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figuerres figuerres ???
  • the new metro apps are pretty lame...

    windows 10 mail, no way to clear / mass delete the junk mail / spam folder.  so if it gets like 50 spams you have to go to delete them one at a time or not use the mail app.

    zip files - I have a zip file and the windows 10 zip handler is failing - the archive is encrypted and it's not prompting me for the password.

    many small things that they need to fix.

    they should have not made the july promise to release windows 10, they should have given it another 2 months and fixed a lot of stuff.

  • Should I trust my DBMS?

    there is also the questions of how much data, how often and how well you can trust the other party.

    there are more than a few options you might use beyond sql server and your app.



    a web service

    file export to a remote server

    are just a few options to look at.


  • Is it even possible to have a redundant internet connection and desktop at home?

    , TexasToast wrote


    You can run  business/commercial accounts at home.  Datacenters are nothing but a rack, power supply, and some redundant Ethernet hookups.  I run servers at home, they have power backup, and at home business internet. 

    Does Azure give you full custom DNS access and custom IP filtering?

    azure does a whole bunch of crazy things that I have only scratched the surface of.

    they can for example let you have one public facing IP / DNS that can route over the private network to multiple servers at the same time or in failover.

    all of the azure servers are really VM images stored in a SAN so you can spin up more servers as needed.

    they support custom VM's where you handle the OS and all the software or standard VM's where they patch the OS and all you do is put your app on it.

    you can RDP into the VM to debug problems if you need to.

    you can have a corp network vpn bridge to the azure cloud and create a custom multi site network.

    azure does not do the actual DNS they leave that up to you to get the domain name and configure but they will allocate addresses that you can use for the dns records.

  • Is it even possible to have a redundant internet connection and desktop at home?

    , elmer wrote

    @figuerres: The problem is always with hosting services on such a dual-wan setup... which ISP route does a request use to find public IP a.b.c.d?  This is what BGP does well... and (with much lower performance) Dynamic DNS can do similar (albeit with some limitations).

    thing is that if you are "at home" you are not a "commercial" account.

    if you need to host servers then put the stuff in a data center;  that is really the only decent way to do it.

    the thing I thought I saw being asked was how to have two ways to connect to the internet. not some way to run a server at home with different isp's  so I missed that part.

    if I had to run a public facing / internet connected server from home I would get static IP assignments from the ISP's and setup DNS (mail works very well, www ok, other stuff I am not as sure)

    but really if you have to have the uptime and the fault handling then put the thing in something like Azure or one of the other cloud systems. that is part of the deal with having them is they can do all the magic with routing stuff for you.



  • Is it even possible to have a redundant internet connection and desktop at home?

    auh.... no need to dig into loew level or BGP stuff....

    some firewall vendors for SOHO vpn setups like watchgaurd have an option to have two wan ports .

    one is the default and takes all traffic until it fails it will then switch to the other wan port.

    you then have to buy internet from two different sources and plug in the network cables from them.

  • Windows 10 Aero

    in the preview they did a few tests of some effects but has there been any kind of "official" word about this ?

  • That other NASA project for helping astronauts

    , MasterPi wrote

    @figuerres: Ha, not a clue. The project was exploratory so it might just be something close to the HoloLens form factor they end up using in the end, which might work okay under a suit, or would simply be embedded into the suit Iron Man style.

    Star Trek style gravity? There are some cool projects in the works actually! E.g passing low voltage electricity through the suit to blow off particles. Also, 3D printing full habitats on a planet (think programming a crane to drop small amounts of dust).

    here is another line of thought.

    our SO Called "Nuclear Power" plants are really just fancy "Steam Engines" I'd love to see us find a way to remove the need for the turbine and the cooling water and just "Make electricity"

    also the whole "Rocket power"  problem with carrying the fuel and the amount needed just to leave earth, something more like a plane and just fly up to the edge and then into orbit.

  • Google is now Alphabet

    and there shall now be a multitude of mini google's who each have a bit of the master google to confuse and confound auditors and other pesky government types, with one "Alphabet" to rule them all.

  • begginer question - update dinamic data by a third party

    you should modify the app to get the data from a web service.

    the web service gets the data from some storage on the server like a sql server or files.

    then make a web page the owner uses where they login to get access and use pages to update the data.

    depending on what you are doing you may need a bit more than what I just posted but that is the start.

    for example weekly ads that he can create in advance


  • Microsoft should make Windows UI open source

    , magicalclick wrote


    I thought he meant open source start menu, no?

    well the OP has a title that says make the windows "UI" open source.....

    and then rambles on about themes and the start menu.

    and  the two are bound together unless you want an even more confusing UI.