes MILES to  giving a human and personal look at things that can really make the content more interesting and more "Real"

    stuff like the classic Bill Hill walk thru the woods for example as he explains his ideas about vision and reading and how he came to write the paper on the subject.

    that was a great example of a really good video IMHO.

    get back ....  like the Beatles said:

    Get back, get back
    Get back to where you once belonged
    Get back, get back
    Get back to where you once belonged
    Get back Jojo
    Go home

    Get Back C9 !

  • coffeehouse: a great place to flood with junk

    , LarryLarsen wrote


    I wanted to give you an update on this. We're aware of the spam problem and we have someone who is trying to manage the problem until we can get devs to look at longer term solutions. 

    While planning for the next version(s) of Channel 9 we had some discussions about the forums and what we might do in this space. If the forums are important to you I'd ask that you please click the banner ad on the front page and fill out our survey. We value your input greatly and it helps us in planning. 

    I do apologize for the spam and the lack of forum features. The very good news here is that we've just completed our second hire on the engineering team and we're thrilled to have an increase in resources in every category on Channel 9. We'll be captioning much more content, rolling out more features, opening a new studio next month, trying some new things and fixing some of the things that have had little progress in recent years. 

    I'm very interested in your thoughts on the forums; what you think could make them better, and any other input you might have around Channel 9. If you don't want to post your thoughts publicly you can reach me at (my firstname)La@microsoft.com. 

    Thank you

    Larry, as a long time 9'er my #1 #2 and #3 requests are to fix the known problems *BEFORE* you start adding new code / features.

    we really really need better tools to manage the spam and the booming. I think that the recent issues really are what I will call "Post Bombing"  and not really spam.

    we can see that there is a pattern there of creating a new account,  then use it to flood the site with junk posts and fire up a new process that creates a new account and does the same thing.

    this mans that we need to look at how they are allowed to create new accounts so fast and how we let a new account generate a large number of posts in a short time span.

    slowing them down may not be a long term answer and creates some issues so what else can we do?  also it would help if more users had limited power to flag, block or ban and delete batches of junk.