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  • Building web apps powered by Angular 2.x using Visual Studio 2017

    Ran into an issue concerning version control. The dist folders are ignored (via .gitignore) but there's no way to restore them. The dotnet new angular creates these, and they aren't restored via dotnet restore. Is there are way to get these to restore when cloning a repo?

  • Building web apps powered by Angular 2.x using Visual Studio 2017

    This was an excellent introduction. Daren did an amazing job presenting and explaining everything. I wish he had an entire series, such as, how to set up bootstrap, how to do authentication, etc.

  • Basics of Unity

    Thanks Stacey, really enjoyed this video. Nice pace and explained well.

    Would be nice to have some intro/outro music. I'm sure the Ch9 studio can help with that ;)

    I'm still not clear on the use of Prefabs. To me, it just looks like Materials and Models placed under a different folder. The transform for the model is shared but not much else. The materials don't seem to be any different as they are shared either way.

    Are you going to go over how to import models/materials/textures? For that matter, how to create a new project from scratch? You do have some other Unity videos so I'll take a look and see if this is covered there.

    It would also be nice if you gave us some projects to work on to enhance what you just showed, then go over how to do it in the next video.

    Great work and thanks again.

  • CodeChat 061 - Talking TypeScript and Angular 2.0 with Bill Wagner

    I've been playing around with Angular 2 and TypeScript via the tutorial at the Angular website but I really want to get this going in VS2015. Since there's no NuGet package for it yet (which is really surprising to me) is there a way I can integrate Angular 2 into a VS web app? Perhaps a package.json either of you could share? Thanks.

  • Developing ​Cross-​platform 2D Games in C# and CocosSharp

    @rogreen: I was under the impression that CocosSharp is open source, and thus free. Clearly I missed something, or is there a free version and an enhanced version?

  • Stephan T. Lavavej - Core C++, 9 of n

    Thank you. That's makes complete sense now. I've been indirectly using it the whole time via the STL I didn't realize it. Never really had to write my own generic algorithms or containers since the STL pretty much has everything I need.

  • Stephan T. Lavavej - Core C++, 9 of n

    Thanks for another great episode Stephan. I really enjoy watching these.

    One thing that eludes me is the purpose of the pointer-to-member operators. They're easy enough to use by why bother since I can just reference the member directly from the object itself. Is this something that simplifies template programming?

  • Channel 9 turns 9!

    Congrats C9!!! An impressive run so far, and I expect it will be even better in the coming years. And that's because you're always putting out quality content for us developers. A big "Thank You" to everyone on the team.

    However, I think the video should have been 9 minutes and 9 seconds long. Wink


  • Announcing Windows 8 on Channel 9!

    @Charles - thanks for all the work you put into making these video available.  C9 is a great dev asset.  Rock and Roll  Wink

  • Stephan T. Lavavej - Core C++, 5 of n

    Thanks for another great episode STL. The gap between this and the previous video was so long I had forgotten about this series. Was delighted to see it on up on C9 yesterday.

  • Building Windows Runtime Components with C++

    Yes, it was the streaming file. It's working now.  Happened several times in a row for me but it's ok now.

  • Building Windows Runtime Components with C++

    This video is corrupted.  It dies right at 8:16

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