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  • Setting Up Your Development Environment (Beta 2 SDK)

    I'm having a problem with adding the c4f CodePlex dll references.  As mentioned multiple times in the above posts, I browse to the DLL's but it doesn't show up on the list of other references.  

    I think the problem may be because I'm using Visual Studio 11 Preview on Windows 8.  Is this a known issue?  How do I add references in VS11?  Or is it better if I stick with the rest of the crowd and revert back to 2010?

    EDIT:  Once I browse for a reference DLL file, it automatically adds it to the project - it doesn't show up on the "Reference Manager" window as shown in the video.  

  • Keynote #2

    Watching this on IE 10 "Chromeless" version through the tiles - can't figure out how to view in full-screen.  Anybody else in the same boat?