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figuerres figuerres ???
  • Disney - iOS or Android only

    , Ian2 wrote

    @figuerres:I understand but my understanding is that between tablet and phone MS has near 10% of the market now?

    if true that is good but that is for windows 10 right ?

    WIndows 10 phone is not released yet and windows 10 is very new. I am sure that the development of that app was planned a while back...

    if the share of windows 10 stays good  for another year then we might start to see the effects of the change down the road....  it will take time for this to take hold and get folks to offer the new app format / package and for business to see it as something they need to get on board with.

  • Disney - iOS or Android only

    things like contracts, market share, support, budgets ... all that stuff that happens to be important to business.

    hate to say it but with the windows phone having such a small share and with the windows tablet being not much better overall it means that a large company only care about hitting the top 90% of the market not the last 1 or 2%.

    if they wanted to do it... yeah it should not be hard to do with unity.  but the developers were not given that option I am sure the contract sets that.

  • October 6th ​Announcemen​ts

    , Ian2 wrote

    Damn, looks like $1899 - where am I supposed to get the money from?

    Color Printers are quite good these days .....   :)

  • New Lumias to feature Google Play Store?

    , wkempf wrote

    That makes no sense at all. Why would either company want that? Google apps on WP, maybe, but I don't buy the play store. That wouldn't benefit either party.

    really   what about money $$$$

    if we get apps from Google play then the Google folks get paid , seems like a win for them.

    Microsoft gets more apps for the phone and that should lead to more phone sales and they win....

    a rare case where both tech companies should make a deal make money and stay out of court.

  • MSDN site is dead

    I know that the xbox OS update is coming out soon, but I forget when they said that is.... is it in November or by November ??

  • Still can't understand the MS sign-in work or personal

    , RealBboy360 wrote

    Does anyone actual have a different sign-in work or personal when signing into microsoft sites like azure?  

    Wouldn't you have different emails for work and personal?  Who uses their personal email for work anyway? It's been years and I still can't figure it out signing into azure.  I just know for some logins it's personal and some are work.  Can't they just have username and password and no more options?  This is a giant Sinofsky


    actually I think you are missing a huge item:

    how to give users a user name that is unique and will not collide with so many others.

    using name@domain.xxx   means that for example all of the  "smith" users do not wind up having to use smith177672 and smith123 and smith_pdq   and so on...

    and with groups of folks working for a company using a company email makes it easy to identify large groups work work related accounts my the common domain they all can use.

    then the "username" can be distinct in the domain so that smith@microsoft.com and smith@github.org  for example are different and recognizable in a search.

    the real world is not perfect, we all have more than one role we play...

    I think the email addressbasis work well for what they are doing  I have my personal Microsoft account and my work account and I know which one to login to do what.

  • Visual Studio set up with Platform Builder and Remote Tools.

    , SaviorBill wrote

    I got Visual Studio set up exactly as I want and need.  Then my company acquired a computer upgrade for me and I have to reinstall everything.

    Missing from the new configuration is Platform Builder and Remote Tools.  How do I aquire these?  I have tried searching and downloading what I thought would help me, but I am still missing these items from the "Tools" drop down menu in Visual studio.

    I am going to include two massive texts.  They were acquired by clicking on "Help" --> "About Microsoft Visual Studio" and then in the window, clicking on "Copy Info" and pasting them here.


    PB changed a few times as the different versions of CE came out, some are on MSDN if you have msdn downloads.

    you may need to contact Microsoft to get it if not.

    what os do you need to build for ? for a tool like pb i's keep an installer on a dvd or a flash drive as it's not a really common tool and does not change very often.

  • 360 degree Star Wars facebook video doesn't work in IE or Edge

    question is this:

    is this a technical issue with some feature that IE and safari lack or just code that does not let them work?


    for example I know that IE / edge have limited support for some of the webgl /canvas  stuff is that why ?

    I wonder if someone can trick facebook into running on IE and test it....

  • Is it even possible to have a redundant internet connection and desktop at home?

    let's just say that this kind of thing is not trivial , requires special setups and costs and is not for most folks.

    Honestly "The Internet" was designed to make this possible but the reality of companies doing business to offer access tends to muddy the picture. if it were cost effective any one could buy access from 2 or more providers and get a minimal subnet and put a real router in a closet at home. if we went to IPV6 this gets better in some ways as issuing minimal blocks would be less of a problem. if you have a bgp router and an ASN for your net then you can let the router pick which path to use when both are up or use the working one if one is down.

    done deal.


  • Is it even possible to have a redundant internet connection and desktop at home?

    , androidi wrote


    From the FAQ it doesn't really say it would achieve that single IP which you could get with custom VPN or BGP. Of course if the software you use can handle IP changing and resume what is was doing without any interruptions then great. But shouldn't the computer address visible to apps be abstracted from the transmission medium, after all it's still the same computer regardless of which ISP I'm using. It doesn't make any sense for the IP to change. If I change my mobile phone operator, the phone number stays the same.

    Seems others are asking the same question:



    sounds like someone does not understand how routing and tcp works for a home user. if you want to have a non-changing ip then you need to request an address block from the iana (if I recall the right name) and they do not hand them out unless you can justify why you need an assignerd subnet. then you can just do whjat any isp does to have more than one backbone connected to a router with bgp and assigned netblocks  .... but then you are not going to be able to do this cheap you just became a peer on the internet  and will need to buy some kind of dedicated circuit from each backbone provider who will carry traffic for you.