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  • MSDN Radio: Visual Studio LightSwitch with John Stallo and Jay Schmelzer

    Here are some links mentioned on the show to check out:

    LightSwitch Developer Center: (you can find everything here)

    LightSwitch Team Blog:

    LightSwitch Forums:

    LightSwitch How Do I videos:

    Channel 9: Visual Studio LightSwitch - Beyond the Basics

  • Visual Studio LightSwitch - Beyond the Basics

    Hi guercheLE,


    No, LightSwitch isn't dependent on these frameworks but you will see similar patterns. Take a look at this post and the comments on the team blog - I think it will answer your questions:




  • Visual Studio LightSwitch - Beyond the Basics

    Hmm.. I'm not seeing that. Sometimes I have better luck downloading the low res WMV under downloads.

  • Visual Studio LightSwitch - Beyond the Basics

    Hi Ben,


    You can ask questions in the LightSwitch Forums -- the team is hanging out here answering:


    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Visual Studio LightSwitch - Beyond the Basics

    Thanks! My mom always tells me that too. Smiley


    Looking forward to your feedback once the beta is released Aug 23rd!

  • Best Practices on Building SharePoint 2010 Web Parts with Visual Studio 2010

    @kaneboy2000 Thanks, glad you like the series! I'm on the same BizApps team as these folks and so I thought it would be fun to show off some of these new tools in Visual Studio 2010. I'm learning SharePoint 2010 myself and VS2010 is making it so much easier.  


    @Stephan1024 You're going to need 4gig of RAM for SharePoint Foundation to be snappy. I think Boris has 8gig on his machine running SharePoint server. Take a look at the developer requirements here:">





  • Implementing a Silverlight SharePoint WebPart with Visual Studio 2010

    Sorry for the delay guys, we've been out for the holidays.


    @ RockyRaccoon42 -- I'll see if Mike has the code. Otherwise I'm working on a blog post this week on how to do this & I'll include sample code.


    @kaneboy2000 -- We'll definitely be bringing you more so stay tuned!