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figuerres figuerres ???
  • C# & XAML for HTML

    interesting but why ?

    seems like if the target is html it will be better to just have an html design person work with html and css.

    it's like the old saw for java that you could write one run on all systems....  but java ui does not look like the OS ui   .... 

    and there are so many designers who know html and do not know xaml.


  • Nine Guy Teleports into the Thingiverse

    , kburgoyne wrote

    Always wanted a "Nine Guy".  After acquiring a new 3D printer, I decided to make one.  For anyone else interested, I teleported him to Thingiverse...


    Hopefully this is okay with Channel 9...


    not bad, i'd do him as a set of parts that can snap together , that way you could get most of the colors and be able to pose the figure a bit....   body, arms, head hair, mike  but the shapes look right.

  • Microsoft Edge browser problem fixed

    , figuerres wrote


    interesting - I use edge for just about everything I do and for me it's fine, a few sites have some issues but fairly limited, for example google maps may sometimes get into a strange  state but

    sorry got cut short with work stuff....

    early builds of edge were buggy but recent builds have been fine for me with  hitting a lot of different sites.

  • Microsoft Edge browser problem fixed

    , ScottWelker wrote

    Seriously? The router?

    Hummm... I thought the Edge browser was a complete fail. Almost every site I tried failed. Never occurred to me the problem might be elsewhere...

    Any further details? (I'll Google this later when I have time).

    Thanks for the heads-up.

    interesting - I use edge for just about everything I do and for me it's fine, a few sites have some issues but fairly limited, for example google maps may sometimes get into a strange  state but

  • Would this stop you buying a new car?

    possibly some form of near field communication that detects the proximity to the drivers controls ??

    or just make cars unable to do cell signals at all, that would stop a lot of junk.

    honestly I tell folks that if I am driving that have to wait that I will  not answer the phone while on the road. ever.

    I have always been that way even before the local laws started to change.


    I look at it like a pilot of a jet   my job is to manage the vehicle and be on the look out for the others around me, chatter is the  last thing on my mind.

  • OneDrive problems

    , bondsbw wrote


    Ok, let's consider the implications of this.   Since the cloud is always on and has very high availability, and since your PCs = the cloud (as you stated), your PCs must also be always on and have very high availability.  So you can't ever shut down... problem solved.

    Or is it?  Of course not.  What I quoted above is in direct contradiction to your original claim that you sometimes need to shut down your PCs.  The answer is, you have a fundamental lack of understanding of the product.  They are not one entity.  They are separate entities that are kept in non-transactional sync.

    let's just say this:

    if you have a real working solution then code it up and test it and sell it.

    we all have ideas, some folks are saying that One Drive has some bugs and needs some features.

    ok then go do it and let's see if it is better.


  • OneDrive problems

    , SteveRichter wrote



    why not?   If onedrive worked correctly it would be a rare event to delay shutdown.  I am thinking something like what the system does when it sends shutdown messages to active windows.


    I think you have the wrong idea of what One drive was designed for....

    it was not made for a "transactional" commit of files, it was designed to allow background sync of files when the network connection is there, this was done so that users would not be forced to keep the pc running to wait for it.

    so in your case it's not the right tool for what you want.


  • OneDrive problems



    Visual studio team services, free for 1-5 users, free for MSDN subscribers. Works at any location with internet access.

    Full tfs hosted by Microsoft on azure.

  • Date stored as an int in SQL Server

    why store a date as an int ??? 

    some other app is doing this and you have to deal with it ?


  • Real Programmers write their own tools ... ?

    , davewill wrote

    CapImg: little utility to snag a pic off the clipboard and put it into a png file. handy for doing help documentation, support docs/media, things of that nature.

    JobTimer: little utilty that allows tracking time spent on jobs given the constant task switching that can sometimes occur.

    CurrentDateTimeVisualizer: because time zones are hard sometimes.

    ManagementObject: allows iterating the WMI Management Objects for discovery purposes.

    NetworkStatus: little ping utility that logs so I can tell where along a network path the drop happens.  useful for sporadic connectivity issues.

    SmarterMailLogParser: little utility to split the log into more manageable logs for investigation.



    dave what about time conversion from one time zone to another one ??

    while in the US we mostly add or subtract a few hours you can't always do that when an international time zone is involved.   the rules are to convert local to universal / TZ 0 and then from that to local.  and then there are different counties that do not follow the same rules, where they can roll forward or back on different dates ,  that stuff can get hairy to work out right!