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figuerres figuerres ???
  • my T100 just died after doing a Win8.1 update.

    , magicalclick wrote

    I took out my Asus T100, update the time, and trying to install the latest Win8.1, just so I can get the Win10 upgrade. But, in the mid way, my screen all weird up, black screen with flashing colored noise lines. After that, I can't do anything. When I finally did like 100 tries i got into recovery option screen. I quickly choose to reset (lose my files to get clean state), but, after away black screen.


    Not sure what to do. Wahhhh.....

    that kind of sounds like a video driver problem, can you run in standard vga mode / safe mode and try uninstalling the video drivers ?


  • the future of windows

    I do have to say I am wondering what the real long term plan at Microsoft is for the windows os.

    as of right now I think it's going to become a "Cost center" where in the past it was a "Profit Center"

    if they convert the target user base to windows 10, and keep putting out updates then down the road will they simply stop offering the OS to users who are not buying a new pc ?

    on one hand offering more updates faster should be a good thing.

    but if the cash flow is too low then can they keep it going and keep it relevant to users ?

    I recall when MS bought Virtual PC, sold it to users, then made it free, then dumped the product.

    other things like this have happened before ....

    I hope they have a really good plan to keep funding the upgrades to keep being made for a *LONG* time to come!

    just a thought.

  • So how did the Win10 install go for you?

    surface pro 2 with 8.1   I had reserved the upgrade over a month prior.

    same ms account as my windows 10 pc.

    at about 1am ran windows update and got the read to go message.

    started the upgrade and left it for about an hour and got a login screen.

    logged in and let it finish....

    done.  ready to go.

  • where is it? ill load it   :p

    , jamie wrote

    no word yet... icon unchanged

    is there a place to look?

    if you did the reserve an upgrade look on the boot drive, view hidden folders, if you have a folder $Windows.~BT that is where the upgrade is held.

    if you run windows update it will tell you that you have all the files and can update.

    but not all pc's will get the files and be ready today.  for many the files pre loaded a couple of weeks ago,  for some they are not there yet while issues with some chipsets are sorted out. stuff like that may take a few days or even a couple of weeks for a few pc's

  • WIndows 10 upgrades for the non insiders


    on my Surface pro 2 that was not in the preview but is on the same ms account I went to check for updates and the update tool in control panel says I can start my upgrade.

    need to check my gaming desktop and see if it has any kind of update / upgrade install, it has 10240 from the last preview build but the question is wil it now get a new re-load for the launch?

    more news when I have more info..... see you from the other side.

  • WIndows 10 upgrades for the non insiders

    , cbae wrote

    Hmm. Not seeing this on my Windows 8.1 machines.

    tell us more:

    did you reserve the upgrade ?

    if so when ?

    what is the hardware ?  MS/ Dell / HP etc....

    did you view hidden files on your boot drive ?

    do you have any pc's in the insider program ?


  • WIndows 10 upgrades for the non insiders

    , blowdart wrote

    Don't manually run the updater MSI if you have it. It will not work.

    what about the nice looking setup.exe ??  :--)


  • WIndows 10 upgrades for the non insiders

    just a bit of info in case you wonder...

    if you reserved your upgrade and run windows updates you may already have the upgrade files on your pc.

    view hidden folders on your boot drive and look for  $Windows.~BT

    if that is on your drive then you have some or all of the files and just have to wait for Microsoft to send the magic signal to your pc.

  • WTF WIN10 auto update restart.

    , GoddersUK wrote


    If only Microsoft had such a tool. If only they were using it.

    Yeah back when it was still called "ladybug" it was nice!

    would even get real help there. the folks who replied did not just post a "will not fix" they would actually explain why it was not going to change.

    looking at the front end of the insider feedback tool I can't even imagine how that data helps anyone. from the customer UI it looks like a mess of 1,001 dup threads for each real bug.

  • Faulty update time! (And again, W10..)

    , elmer wrote

    Perhaps this is all part of a cunning plan to get users to upgrade from Home to Pro.

    or to kill off windows.....