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figuerres figuerres ???
  • 950 is draining my battery again.

    Then stop using it, turn it off.

    Sorry man but I think we all know by now that Microsoft phones have just about zero future.

  • New Star Trek Movie

    , Ian2 wrote



    Did you see the NG version where they messed with that episode?


    Personally I would love to see a story where old Kirk interacts with young Kirk but although Chris Pine is a great actor, I would actually want Shatner to voice a CGI of his young self - that I would like to see (done properly)! 

    Not seen the new film yet as wife is out with her buddies and won't let me go without her :)

    another idea:

    they did a tv run called "enterprise" that was ALMOST right but not what I would like.

    my idea would be to go to first contact and do a tv run from there going to the first starships.

    no phases, no transporters, no universal translators, limited communications, limited artificial gravity.  and a lot of the story is of earth getting together to get into space and to get to the point where we can get to other stars.

    yes enterprise had some of this, but they moved forward to fast and had to much tech right from the start.

    in my idea they have to work harder to get to the "enterpise' stage of the story.

    there are old books from early trek that showed ideas of pre-enterprise ships that I would use, ones that would be close to the warp ship in the movie first contact, scavenged parts of rockets and crude bolted together transports that run on impulse in the sol system.

    they just have a few warp ships and getting them to get to other stars is just barely working.

    when they encounter an alien ship it takes a whole hour show just to figure out how to say hello to them the first time.


    that's what i'd like to see next as a show....

  • New Star Trek Movie

    I will have to say this:

    while I do not want to see a bunch of "re-makes" of old Star Trek the *ONE* I would enjoy if they did it right would be

    "Trouble with Tribbles"

    that would be fun to see done right. :)


  • New Star Trek Movie

    anyone got any opinions ?

    I saw it and rather liked it.

    I was glad they got a new story and not another remake of an old story.

  • The Windows OOBE is horrible - worse than ever before!

    , magicalclick wrote

    @figuerres: In short, the delete only deletes on the user's private space. And the real copy is still on HDD and gets updated? That makes sense. This is because more than one user still having the app installed? If you uninstall on all users, the app will be deleted for good?

    as I understood it :

    if an app has the "neutral" installer that will be there even if there are no users who have the app installed.

    some apps are some how tagged or something as "OOB" apps that when windows does a reinstall or some updates it check for the OOB apps being installed in the profile you are using and if they are not it installs them.

    I suspect that in developing this they failed to record that the user had uninstalled that OOB app and that if they had done that it would fix the complaint that folks have.

    so from what I gathered if you use the Power Shell commands that remove the neutral installers and then make an install disk of that windows install you can then keep it clean.

    but I suspect that a windows update to a new build will put them back.

    so the long term thing would be for Microsoft to give users a gui control panel tool to "Opt out" of selected "OOB" apps and save the setting and make it stick for any update or install of windows that is not a clean wipe. 

    I hope Microsoft will be willing to take this feedback and do it.

    if not then I see a new "system clean up" app being made.


  • The Windows OOBE is horrible - worse than ever before!

    , kettch wrote

    @figuerres: Thanks for doing the research. Is there an existing feedback item?

    I do not know have not had time to check yet.

  • BUG in MS SQL 2016

    actually what I found was that I had a bug that only showed up when the data type is the geography data. looking at it now it's odd that it did not show up before.

    what I found in the end was this; we have a trigger that does an audit trail on changes to the data.

    that tigger was trying to track the insertion of a new record that has the geo data and failing inside the trigger to convert the geography column into a format that it could log.

    we thought the insert was the bug because that is what we saw, insert and failure with an error message.

    I worked thru the logic and found the real bug in my code and I am changing the audit trail to handle the datatype better.

    it just took a while to figure out where the real bug was.

  • BUG in MS SQL 2016

    Update, looks like I was wrong , the basic statement works on SQL 2016 !

    something in our table definition / keys / constraints / relations is making some thing error out

    and the error message is hard to understand at this point.

  • BUG in MS SQL 2016

    in prior versions of  ms sql this works but in 2016 it gives an error:

    DECLARE @geog1 geography; 
    SET  @geog1 = geography::STGeomFromText('POINT(28.28238 -82.67913)', 4326)

    INSERT INTO Addresses(  Coordinates)
    the error is:
    Msg 403, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
    Invalid operator for data type. Operator equals not equal to, type equals geography.
    I am looking for info on how to work around this or solve this problem, will file a bug in connect when I know more.
    if anyone can repro this or know how to solve it please post.
  • The Windows OOBE is horrible - worse than ever before!

    Hey folks I did a bit of checking and I think I know what the problem is and that it can be fixed.

    and I do think it's a poor setup that they did that makes Microsoft look really bad in this case.


    ok, what is happening:

    the new app store apps including the "preloaded" ones from Microsoft get put on the pc 2 times, one for the user profile and one that is marked with the word neutral in the name of the app folder.

    when we "uninstall" an app we are removing the "per user" copy but not the hidden neutral "master copy"  that windows can use to restore the app or install the app without the need to go back to the app store and re-download it.

    Now having a local copy to do installs from is kind of a good idea for saving bandwidth over the network and making the install fast if you wan that app.

    the problem is that the system is not flagging to "never re-install this app" when we want it to and is then seeing a need on an update to re-load the OOB apps that are in that cache of ready to load apps.

    and we do not have a UI to manage this, this is a major flaw in the windows 10 UI that should be addressed to Microsoft to fix.

    in checking online there are some Powershell commands that you can use to list the apps and to remove the cached copies from the app installer folder so that they do not come back again.

    sorry I did not grab the info, I will get it if I have time later but I think what I wrote here will allow you to find the same info if you google it.

    later I will be doing this on my machines as I have also noted that stuff keeps coming back that I do not want.

    also if anyone here is in the insider program of uses the feedback tool we need to tell this to Microsoft and they might make some changes to help with the problem. 

    it is something that should have been part of the system all along.