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figuerres figuerres ???
  • I downloaded build 10162 tried everything still stuck with 10130

    , MrKoyote wrote

    I've tried Rufus, HP tool, I've tried to update through fast ring, I've tried going back to 8.1.This darn 10130 from iso file in May won't go away. I'm not going to quit until I have build 10162 installed. Don't ask me if I signed in with a windows account. I'm fairly experienced with Linux and Chromium. I need to remove the 10130 before I can install a new build.


    ok, burn the iso and format the boot drive, that should work.

  • Image - Click to Mark, record marking

    , RamblingGeek​UK wrote

    Just had a conversion in the office.  Where a database application has an image of a car and the user clicks the image to mark damage points, think what happens when you hire a car. 

    There was some discussion about it being a web application, which got me thinking how would you have an image and click to mark the damage points in a Web Application ....  Some kinda of JavaScript I would guess, does anyone have any examples?

    I can think of a few ways to do this.

    the best (IMHO) would be to have a set of image maps that are related to groups of vehicles based on the general body type and number of doors.

    you could show a set of views top left right rear and front as outines with image map hitpoints to select an area as "damaged" and then build a list of the areas and anootate with descriptions.

    another way might be to use the html 5 canvas and script the interaction but in the end I would still make a set of views and selectable areas.

    this would work on a web app w/o to much problem, the image map would be workable on any browser while the canvas would need html 5 etc...

  • A new Crockford talk

    , bondsbw wrote


    But Silverlight's goal was achieved, which was to kill Flash.  (Silverlight wasn't the main reason Flash died, mind you.)

    The goal of this project is to replace HTTPS with something far better... at least, that's my takeaway.  Once that happens, this project will either be ubiquitous (because it is the replacement) or die (because something else achieved the goal).  And the need for a plugin is just until a major browser implements the protocol directly.

    wrong in many ways but a small bit of right....

    it was a better way to deliver a application over the internet that could run code on a client that would take advantage of the client hardware and of the internet. that it also provided a standard for how the UI was rendered that allowed the developer to not have to worry about the client os and conflicting versions of web browsers html and css support.

    in every one of these Silverlight did in fact deliver and worked.

    the failure of Silverlight was not a technical issue with what it did or how it did it.

    the problem was a mixture of the politics inside Microsoft and in the software community.

    *IF* some other company like say Google had put forth the same code and promoted it as a new internet standard I bet it would be main stream right now.


    Google would have done the open source thing and the internet standards thing but it would have still been the same platform. the key difference would have been a lack of the name "Microsoft" and the political baggage that brings to the table.

    the Microsoft side of the problem is that they have to many different teams pushing for different goals and no one took charge of that and had the pull to stick with it to the point of getting it open source and an internet standard. that would not fix the baggage but would help with adoption.

    as for the apple factor that hurt but it was not the killer.

  • XboxOne is struggling in Europe.

    so in an interview a guy who works for sony on the ps says things that sound good for his job, that is way far from any proof of anything. perhaps it is true, the article is only his op, nothing more.

    I say that Commodore 64 is the only gaming platform and is in 95% of all homes, it is the leader and all else is doomed. great facts there eh?

  • A new Crockford talk

    , evildictait​or wrote


    Then you'd ask them some relevant C# questions because knowing who Crockford is isn't at all correlated to their ability to perform the job you're potentially hiring them for?

    Or was that not what you meant?

    Same deal as his thing on POSIX, and possibly he would only build a windows app if it had an x-window hi and sash support even if it was a game... oh wait I think he said windows client was not where it's at, so the client would be JavaScript and I guess the server might run mono on Linux, if pt is POSIX that is. 😁

  • GB game patches.

    , magicalclick wrote


    But why so many contents are broken??? I mean, what can you do with fix textures??? I mean, is this that common to have broken contents???


    there are many things going on with the new game engines and all of the details.

    you do know that some new games like on the xbox one are on a bluray disk ? so a 4 gig patch on a 30 gig game is not really that big.

    sometimes they  just need to make adjustments to stuff, but the way the data is packed makes it hard to ship a set of different small things w/o a larger patch file, they do what they can.

    also some patches are also adding new levels, sometimes they plans for adding in game events by shipping a patch to everyone that adds a whole new thing to the game.

    think of games as being like updating windows and office --- it gets complicated.

  • GB game patches.

    thing is the way the first post reads it's like the only thing to patch is the main .exe / game dll.

    but often patches to games are to that "content" part as well as the raw code.

  • GB game patches.

    , magicalclick wrote

    Why is the modern games patches so gigantic, like GBs large. I don't get it. The program should be like 100MB top. Rest of them are just content??? There is this many content to patch, I don't get it.

    spend some time with a 3d game engine building a level and then you will get it....

    models , level maps, textures, sound, light maps, mipmaps, animations, shaders, decals, and also level programming. gobs and gobs of stuff......

  • Did someone here order a binary byecode for the web?

    Ok, here is my thought:  first we saw Java and flash, each did some useful things, some problems were found and we tried a few more things, then we had Silverlight, it had a number of good points and some issues... now we see moves to build some kind of compile from JavaScript and html 5 points in the direction of more 'app' support. I bet that in the future- say 5 years or so we will see a version of the web that will look like a mix of the ideas in Java,silverlight flash and html that is more and more an application markup not a document markup.

    That is not to say that classic document markup will die, but that app centric markup will be a better match for making an app.

    As many of you say that the web is evolving and will be the only real platform an all what do you think ? AM I nuts or will it happen.

  • Oculus partners with Microsoft!

    Link ??