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  • Landy Wang - Windows Memory Manager

    Hi there:

    I´m a end user from Venezuela in the multimedia field, (using 3dmax, premiere, AfterFX, photoshop and so on), with a basic survival knowledge of windows set up. Mi system is a custom ordered Pentium D on Asus MB with 2 gig of ram, and lots of disk space. As you may know, all the applications I use are memory-cannibal, so I don´t know if I can disable the swap memory without affecting the performance of the programs. It´s there some sort of a program that "cleans" the swap memory after exiting an application without having to restart windows? I ask this because some times after a heavy use of some of this programs, the performance of the computer comes down to a crawl, which it´s noticeable in the update of the widows in the win explorer, for example.

    Thanks in advance for any advice on this issue.