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  • Expert to Expert: The Basics of SmallBasic

    I'm with you, in that I love the simplicity of Small Basic. However perhaps you're unaware that it is, in fact, a compiler!  Just look in whatever folder you load your .SB files from, and you should see compiled forms of all your projects!  For instance, I threw together a simple "Pong" clone ( Yeah, I know - why bother, right? ), and I named my project file "pong.sb", so next time I looked in the folder, sure enough - there was "pong.exe", all compiled & ready to go!  I will say Small Basic leaves much to be desired in terms of performance - don't expect blistering execution speed - but it's whole purpose is to serve as a learning tool, not the next "bleeding-edge" C+++++ Uber- development tool.  To that extent, I think it fits the purpose beautifully!