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  • WPF Imaging

    [PG]  The only discovery mechanism we have for 3rd party formats currently is for images. This is largely driven by the need to support Raw image formats, because new ones are created fairly frequently. (Of course, it isn't limited to Raw formats, but it is currently limited to image formats.)

    Is this discovery mechanism exposed to developers not inside Microsoft (like me?). If so, is there any API documentation about how it works?
  • Kids Programming Language

    "Why is it that in the year 2006 people not only still happily use programming languages that are totally anachronistic, but create NEW and educational ones that are anachronistic and prolonging the practice of using badly designed languages with all the undesirable results?"

    Because LISP sucks? Wink
  • Windows Workflow Foundation API Usability Lab Video – Part 2

    I actually watched this video from beginning to end, despite the bad encode quality.

    It was pretty insightful as to how usability labs work. The guy being observed added a lot to the video, though, and kept it interesting. I didn't know programmers were supposed to think that much!

  • Daniel Fernandez (and others) -- Coding for Fun

    That wireless security thing is awesome!

    I'm not sure exactly how useful the usb part of it is, though. I mean, uh, what if you just take it out?

  • Clipster is here!

    Charles wrote:
    How useful is it to have a video with 35 tags?


    Because sometimes one video relates to many different topics? Although any video with 35 tags was probably too long and unfocused. Wink

    Don't tell me you never wished you were able to use tags for your audio / video files rather than the built-in metadata?