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figuerres figuerres ???
  • can't save file as All

    , rob333 wrote

    I think I need to reword my question but you've kind of got it. In the dropdown save as. If I select the all option it still saves as text file. I will see if there is a more beginners beginning I should be starting at. Sorry for my stupidness I can only hope you've had alaugh. I will be back once I have learned something at least. 

    hey no one is trying to laugh at you or make fun of you. we are just trying to ask the right questions so that we can understand what you are needing to know.

    one comment about homework was not really called for. we have had some times when posts were doing that and some of us watch for that.

  • can't save file as All

    Please tell us more detail, what program are you using to edit with? What programming language are you using?

    What operating system ?


  • Reaction toward Lumia950 reviews.

    Question to ask a large number of non programmers, what is Nokia?

    what are the os options for a phone?

    I bet most folks will list Samsung, lg, apple and few will list Nokia or know they are part of Microsoft.


  • Is it pokemon or Big Data

    And if you answer big data to all the questions you get over 50%

  • Learning Azure

    , vesuvius wrote

    I have decided to have a look at Azure. Thus far, I have avoided learning anything because it was new product, and experience has taught one to always wait a period, unless there are pressing commercial reasons.

    I would probably like to start with a basic MVC website with a SQL backend.

    I would also like to connect to some JSON web services on the internet and periodically download data into my cloud SQL database.

    I would also like to use SSL both for the website and some web services I would like to host in Azure, would prefer WCF as I know that, but WebAPI will do, if Azure does not do anything fancy with WCF web services.

    Finally I may want to use some of the machine learning capabilities in Azure, but that is probably way down the line as there will be quite a bit to learn?

    What book or videos have you found to be the best when learning Azure, especially if they can help in what one has just outlined.?

    Most of what you are listing can be done with no special azure knowledge. An azure website can be setup with ssl, can use mvc and can host both wcf and webapi services.

    if you have things that need wcf then use it.

    The main jump for going to web API is make stateless operations that follow the http protocol patterns of get , post and so forth.


  • When developing a larger website do you start with the UI or the database?

    , vesuvius wrote

    How much money have you got?

    How much time have you got?

    Do you know what a trilemma is?

    Hey I like that link, never had that name but been using the concept for years!

  • Deleting comments

    you are now a moderate moderator ??  LOL

  • Service options

    , spivonious wrote

    We're in the planning stages of a new project at work here. It will be consolidating all of the shipping calculation code into one place and then exposing it via an HTTP endpoint so that any client can pass in some parameters and get the shipping cost and method returned.

    We had initially chosen Web API, but I'm having trouble seeing how our use case will fit into the standard /[resources]/[identifier] URI. We don't really have identifiers, we're just passing in some data and getting some out. Our endpoint is really just a function, not accessing any data store.

    Does Web API still make sense? Should we be looking at WCF? We don't need any of the advanced features of WCF, so it seems like overkill.

    so why not have the service be a resource name like "shipping" or "Transit"  and just have the caller post the data and get a reply ? 

    that seems like a reasonable way to hook it up with web api.

  • Is ​communicati​on to devs broken or just too fragmented

    , davewill wrote

    2 years too late I ran across this when working with an Installer project.

    My.Computer.Info.OSVersion lies



    yeah it's sad that windows installs and apps are at a point where Microsoft needed to do that to save some apps from breaking on the windows 8 os.


  • The should I give up my windows phone question

    , spivonious wrote

    I don't think a couple of phones will change anything either, but it's hard to see the benefit of UWP if the only platform that's available is the PC. With Xbox and Phone, I think we'll see more people jumping on board with UWP. Why wouldn't you? It's almost like "here are a few more customers for free".

    the question is not will "I" be willing, it's will clients who pay for the work ask for it, in particular we need to have customers that today are only asking for iPhone / Android  phone and tablet apps start asking for windows versions of them.

    that is where the problem is.