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figuerres figuerres ???
  • Joe Duffy started blogging about Midori

    , TexasToast wrote

    I get tired of reading his blogs and I am not interested in someone who cannot produce a deliverable product.   Put a useful product to your name as an accomplishment and I will respect your ideas more.   Anders Hejlsberg developed Pascal and C# and he gets my respect.  He made a difference to developers lives.   Joe Duffy just talks ideas and technology that never sees the light because it is not practical and useful.   If Joe gets Midori to be useful or can get something that makes Microsoft money so his research can justify his liability that would allow me to respect his thoughts. If he wants to be a writer that's fine,  just don't pretend to be a product developer. Research with no practical outcome should be done at a university.  Microsoft wasted time and money and we still have many missing pieces for windows 10, apps, and future desktop development. I know this opinion is a little harsh but I think Microsoft needs to deliver more in terms of technologies that are useful for application development.

    Wow, just wow.... how incredibly amazingly ignorant that sounds.... man...

  • It would still be a travesty had they been awarded $1

    speaking of bad patents how about this:

    there is a patent on showing tv listings using rows and columns , yeah every company that wants to do the normal spreadsheet style layout for a tv / cable channel guide has to pay to do it.

    it's the company that owns tv guide that has the patent.

    part of it was challenged by netflx and was kicked and they just filed a new patent that just changed a few words and have a new 20 year lock in on rows and columns that showwhat's on at 8pm.

    that's how bad the patent system is.....

  • how to sort in ascending order multiple decimal numbers in list using c#.net

    , TechSuport wrote


    That list is NOT a list of decimal numbers.

    If each of them is one item then you need a class that handles what that item is and what values are legal, in creating that class you implement the code for the standard compare functions and then a.net can sort that list.

  • One monitor in ​black/white​/grayscale but others in color (on purpose)

    hey check this link out:  http://www.color-blindness.com/coblis-color-blindness-simulator/


  • One monitor in ​black/white​/grayscale but others in color (on purpose)

    also look for info on the ADA and section 503  they deal with accessibility and disability and using computers and web sites. see if they have a standard or guidelines.

  • One monitor in ​black/white​/grayscale but others in color (on purpose)

    Well I can say that "COlor Blindness" is not mono-chromatic in most cases so what you really need to do is to get the data and then map colors for the common forms

    this link http://www.allaboutvision.com/conditions/colordeficiency.htm

    has some info and a photo that given an example of what is often seen in the common red-green defect where they both look yellow.

  • MVC Creating a Order/Items View

    I would make a data model of the whole object and build the UI to work with the data model.

    then post the model to the service and let the service do a transaction to write to the data store.

    will your system be an mvc page posting to the server or a client javascript posting to a web api

    or something else ?

  • ASP.NET WebAPI and MVC 5

    , RamblingGeek​UK wrote

    Thanks for the reply's.

    I'm not a pro dev, like you guys here,  I just enjoy trying to build software.   We built an API using WebAPI and then we were trying to figure out how to call that API in a "WebClient" MVC (ASP.NET)

    At the moment we have the controller calling the API..... using HTTPClient, but it feels a little hacky and from looking around the web this seems to be the way to do it..... 

    yeah in the end it's an http call .... weather you do it from a javascript client or a .net client it's still http.

    there are some nugget packages that may help you get a class that wraps the calls and can get the metadata and end points so that you can focus on the codeing

    look for webapi client in nuget

  • ASP.NET WebAPI and MVC 5

    well I think there is more than just the http but that's not far off.

    RamblingGeek:   please fill us in on a bit more detail of what you are doing or thinking of doing.


    for example I am working on using WebAPI with the OData 4 end points and a SPA in angularjs

    I found and am working out how to use breezejs in angular to consume the OData

    I am just getting started on this and still learning a lot of the details.


    for just web api  the code in a js client is simple and there are some nugget packages that can help define and debug web api

    there is a pair of nugget packages one adds web pages that document web api pages

    the other creates a test page in the browser.

    I would take them out of the production code branch but in dev / test they are nice.

    they do not work for Odata services .... kinda wish they did but....

    if you want to have a service layer and an mvc server layer you can and you will need to use some code to take the json and make it into clr objects  as was said.

    or you can have an mvc app that has web api data and then you just need some script to use the service in the browser.


  • End of support for IE8, 9, 10

    Thing is if you look at browser stats the numbers using old IE versions are fairly small now.

    So it's really just getting the stragglers cleaned up really...