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  • Longhorn (heart) RSS

    Will it be possible for malicious websites to create rss feeds that have executables in their enclosures?  That wouldn't be good.

    Greg Cobb
    B.S. in Computer Engineering at the University of Texas
  • Dean Hachamovitch - Do you have the hottest seat at Microsoft?

    I changed to Firefox for 2 reasons:

    Tabs and securitiy.

    I also found out something interesting while using tabs.  If I open one IE brower it uses approx 11.7MB of RAM to open Google.com, while one instance of Firefox takes 17.1 MB.  But what if I want to view 2 pages at once (which is almost always the case)? If I open up each page in a new Firefox window, each new page adds about 1 MB.  If I use tabs it takes up about 150k for each new opened Google.com page.  But if I used IE, each page takes 11.7 MB!!! I tested both Apps (Firefox tabbed and windowed). 

    20 Pages of http://www.google.com/index.html
    IE = 230 MB
    Firefox windowed = 35.4 MB
    Firefox tabbed =  21.6 MB  

    This is a pretty significant difference!  Now I know that 20 pages is excessive, but if you open any more than 1 page, Firefox uses less RAM than IE.