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figuerres figuerres ???
  • does channel 9 need a new look / site?

    first fix the bugs and add the features that we have been begging for ....   eye candy can be done later.

  • Help getting started on saving video recorded before an event trigger

    I suspect you will also have a problem with getting the system to keep recording video *IF* the user is not keeping your app as the active app, for example if the phone gets a call then the user answers the call ....

    remember that the phone apps are intended to let the user be able to switch apps and take calls etc.... will your app play well with that ?

  • Questions about Windows Phone 8 App development; Working through the Bob's, Clint's and Larry's tutorial

    , Stamper wrote

    Oh wow, thank so much! I got to the data templates indeed and then you can let it spawn up automatically with data binding. Awesome mechanism :D. Thanks for answering my questions!


    some folks do not like the xaml stuff but I think it was a major advance in how to declare a UI.

    anything you can do in XAML you can do in code, just that the designer tools take care of a lot of details for us.

  • ActiveX controls in ​PowerPoint​Viewer

    , jhST wrote

    Seems like Powerpoint is just the wrong choice in this scenario.

    I don't like how people seem to have moved from excel being the one size fits all solution to everything, to suddenly now powerpoint is too.


    there is an old saying ... "If the only tool you have is a hammer then everything looks like a nail"

    works in a lot of ways....

  • Questions about Windows Phone 8 App development; Working through the Bob's, Clint's and Larry's tutorial

    #1 - look up "User Control" 


    #2 - you could create new markup but most app's just get an update with new code and new markup. also you can add or remove objects are runtime / or hide / show them. 

    say you have a stack panel - it is a container that has a collection of UI items, you can add to that collection and when the display re-draws the new item is there.

    the compiling of the app normally parses the xaml into what is called "baml" a binary tree that is more compact to put in  the exe or dll you ship to users.


  • Lenovo and Crapware (or worse)

    Sounds like some folks are thinking that Microsoft can "fix" the problem of what is installed on a new pc.


    *if* they tried to they would wind up in court over it.   remember a tiny little thing where the government said that Microsoft was a MONOPLOY ?

    it would not take much for a second round if a bunch of pc makers got ticked off.

    and I can not even imagine the legal hassles of trying to write the contracts to sell windows to the OEM at different prices depending on what they install on the pc the way one post here worded it.

    the OEM says they will sell 1 million systems and they get a price for that lot. the OEM will not even have an exact list of pre-load software when they make that deal.

    and then there is also the cost for Microsoft to monitor and enforce such terms of the contract.

    the basic legal and economics of the idea is not possible for Microsoft to ever want to get into.

    the only real "fix" is if you do not want the pre-loaded stuff then do not buy that machine. if enough folks ask the OEM's for a clean install of windows and they sell less of the shovelware boxes they will respond.

    until that happens they will keep doing what they do.

  • Lenovo and Crapware (or worse)

    , kettch wrote

    @wkempf: I don't know how the average person manages. I helped out a friend the other day who's brand new laptop performed as well as his 12 year old XP machine. I spent an hour scrubbing it clean and now it's perfectly fine. It shipped with MacAfee and two spyware cleaner apps that were in the startup group. They were the type that says "we found 2000 issues, click to fix...Oh, you need to buy the full version".

    Seriously, what the hell?

    that is sad....

    esp. as the default ms anti malware does ok and is there by default.  Personally the first thing I do with a store pc (pre made pc) is uninstall all the junk. sucks to need to do that but it's the way it is.

  • ActiveX controls in ​PowerPoint​Viewer

    the best thing I can suggest is that you look at the visual studio tools for office and create an app and or a power point extension or possibly combine both of them into what you want.

    it's not active x, it will be .net and you may have to use an app to show a different set of slides based on your inputs.  you are looking for a special thing that is just not a normal part of what power point was made to do.

  • ActiveX controls in ​PowerPoint​Viewer

    I would not expect that. I can't see why a slide-show for making presentations would need that. in some ways the point of the power point app is to do the editing.

  • Windows 10 RTM in June?

    , bondsbw wrote


    Interestingly, a .NET app at our company works great in Windows 7, crashes completely on Windows 8 and 8.1, but works great in Windows 10.  Not sure what it is, haven't investigated it.

    well now...  the geek in me would love to find out what that app is doing that does that... a good puzzle to solve there...