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  • Fluent Design features for Fall Creators Update

    Our applications must run as desktop apps since most of our customers are still using Windows 7. Are there desktop APIs for these effects?

  • GoingNative 49: Awesome Tools in Update 2 and VS "15" Preview

    How about C++/CLI support for the build tools?

  • GoingNative 44: ISOC++ @Kona Debriefing

    A nice, concise update on things. Thanks for taking the time to produce this.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio IDE Futures

    One more suggestion I'm reminded of while watching the cool Search improvements.

    It sure would be great to have a search/filter box in the Debugger Quick Watch window to help me quickly filter down to member(s) I'm interested in looking at without manually drilling my way down the tree expanding tree nodes.  This is especially important for C++ devs working in Mixed Mode b/c we usually cannot get tooltip debug values for managed fields in mixed-mode source files while debugging and must go through the tedium of the Quick Watch window to drill and see field values. agony

  • Microsoft Visual Studio IDE Futures

    Great stuff. I'm a C++ & C++/CLI dev and it was heartening to see that the Solution Explorer improvements will come for us too. Can you comment on availability of a few other things for C++ devs?

    1) When I click Add References for a C++/CLI project in the Framework and References property page, will we get the more responsive Add References dialog? It doesn't in VS2010 with the Productivity Tools installed.

    2) Any chance of distributed builds (to more machines) for C++ builds? Our Mac XCode project builds at least 10x faster than our Windows builds thanks to distributed builds. (don't recommend IncrediBuild).  I can predict your answer so please take this as another vote for distributed builds.

    3) Any way to get menus and toolbars on that separate tab well window for my second monitor?

    Keep up the good work.