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  • Welcome to the Channel 9 Team Blog

    I've recently started having problems with the silverlight player on the firefox browser. I cannot playback any videos now. I have re-installed silverlight. Still nothing.

    Silverlight players on other sites like TechEd and MIX online.

    What could be causing this, I cannot seem to pinpoint the problem?

    Many thanks.

  • Michael Surkan: Introduction to IPV6

    Michael, thank you for the info. I needed many of the answers you gave in the video. I have a question. You mentioned that there are multiple ways to stop the teredo service from being used e.g. block allowing full access to UDP ports, registrey key etc.

    The one you mentioned that was more interesting to me was to block access to the domain in the firewall. Teredo will not work if it cannot resolve this domain. I prefer this method. Is it likely that teredo could use additional domains or is this the only domain it uses exclusively?

    Many thanks.
  • Five on Nine - Pilot Episode

    I like the 2min debate section (Adam's points were absolutly hilarious). It would probably be more inspired, if the guests picked the side they want to support just before shooting the show.
  • Suzan DelBene: From referee to VP

    I personally enjoy the WM_IN series. I think, we should all appreciate what Channel9 freely offers to the world. We do not pay for this service and therefore should not complain to the producers about the content. Charles and Jennifer, bravo for the WM_IN series. Keep them coming. If I were you, I would simply ignore all the complaints and stay on track. You can't please everybody.