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figuerres figuerres ???
  • Did your Surface screen crack?

    , spivonious wrote


    I gently pushed in that spot and you can see the screen flex. Interesting!

    is the device the pro 3 or if not which one ?

    my pro 2 for sure does not do that. possibly a flaw in the design of the pro 3 ?

  • Smartphone with a ​tobacco/cig​arette smoke detector?

    , cheong wrote

    @figuerres: If you live in a hotel, or some apartment that claims to be apartment but actually registered as hotel (like The Apex in Hong Kong), yes you can call police and sue them. (At least in Hong Kong, hotel rooms also fall into no-smoking area)

    Otherwise maybe you can just close the window facing that side.

    I understand.

    the OP did not specify the details and if the house or apartment next door has smokers then most of the time there is not much you can do.

    if an apt. or a hotel you may be able to do something.

    but houses, town houses and such .... not really.


  • Will there be Win10 Beta

    , cheong wrote

    @figuerres: I see. Although I'd still think that test on plain installation is equally important.

    Without RC release, people will seldom want to do plain installation of it. I'd think the installer may not have enough polish than it should have been.

    Testing the installer is part of the testing you have to do before calling it an RC and part of what the testers of the RC build must do. Before we get any build MS internal test teams have to do that, then the question is how many non MS users do the same tests.

  • Will there be Win10 Beta

    I would think they will have an "RC" set but it may not be one where they ship it to all of the preview users and wait over a month. they might do a fast band release and have a smaller set of users check it so that they can get to a release faster.

    a small group can still catch problems and go thru more than one RC build. the old way of sending out an RC and then needing to wait a month comes from the days of sending out a disk to install from.

  • microsoft visual studio

    , Shavkat_​Izbasar wrote

    Can microsoft create and IDE like (Qt) or Eclipse's Gui designer plugin (WindowBuilder) ? 


    can visual studio do something like that ?  for example when you create a frame or some button 

    the button does not have an action, can visual studio create similar thing and when you create a button it writes code for you, let's say i have created a button but it does not have an action, but i right click on that button and i choose an action right? let's say i choose the greeting action and it writes code for me and then all i need to do to go and write inside of the code greetings (hello world)  when i run it and push the button it says hello world. isn't it simple ? 

    if I understand what you are asking the answer is YES.

    when you use visual studio to create a desktop application and use the tool pallet to drop a control on a form it generate code to make that work. if you then double click the button it will add code to get ready to add code to the button click event, in that event you can add more code to do what you want.

    there is also a property sheet for each control and for the form that has a tab for "events" and you can click them to add code for other events that you may need to use like say form close or re-size and so on.

    this is the way Visual studio has always worked and before that Visual Basic did it also.

  • Smartphone with a ​tobacco/cig​arette smoke detector?

    Some kind of smoke pollution lawsuit that the house next door is violating clean air standards?

  • Smartphone with a ​tobacco/cig​arette smoke detector?

    What ? Ok this sounds well over the top at the least.

  • Ooops I blamed Windows 10

    , Bas wrote

    Ah, the old "user screws up PC with third party software, user blames Microsoft incompetence" scenario. A classic!

    well I think in this case the user thought it was the beta / preview state of the system.

  • Did your Surface screen crack?

    I have a pro 2 and have never had a problem with the screen.

    the thumb cracking the screen sounds a bit odd...

  • Lets talk about USB3 TypeC

    , wkempf wrote

    @figuerres: I have no problems finding USB 3 ports/cables/hubs. There's still lots of USB 2 stuff out there, but that doesn't mean USB 3 is scarce. USB 3 Type C is still a little scarce, but surprisingly it's not in the realm of "where do I find it".


    I've been buying USB 3 exclusively for about a year now.

    I guess I am talking about local shopping, none of the local stores like best buy stock hardly any of the new hubs, cables etc....

    same deal looking for say a 4K monitor, I can order one but I can't walk in the store and see any before I put down the money. same thing with top end video cards and ssd drives....  none in the store, I have to order them.