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  • Tuesdays with Corey: More About Docker

    Interesting but perhaps you might preface the discussion by indicating if the technology has any applicability to the non LINUX world. Perhaps the biggest change at MS over the last few years is that we now hear far fewer TLAs and FLAs that had no meaning and now we get complete words that have no direct meaning. So it would save a lot of time if you could come out at the beginning and say "Hey, this is for all you non-Microsoft stack people."

  • TWC9: 100MM licenses, Blue at build, VS2012.3 Go Live CTP, and more

    100 M licences and still the Nay Sayers cry doom and gloom. Perhaps they were the same poeple who suggested there was no future for the AS400. Any thoughts about slow adaptation must be coming from those who can no longer steal the OS. Kudos to all involved.

  • TWC9: VS11 RC UI Updates, Portable Library v2 Beta, Hilo for Win 8 and more

    About 27 years ago, Bill Cosby's trustworthyness died when he uttered the words "I like this one better !" during a commercial rolling out the "New Coke". So much for Bill's value in promoting products thereafter. Fast forward to TWC9 on Feb 12, 2012, during which Brian Keller said of the changes to the VS11 interface "I think it's a good change...".

    Cudos to Microsoft for taking a page from the Coca Cola playbook, reacting to user feedback and returning color to the interface. Without even seeing a screenshot, the UI has to be better what was put forward. Not quite as bad as "Microsoft Bob" but certainly similar to the UI of OS2 (any color as long as it's gray). The Win 3.0 UI won in part because it was clean, color on a white background, while OS2 just looked dirty -  kinda like the UI of VS11.

    P.S. We sincerly hope Microsoft doesn't throw Brian under the bus like Coca Cola did with Cosby.

  • Visual Studio Toolbox: DevExpress CodeRush

    So we have the Anti-C# group and the Anti-Microsoft group well represented by a couple of welfare cases. So your time is worth $0.00 and you really have no claim. As the rep from Dell said " buddy, you're too stupid to own a computer, put it back in the box and..".

    Present day, there is more documentation and are more demonstrations, walk-throughs and videos than there has ever been - all thanks to Microsoft and their associated contributors. Perhaps a little cheese would go good with that whine!

  • TWC9: Kinect SDK is coming, New VS Power Tools, & Profanities by programming language

    It may seem embarassing but the for value of the information you could broadcast from your car and I'd still watch.

  • Cloud Cover Episode 28 - SQL Azure with David Robinson Part 11

    No hate intended. On the contrary, I was thinking they might not want to see their stack ranking drop at the next semi-annual.  I've watched David's other videos and can confirm that there is nothing thin about SQL Azure topic. However, with just slightly less entertainment, those 11 episodes might be covered in 2 or 3, a similar amount of time as his PDC presentations.

    I have nothing against those who want to be entertained. My bad for thinking that the show's intent was to promote and provide insight into an exceptional product.

  • Web Camps TV #8 - NuPack with Phil Haack

    I see you really did get to keep the t-dash's monitors.

  • Cloud Cover Episode 28 - SQL Azure with David Robinson Part 11

    Wow, I don't know what you guys are on but please pass along a link. Initially, you guys provided significant value and a little humor. Progressively this has reversed to the point where you have 10 minutes of content and 30 minutes where you think you are funny. Perhaps your videos would do better on the Comedy Central.

  • Inside Windows ​Phone#08-​Windows Phone Design Templates

    You are right - there is nothing under the "Download" tab. To be a little clearer, look for the project under the "Source Code" heading and get the latest build.

  • Simplify Page Transitions in Windows Phone 7 Silverlight Applications

    Hey Jeff,

    Using the simple model you first describe (for a simple 2-page application) I was able to create a nice trasition from MainPage to Page 2. However, intercepting the back button in order to implement the transition in reverse has an unacceptable side-effect. The PhoneApplicationPage_BackKeyPress is used to intercept the navigation and allow the transition; however, the stack comes into play and we're caught in an endless loop between the MainPage and Page 2.

    Is there any way to deactivate the application from code? Intercepting the back button on the MainPage and deactivating thte app, is in effect returning to the normal action that would result from the back button being pressed on the MainPage?

    Alternatively, your second method looks appealing but the Silverlight 3 Toolkit is proving difficult to locate now that Silverlight 4 and the new Silverlight for WP7 are released. Can you provide a link to the older Silverlight 5 Toolkit you used in this video?



  • Inside Windows Phone #04: Using Push Notification - Part 2

    Is anyone else getting an error from the Push Server: "The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found."

    The output chanel resolves to and the RAW Http Message works but Toast and Tiles fail accordingly.

  • - Install/​Uninstall AppFabric & Referencing Caching Libraries

    Great follow up! Nice to see someone demystify the "plumbing" for a change. However, now that you've done such a great job on this, you must realize we're going to expect you to keep uncovering other team's omissions.

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