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  • Defrag Tools: #71 - Message Analyzer - Part 1

    Happy New Year, and finally shows with Message Analyzer Smiley

    Hope you can do a series of shows on this tool as it's a very interresting and usefull tool that needs all the highlighting and explanations it can get.

    May I order a set of 10 shows each at least 30 minutes long, please?

  • Defrag: Win+num hotkey, Finding an apps temp file, Creating a private file share

    [02:25] WD MyBook crash.

    Try running SpinRite on the drive.

    SpinRite can be downloaded from GRC.COM

    It's not free, but it's the best drive recovery tools in exsistense.

    Do this BEFORE atemting any file recovery tools as this tools can alter the content of the drive SpinRite doesnt.


  • Defrag Tools: #8 - Mark Russinovich


    This DefragTools series is just ubercool (and hopefully never-ending) Smiley

    I've given all my co-workers an heads-up about this series, (and Mark's Case of the unexplained talks at TechEd, and other Sysinternals talks there), and their just amazed. There's tons of stuff to learn here. Some of us know the tools and use them, but some don't. Seeing them demonstrated by an experts is just 100 times better than just reading about them and trying by yourself.

    I hope You also can do a series focused on troubleshooting different scenarios, why You choose to use a specific tool, and how You use it. That's what so cool about the TechEd shows. It's a great way to learn the tools, and also the OS.  Especially an evolving one like Windows.  Can't get enough of that stuff...

    Hopefully Mark and You others on the team will continue posting bloggpost like the "Pushing the limits of Windows" series also. That one and talks like "Mysteries of Windows memory management" are packet with helpful insight into the inner workings of Windows.

    Don't stop, You're not finished... You're never finished. Go on... go on... go on...  Wink