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  • Levy and Griver - Why not complete ​transparenc​y?

    Ken Levy and YAG are the right people to comment on transparency.  Ken has created some truly awesome tools as part of VFP, and the code is all available.  As for YAG:   Codebook, 'nuf said. 

    VFP has a great community and the VFP development team is truly responsive to the requests of the community.  That is the kind of transparancy that matters to me.  Who are the people responsible for the tools that my livelihood depends on, and do they care about my needs? 

    VFP 8 rocks!  It is full of developer driven features plus great innovations from Ken and his team.  I haven't even begun to reach the limits of this tool ( if there are any).

    It's a shame I fell I need to spend my evenings studying C# in order to insure my future marketability.