I wish Microsoft reached out to the current handtop community before deploying this technology.

There is a large number of people that have been aspiring for truly mobile PC technology since the first Toshiba Libretto,  Sony Picturebooks, Fujitsu B and P-series, when Palm and the PocketPC came out, the new breed of smartphones such as the Treo, and the new breed of handtop devices such as the Sony U and OQO.

I'm on Microsoft Mobile PC Advisory Council.
I own a Sony U.
I own an OQO.
And I'm a moderator at

Although I've been excited to see the Origami announcements, I see several weaknesses in the current designs.

Derek Brown did a wonderful job in the PPC community, trying to evangelize and get feedback from the community.

The huge barriers that remain for mobile handtop technology are:
- Cost
- Battery life
- Cellular wireless connectivity
- Storage (size, NAND storage, etc.)