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JR Thomas foreachdev Twitter: ​@​foreachdev
  • .NET - Create SCORM 2004 Package

    You can use the XML apis if you want full control (System.Xml and System.Xml.LINQ).


    There are some third parties who sell their stuff like http://www.jcasolutions.com/ssp.php



  • Stallman warns against C# and Mono

    Ubuntu said:
    blowdart said:

    People keep falling for the same trap over and over again:

    Stallman warned of the dangers of using BitKeeper for the kernel and nobody took him seriously until they had to freeze kernel development to come up with Mercurial and Git. Now Stallman warns of C# and again people do not take him seriously - there is nothing about Tomboy notes that requires mono and couldn't be done just as easily in java given that we have a FREE implementation of java (and it was java which originally 'inspired' c#). M$ did try to screw Linux already with their SCO trial so there is no reason why we shouldn't assume that their intentions are malicious in this case as well.

    Please move on to a Linux forum where your religious zealotry will be unquestioned. I could care less about Stallman. I think the sky is green and there are lepracauns on every hill. Discuss.

  • OMG, Free TechNet ​Subscriptio​ns!

    ManipUni said:

    Looks like it has been pulled. Can't say I'm too surprised, they're more or less giving away Vista and Office to anyone who can fill in a form...


    Instead of the standard you must have a pulse and attend a cult meeting. (roadshow or release event)

    Not knocking it. But it is pretty easy getting one new copy of software if you keep your eyes peeled.

    I know I know cult meeting makes it sound bad but you can't beat the free shoes and purple kool aid-- its delicious.

  • Oracle buys Sun

    Once you move onto WPF the asp:Sarcasm tag will seem less scary to you:)

    The 1000s of PHP magic functions to me is scary.

    The PHP 'quick' reference:

  • Oracle buys Sun

    Guess you didn't see the sarcasm tags.

    According to MySQL own website you can 'easily' get a DBA for 46k according to their accurate graph at the top Smiley I am sure it is as accurate as your claim that there are thousands that could 'easily' make 100k plus. But I digress.


    The real point is this topic is off topic and is largely speculative.

  • Oracle buys Sun

    Cybermagellan said:
    Sven Groot said:
    If they destroy MySQL im sure everyone will have a fit...
    Shouldn't we say nobody will have fit. We do not include people who live in their parents basement in the generalization of 'everyone'.

    'We' being everyone who actually has a job in the computer industry. Not including graduate students and tenured professors on projects that are theoretical.

  • PDC 2009 still on???

    jeffsand said:
    It is on.  Stay tuned.

    November 17-20, 2009 in Los Angeles, CA.  You can add your name to the PDC2009 mailing list to receive all the latest information.
    Hmm wonder when Win7 will be released. This couldn't be at PDC

  • Ballmer says tide has turned on Apple

    Dr Herbie said:
    blowdart said:
    warning!  Car analogy starting in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

    In a recent radio program I heard a business analyst stating that the car market had dropped for the 'middle market' cars: people were either buying cars they really needed (cheap) or cars they really wanted (expensive).  The middle section of the market has been the worst hit.

    I think this is relevant to the PC\Apple markets -- Apple make products that people want which is why they will continue to pay over the odds compared to a PC, while netbooks provide the cheap end of the market.  Everyone I know is buying one or the other.

    You don't know me Herbie Smiley

    Net books have a few generations before I would buy one. Though I can see the draw for those who buy them. (concise web experience) It will be nice when I can code in VS on one without feeling like I am in a straight jacket. I think that will be handled in a year or two. Currently I am happy with the HP Multimedia Laptop I bought a few months ago.

    With Apple the draw is kinda superfluous. People buy their products for the image and/or the buzz factor. They do well during booms and are anemic during recessions.

  • Ballmer says tide has turned on Apple

    jamie said:
    VB Man said:
    im sure you will enjoy the new facebook.  all garbage - no content

    sorry but ..ballmer is just so GeorgeW
    makes me almost LIKE zuckerburg for having the balls to make me hate him! <- hate in a nice way

    ..but no.  zuckerburg and ballmer can get married and start a new company: "peeve your userbase inc"
    I 100% behind what Steve Balmer is saying. Apple offers an overpriced yuppie oriented product. Why pay 1000+ dollars for a Mac when you can get a PC/Phone for a 66% price difference?

    Reasons I have seen:
    -Users ego is through the glass ceiling. They like to have something over glammed.
    -User has the money to burn.
    -User has no technical background and just trying to keep up with the Jones.
    -Mac has sold them a lifestyle not a realistic value.

    Apple users are paying for an image and lifestyle not out of technical superiority or better underlying hardware.

  • TABLE design to CSS?

    stevo_ said:
    No its not really ok, table element is for tables of data, not tables of layout. It's certainly doable using the right elements and style.
    Take a look at what this sites spits out as a starting point: