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  • ADO.NET Entity Framework: What. How. Why.

    Gosh this is a painful video to watch -

    And not because of the usual poor quality of the video - this time it is the constant talking from the protagonist to not say anything but blahblahblah (verbal diaria).
    The entity concept is very simple to understand and explain - gosh everyone knows what it is (and if they dont - they are not watching your video...). Things that are well understood can be explained easily - I am now worried of what these guys have come up with in this framework - the basic idea expressed in this video sound correct - but since they took 1 hour to explain a simple concept that should take 5 minutes...
    who knows... (LIVE AND LEARN)

    To answer your question:
    Hopefuly this should be able to replace the BO layer and the DAL - in fact it would be best if it would create the DAL code inside these BOs inside partial classes. This way we would be able to add BO functionality easily.